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  1. went to mellow mushroom for the first time yesterday and really enjoyed the pizza....but inexplicably, they allow smoking in there...at the bar more specifically. Non smokers know how this doesn't matter, the smell gets on your clothes regardless. I will go back but certainly not as frequently as I normally would. The crazy thing is that there were quite a few families in there..I heard one guy say "I can't believe you guys allow smoking in here in a new restaurant"
  2. yeah..that is what I meant...40 to 85...hopefully it opens soon!!
  3. anyone know when the bryan blvd to 85 section will open...I thought they said early January??
  4. ha...yeah, waaaaay ahead since this thing won't be done till 2025!!!!
  5. saw them off in the distance today...pretty cool
  6. whoops...sorry about the cut and paste...isnt us-29 supposed to eventually be another artery of the loop?
  7. update: http://www.nwobserver.com/newsfeed/?p=2527 MOD EDIT: DO NOT copy and paste newspaper articles in to your posts here on UP. Please refer to our rules!
  8. interesting loop info: http://news14.com/content/top_stories/5893...ed/Default.aspx
  9. next week would be great...getting tired of navigating that last light on Bryan before I get to 68...always a cluster
  10. must be close to opening that section...has anyone heard the date??
  11. some signs went up on Bryan Blvd. this past week...looks like we're getting close to opening the Bryan to 40 section
  12. probably because it wont be completed until 2020
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