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  1. Martin St. Pizza still seems to be evolving. The slice I got the day after they opened was not as good as the slice I got recently; that first slice was still good though. One of the guys there told me they are still working on things, so once it is up and running at 100%, I think it will be a huge draw.
  2. Great rendering, really excited as well. Very bold for Raleigh, which is what we need and will create much more activity at the street level for more development.
  3. I did not think this deserved its own thread but.... Durham is on a short list of possible expansion places for a new Tesla dealership. Go Durham! http://www.autoweek.com/apps/pbcs.dll/arti...422389269/1023/
  4. What about Peace China in Seaboard Station did that ever come to be? ncwebguy, you mentioned chinese and that place came up in my mind, I'd forgotten about. Anyone been back there?
  5. Hello all! I'm slowly learning my downtown Raleigh history, lots of good info in this thread. I finally got around to walking up to one of my favorite buildings downtown. It is the brick building to the right of the Days Inn when coming into downtown south on Capital/Dawson. Does anyone know of any history or future plans for this area or this building? Is this the proposed site for the future govt. center train station? Thanks in advance.
  6. It does look way too big. I can see a camera crew setting up on top of the awning also. Would be a perfect view for a parade. I'm sure they had no choice to build this. I'm guessing there are certain requirements for the handicap that makes this elevator necessary. If you are unable to climb stairs how else would you get out of the deck? I would have preferred the elevator rise into the Marriott or Charter Square and release passengers into a lobby or directly onto the sidewalk.
  7. Was able to get a pic of it this weekend
  8. I went to one of the Downtown Comp Planning meetings at the Urban Design Center last month. They had a map of existing retail and planned retail. I made a strong mental note that this deck will have retail on both Blount and Wilmington. Do you have other information about this? source?
  9. I went to check it out during a Saturday afternoon and apparently I had just missed the grand opening party the night before. This was late January some time. They have a cool setup and will play house music at night. I talked to the owner some and he said the opening was mostly a 30's and 40's crowd for the wine tasting and then late night cocktail specials. He also wanted to do low key fashion shows every now and then. I have not been back since so I'm not sure how they are doing.
  10. I just blogged about it but I got a response to an e-mail about City Plaza.
  11. Parking deck collapses are occurring more frequently across the nation and taking more lives per year thanks to these cheap decks. uuhhhmm yyeaahh, quality reporting there WTVD.
  12. ^aah, you are correct. I did not even think about the traffic pattern that way. man, that just makes me nervous. A convention center, hotel, city plaza opening all on the same day would be phenomenal and the news could really raise interest. If there is a delay after the opening, let's hope it is short.
  13. Agreed, would be truely amazing. Looking forward to this.
  14. Very much appreciate the kind words. Jones, this is what I mean. Fayetteville St. Webcam I
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