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  1. I guess the owners of all the Bowman Road apartments are going to pay for the road work?? Or will it be Little Rock taxpayers?
  2. Cash McCool's was on Cantrell Road, the game parlor was Slick Willy's. Buster's was a fern bar.
  3. Coors came into Little Rock in the mid-1980s. The original owners ended up selling their distributorship and the second owner sold to what was then the Miller distributorship, Twin City Beverage. Three owners in the space of around 5 months. Little Rock beer drinkers didn't like it as much as they did when it was a big deal for someone to bring a case. back from Oklahoma.
  4. Thinking about things eagerly awaited in Little Rock, I recall these, among others; Coors Beer, Krispy Creme Donuts, the. City Manager form of government, MetroCenter Mall, The Boyle Building reuse, choosing a nickname for the city. Hopefully Trader Joe's will be a success. In the meantime our downtown may win the title, for the greatest number of surface parking lots. .
  5. American Airline announced that were opening 15 new gates at DFW and 100 new flights by American Eagle. How if any, will this affect LIT. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/flights/2019/05/03/american-airlines-opens-15-new-gates-dallas-fort-worth/1090020001/
  6. I talked to a couple of people in the wholesale liquor business, and they think the bar area could be successful, as a stand alone operation. I did not know that the bar space includes a small kitchen.
  7. Pappadeaux taking the space would be great. How big are their restaurants? Are they typically as large as Cajun's?
  8. Does the NLR property include the old First American National Bank building?
  9. What about, The Flying Fish, The Corner, Soul Fish, Brunos, Gus', and several places in the River Market Building? Also a couple of Pizza places and Jimmy's Serious Sandwiches is opening a location in the Cox Building. Does your definition of family friendly preclude any place that has alcoholic beverages? The best burger in town is at the Box on 7th Street it was never at Arkansas Burger.
  10. Is the Tech Park still considering demolishing the old Worthen Bank Building?
  11. My understanding is that the problem was a dispute over the rent and neither party would budge. Seems to me that Walmart is a dependable tenant vs what might end up in the space.
  12. Where did you get the information about a Steak & Shake food truck at UA Little Rock"
  13. Agree, The old Shipley's at Cantrell and Mississippi had the best donuts.
  14. The only grocery store that would be successful is a Trader Joe's.
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