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  1. here are some more detailed pictures of the Burj the man behind it all again
  2. actually its 3 towers connected by several bridges at several different levels, that combine at the top to look like one tower, pretty cool
  3. well accordingly to Emaar, that pace is a floor a week another thing, those pics are of the CORE of the Burj, the floors will be built around it, so it will be much bigger than that
  4. does that apply to the US as well, cause apparently its supposed to be the greatest empire of all...
  5. no u would not stick out, no one sticks out in dubai, unless u have something growing out off ur a$$ , or a third eye, then u might stick out, dubai, is a cool place to visit, but best time to visit is between Novemeber and May, the other months are just too damn hot, hotels range between 70$ and can go up to 7000$ a night, depends on how much u wanna spend, try to talk to ur travel agent, or contact an emirates airline office in ur country/ city, then can giv eyou a nice package , (which usually includes airfare and hotel accomodations) resturants can range between $2 a meal u
  6. sorry guys the pics didnt work, but here is the link, where i posted them http://www.angelfire.com/d20/darkblueboss/Burj.html enjoy
  7. here are the pics (were taken this morning) this is a pic of the towers that will be next to the Burj Dubai it self this is a picture of the initial foundation that is being done for the Burj, while i was there the engineer was talking about how it is on hold for now, because there are rumors about another project some where else which is targeting the title of the worlds tallest, so Dubai has put Burj Dubai onhold on order to decide what will the final high will be , in order for it to be number 1 this picture here, showing the construction being done on the base
  8. i am trying this out, maybe this will work, if does, this picture was taken this morning actually, of the burj dubai residence, not the Burj it self, just some of the surrounding towers around it
  9. if someone can tell me how to add my own pics (not web pics) i would post some pics of the construction going on, i took a few pics when i was onsite, maybe i can share with everyone,
  10. mind you the this tower, will include the world's largest mall, here are some pics
  11. maybe you should note the Dubai, currently doesnt have any oil, oil represents only merely 6% of its income, the other 94% come from other forms of businesses projects, tourism, etc......... maybe Saudi since most of its income is from OIL .
  12. A Small list of projects that are happening in Dubai, in which some are already mentioned all over this forum, Burj Dubai (Tower) (+800 meters) completion expected 2008 Dubai Land (Multi-City Theme Adventure Park, over 3 billion square ft and a price tag of $11 Billion) completion of all phases 2020 Dubai Water Front (world's largest water front project, residential, offices, islands, world's longest canal [extending into the desert, creating 350km of new shore lines for dubai) Palm Island Jumeirah (palm tree shapes island) Palm Island Jebel Ali (Palm tree shaped island , twice the si
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