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  1. Somebody posted on UF that some internal work has been done on the Rowe Building since the collapse, but I simply can't find the post at the moment. Either way, it's still going very slow. I think at one point the developers expected the building to be finished in 2006. It looks like the Wade Trim will be the first completed building out of the ones currently under construction.
  2. dnast

    Flint Off Topic

    There are a couple renderings here at UM Flint's website.
  3. Yep. They're rebuilding the Garland/Beach St. bridge. I thought they were just repairing it, but I was shocked to see half of it missing. Here's a (bad) pic of the bridge for anyone who hasn't seen it:
  4. I agree about the SBC buildings. And nice photos as usual, Wolverine.
  5. dnast

    Flint Off Topic

    Sounds great. Thanks!
  6. dnast

    Flint Off Topic

    Do you know on what street(s) they're building or planning to build? I'd like to go take a look. And good luck on your plan. Hurley East Village could use all the help it can get. I think it could be quite a cozy neighborhood if fixed up.
  7. I'm guessing it's pretty much a done deal unless the owner suddenly pulls out.
  8. dnast

    Flint Off Topic

    Haha. I peek in from time to time, but haven't really been viewing any forums lately. News has been pretty slow lately, so there hasn't been much to talk about. Thanks for the UA maps, Lmich.
  9. Interesting stuff! I really haven't seen many old photos of Saginaw. Thanks.
  10. dnast

    Flint Off Topic

    LOL. There really hasn't been much new to talk about.
  11. That's a nice-looking place. For some reason I get the "Disney" feeling with that place even though it's very walkable and has a lot of nice, unique shops. I'll probably give Frankenmuth a visit later on this month.
  12. It's the MTA bus station. It has a few shops in it, or at least it did the last time I was there years ago. It's just being updated with a new design.
  13. I wish I had pics, but the ones shown in the Flint Journal last year seemed very vague. The station will get a complete makeover as well as a very large electronic "bulletin board" displaying things such as local events. Here's a link with a little more info, but I'm sure we'll hear more from the Journal pretty soon.
  14. Wish you the best of luck, Bob. I just noticed today that the downtown MTA station appears to be closed now in preparation for renovations. They have canopies set up outside for people waiting for a bus. The First Street Lofts are coming along nicely, too. Most of the ground floor facade work is done along with the windows on the Kearsley St. side. I can't wait to see significant improvement on entrance area.
  15. dnast

    Flint Off Topic

    I'm late, but the Stockton House sure looks a lot better than the last time I went by there! I believe the owners are architects, so hopefully they know some masons that could get the brickwork done in time for the opening. Also, is the historical marker in the middle of the sidewalk? Seems like an odd place to put it. Edit: Fixed some typos
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