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  1. Just a wild guess, but the empty lot with the Bazzani sign? :-) https://goo.gl/maps/UQucYnc5n1E7TSMSA
  2. I don't know if it is true, but it may have been a velodrome.
  3. As Pattmost20 said. You can see it much better from this photo. The "fake window" to the right of the entrance is just painted on.
  4. They already built this exact building in Shakopee, Minnesota. https://www.ryancompanies.com/project/amazon-fulfillment-center Google Street View From the street view you will see that most of the second story windows are fake. Which will then become plainly obvious in the rendering submitted to Gains Township.
  5. PPG Place in Pittsburgh is bigger.
  6. Doesn't the city want to extend Seward to all the way to Wealthy through the Padnos site?
  7. I'm just confused because none of them say "Bank Branch". Or does that fall under "Retail"?
  8. Neither building is listed as historic. But SHPO for some reason has web pages for each building. Old Kent Building Built in 1965, the "Old Kent Building" is over 50 years old. It now qualifies for consideration as historic according to the Secretary of the Interior. Michigan Consolidated Gas Building This building will be 50 years old next year. The architect for the MichCon Building is Daverman Associates, same as the Old Kent Building. The SHPO page also lists Minoru Yamasaki & Associates as an architect. I have no idea to what extent Minoru Yamasaki had a role,
  9. As discgrab21 said Rosa Parks Circle has a public restroom building. As does Ah-Nab-Awen Park and Heartside Park. If you have the Artprize app the map on it can tell you which venues near you have restrooms open to the public. Or you can use the map at the Artprize website here. On the map click the gear and then check the box for Public Restrooms.
  10. It's measured from Grand Rapids City Hall. Quote from the All Columbus Data website, "One of the more interesting things the Census measures is the population from “City Hall”, or basically the population by a mile radius from the center of each city’s downtown. Since city boundaries come in all different sizes, this is a good way to compare urban populations. " Keep in mind that the data ignores city boundaries. Once you hit the 20 mile circle you're getting into places like Cedar Springs. Also this measurement of density can be a bit tricky when when you look at a place like Milw
  11. Meijer owns the NE corner lot at Broadmoor & 68th Street.
  12. Is the existing terracotta band at the third floor in that bad of shape that it needs to be replaced? I'm just wondering why the rendering shows a different design from what is existing at the third floor. Also I'd like to point out, in the historic photo, there is very decorative parapet cornice that is no longer present on the building. Only the bottom half of it remains, and the rendering shows a new design in it's place. I know it's not a designated historic building, but it would be nice if those historic elements could be restored / rebuilt. With that said, I do like the look
  13. GrandLAN has announced on their Facebook page that they will be closing December 23.
  14. The skywalk is gone in the latest rendering. At least I think that is the latest rendering. There have been so many...
  15. He was asking 6 million. http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.php/topic/116380-showgirls-galleria-on-market-ave-for-sale/ I doubt he got that much. I would guess it was sold for just under 3 million, but who knows. What is really surprising is that they want to do apartments/condos here. I for sure would have thought Founders wanted that land. The next Founders expansion is probably going to end up in an industrial park somewhere anyway.
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