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  1. How great it feels to actually get attention from people in places like London and San Francisco! This building will certainly elevate Nashville to the next level. Here's hoping everything goes as planned.
  2. I'm thinking I saw you. Is your hair a dirty blonde color, perhaps?
  3. I was the tall teenager with the striped blue button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the black hair. I was mostly standing around Tony and hanging on his every word. Did you have a suit on?
  4. What a party! I actually got to shake hands with Tony! I was so nervous I was babbling incoherently, but I finally got ahold of my speech and told him I was Claws on the Urban Planet forum. He's a great guy. I also met William Williams for the first time (who I consider to be a Nashville celebrity), also a great guy. At the end they gave us boxes containing factsheets and pictures of all of the floorplans. Now, though, I'm a little scared. What if MDHA screws everything up?
  5. Wow, this is fantastic news. When this baby goes up, we're going to be getting some national attention for sure! I'll be at the party Saturday, probably asking people if they post at UrpanPlanet and snapping photos. Maybe I can get Tony's autograph!
  6. Yes! I got one of those invitations. I'm hoping I'll be able to attend.
  7. It's not like developers have been scrambling to throw 70-story buildings up all over downtown. Signature will probably be the tallest one built. The need for low- to midrise in SoBro will still be there after Signature is finished.
  8. This info is amazing. If Signature surpasses 883 ft, it will be the tallest residential building in the world. If it surpasses 1,023 ft, it will be the tallest skyscraper in the entire South. This thing could turn out to be a real record-holder for Nashville!
  9. Great job, NorffCarolina. I had no idea the project was so far along.
  10. I know I plan on riding it for no reason other than to support it. Really, a light rail beginning in Downtown and going down the West End corridor would really be useful to me when I'm visiting my grandparents, since I don't really like to walk from Sylvan Park to Downtown. Come to think of it, I could ride the bus. But I'll have to get a schedule first.
  11. Wow, that map is impressive. I sure hope all of this is constructed. Weren't they having problems getting enough money for the project?
  12. I hope it succeeds. I plan on going to Lebanon and riding it to downtown one day. But I agree with TopTenn; I think a light rail system would be an excellent idea for Nashville.
  13. Hey, so will I! We're going up there on Christmas Day and staying for a week. Our hotel is a few blocks away from the Empire State Building. How cool is that?
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