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  1. LRU1967


    Does the NLR property include the old First American National Bank building?
  2. What about, The Flying Fish, The Corner, Soul Fish, Brunos, Gus', and several places in the River Market Building? Also a couple of Pizza places and Jimmy's Serious Sandwiches is opening a location in the Cox Building. Does your definition of family friendly preclude any place that has alcoholic beverages? The best burger in town is at the Box on 7th Street it was never at Arkansas Burger.
  3. Is the Tech Park still considering demolishing the old Worthen Bank Building?
  4. LRU1967

    Riverdale area

    My understanding is that the problem was a dispute over the rent and neither party would budge. Seems to me that Walmart is a dependable tenant vs what might end up in the space.
  5. LRU1967


    Where did you get the information about a Steak & Shake food truck at UA Little Rock"
  6. LRU1967

    North Little Rock Development

    Agree, The old Shipley's at Cantrell and Mississippi had the best donuts.
  7. LRU1967

    Midtowne Little Rock

    The only grocery store that would be successful is a Trader Joe's.
  8. LRU1967

    Everything Conway

    I ate there a couple of times in the late 1980s. Back then there weren't many choices and it wasn't bad. I ate at one in Florence, SC a couple of years ago and it was like bring in an Applebees, pretty lame.
  9. If a parking deck is needed how about tearing down the awful addition on the back of the Worthen Bank Building. That would accomplish two things, it would get rid of one of Little Rock's ugliest structures and provide space for the deck.
  10. LRU1967

    Little Rock Growth

    The article was on the front page of yesterday's Democrat.
  11. This building was the headquarters of Stephens, Inc. back when Witt Stephens was a powerful figure in Arkansas politics. I wonder why the Tech Park can't use it?
  12. LRU1967

    Chenal Parkway / Highway 10

    This may be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Looking at reviews of several of the locations they were very positive.
  13. This was the store front of Moses' Melody Shop, for many years the best place in town to buy records.
  14. I can't disagree with what you say. But looking back at the horrible mistakes Little Rock has made, I'm afraid the 10 lane freeway will be one we regret.
  15. You want seafood? Check out The Mighty Rib's list of 30 great seafood dishes served at Little Rock restaurants.