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  1. Given the progress of this site, is anyone now looking into the Met Terraces or wish they got into the Lofts?
  2. Hi All, Does anyone know who Optimist Park's Neighborhood President is? I recently contacted our city council representative, Patsy Kinsey, to ask what the status was of the 2002 Optimist Park Neighborhood Plan. She said she'd look into it and also asked if we were holding regular neighborhood meetings. I have not been notified of any meetings in quite some time and want to contact who ever the neighborhood president is about this so that Patsy can join us to discuss issues and updates. Thanks!
  3. When is the greenway projected to be completed?
  4. Does anyone know what is being constructed next to Alpha Mills on Caldwell?
  5. Saw that when leaving for work the last couple of mornings. Very cool! We drove around the rubble today. I'm gonna get me a purple brick! = )
  6. Hey Tarik. We could not make thursday's meeting. Will someone be sending out meeting minutes?
  7. Henry McGill, husband of Helen McGill who founded the McGill Rose Gardeson on Noth Davidson near the CATS building, passed away recently: http://www.news14charlotte.com/content/top...asp?ArID=135475
  8. Hi All. I just called our division just in case and gave them the updated date/time. Officer Butler is our area event rep but he may not be able to make it. They will try to get at least a line officer to attend.
  9. Tarik, do you know if cmpd will be attending the meeting? When I reported my car breakin the sounded interested. I was working with Officer Hittle in our zone.
  10. Has anyone else had a problem with crime in the area? It seems as though crime is running rampant at Duncan Gardens. I've had one break in attempt on my car that was followed up with an actual break in. In talking to HOA and the police, the crime is out of control. We have a car break in about every other day. My car was broke into last Wednesday. Then we saw broken glass from another break in on Saturday. Today a neighbor came by to say her car was broken into.
  11. Does anyone know if Satellite dishes will be allowed at Duncan Gardens - Camellia Place?
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