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  1. Last I had heard, it had stalled and they were looking for a partner developer/investor company in order to proceed. IMO, it's only being placed in Oak Grove due to cheaper sales tax in KY. It would be a more successful venture if developed near the exit 1 or 11 areas in Clarksville.
  2. It's unfortunate. I know the topic has been discussed many times here, but that angle is so disappointing. It promotes a much wider gap between the height of the Bat Building compared to the rest of downtown.
  3. Here's an aerial shot from late last year of the Hankook Tire site construction off of Exit 8. The state is now in the midst of widening the bridges over the interstate to accommodate added traffic. The city is also building a new EMS/Fire station near the site as part of the company agreement.
  4. The telling part of this map is that I-24 W/E from Clarksville is the only "spoke" shown that extends at 2 lanes all the way into Nashville. Most of the others widen at or before the Davidson Co. line. I don't mind the 2 lanes in and out of Clarksville as much as the awful one lane merge onto I-65. And now, with the construction, that merge is a daily nightmare.
  5. I'm with you on this. In a city and county that is 75% non-military and has a top 5 per capita income in the state, developers continually look to build near Ft. Campbell. The Exit 11/Sango area hasn't seen real retail/entertainment development (while adding thousands of new houses) in years.
  6. We saw this coming several years ago. After construction of the more than $1 billion plant completed in 2013, the polysilicon market imploded and production never began. Hemlock closing Clarksville plant permanently (from The Leaf Chronicle) http://www.theleafchronicle.com/story/news/local/clarksville/2014/12/17/hemlock-closing-clarksville-plant-permanently/20536529/
  7. The "SYP" phrase was actually copyrighted by APSU so that it could no longer be used. "Let's Go Peay!" is the school's official cheer. Versions over the years... "The Fly is open, Let's Go Peay!" "Around the Bowl and in the hole, Let's Go Peay!" <--The "bowl" term is in reference to the number of sinkholes on campus which have been filled in and are now being used as common areas. Referred to as "bowls."
  8. Work continues on the RJ Corman railroad bridge downtown. Under a city/county partnership, it will be painted and lit similar to the Shelby Street Bridge in Nashville. It will have LED lighting that can change colors for special events, holidays, etc...
  9. It's funny how much national attention this story received. Sinkholes are just a way of life up here. And, repairs to them are generally added to discretionary budgets for major construction projects like this.
  10. Agreed. We'll see what happens in the next year when the Ford dealership leaves downtown with 11 new acres of prime development space. Convention center being discussed (again), but doubtful it will materialize.
  11. Work is continuing on the 120 year old railroad bridge across the Cumberland River in downtown. It will be painted and lighted similar to the Shelby St. Bridge in Nashville. Sorely needed. http://www.theleafchronicle.com/article/20131011/NEWS01/310110022/Work-begins-train-bridge-downtown-Clarksville
  12. Would it be possible to pin this topic similar to Murfreesboro? There is tons of development in Montgomery County, but this topic tends to get lost.
  13. The downtown has seen up and down periods since the tornado. Recently, there have been several local businesses close up shop or move out of the downtown area. Unfortunately, its just an inaccessible area for visitors and has long been a haven for lawyers offices that feed off of the courts complex and jail. Only a few retail and restaurant choices available. They are building an upscale restaurant tied to the new Liberty Park and Clarksville Marina. It will come will some future added retail development on that site. Should boost the Riverside Drive area even more.
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