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  1. Idk, I think it'd be too small.
  2. ^Oh no, done??
  3. Businessreport Developer buys land near Baton Rouge airport for Holiday Inn Express SAM KARLIN | @samkarlin JULY 18, 2017 A Tennessee developer who’s planning to build a new Holiday Inn Express at Howell Place near the Baton Rouge airport has bought 2.6 acres of land on Howell Boulevard from Richard Preis for about $566,000 in a deal that closed Friday. Though he has built several hotels across the country, it’s the first Holiday Inn Express development for Gary Gibbs, who is also developing a 380-unit senior living center and apartment complex at Howell Place. He hopes to begin construction on the four-story hotel by the end of this year and open it by the end of 2018. “There’s a growing demand in Baton Rouge,” Gibbs says. “The market is pretty strong up there and is holding its average daily rates pretty good.”
  4. Yh, I think that could be a good spot that compliments Millerville Greens.
  5. The developer of Pointe Marie brought up an interesting point in that he said he wanted to de-emphasize the role of retail his development and create a destination that brings people out of their homes but isn't about spending money. Considering the decreasing importance of physical retail could this be a way to transform blighted property and/or anchor feature developments? I was thinking of grand parks and public spaces like you see in Europe. Obviously the question'd be who would patronize, pay for and maintain these spaces but I still think it could be an interesting idea.
  6. I contacted the BREC director. He was very polite and enthusiastic about answering questions. He said they actually considered Burden Gardens but it doesn't reconcile with the mission statement and that a lot of the River Road is undevelopable because you have to build it up to protect the structures from groundwater. About Mike Wampold he said they invited him to be on the committee because of his real estate expertise and that that land wasn't the first choice. He also said they'd have trouble raising money at they current location which I can personally see being an issue. Even though it seems like I'm flip flopping I'd actually like to see it move, just not to an inferior location.
  7. I haven't read every zoo article but I wanted to add that I think the media is being a little naive about the main reason the some people want to keep the zoo in north BR (really Baker). That or that don't want to acknowledge it since its harder to combat. Since the the death of Cortana, the zoo, the airport, and maybe the Coke factory are really the only nice pubic landmarks left in north BR. Naturally people want things in their community that they can be proud of. In this way "economic engine" or whatever buzzword they use is kind of a euphemism for a place of pride as well something that generated jobs. People in the more prosperous parts of the parish probably don't explicitly view it this way because they're used to having things but I'm sure everyone knows what I mean. Like when we finally get a popular chain establishment we feel a since of pride about BR, well that's the same thing with neighborhoods too. I don't really have a proposed remedy or saying one thing is right or wrong but I just wanted give my 2 cents on this part of it. So, I couldn't leave well enough alone and googled all the people that were on the steering committee. Now I realize being a public figure or business person doesn't me you're only in it for self-interest but it does make one more cautious of motives. Mike Wampold - developer Dennis Blunt is a lawyer practicing in the area of commercial litigation in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana office of Phelps Dunbar Rep Garrett Graves - district 6 louisiana Scott Hensgens Managing Partner of Breazeale, Sachse, & Wilson - healthcare Gail O'Quin -According to google she's from Ethel and was a chairman at Mary Bird Perkins and various assisted living organizations Clyde Johnson - former Southern Professor Sue Rainer - wife of late Robert Rainer: a lawyer Charlie Lamar of Lamar advertisement lineage Todd Waguespack - Level Homes Partner
  8. I don't know. While that could be a good spot it seems like they would have to build everything up very high which might make it too expensive. That's probably the best location within EBR south of I-10 though. Or along River Road, but that wouldn't be more convenient and would probably be met with resistance like the casino.
  9. Yah know, I think they should just keep the zoo where it's at because if you look at a map they really don't have a lot of land or a nice wooded environment for a zoo south of I-10. Additionally who are these donors whose contributions are contigent upon building the zoo in south BR? The fact that none of the articles mention Harveston makes me wonder if Mike Wampold is a donor and wants to build the zoo to generate revenue since his retail component is probably no longer viable.
  10. I agree and it looks really nice.
  11. It's really big so that's good. Just hope they don't clad it with corrugated metal àl la Red Stick Lofts.
  12. Luxury apartment complex going up near Juban Crossing Construction is underway on an upscale multifamily development at 10077 Juban Crossing, near the Juban Crossing shopping center in Denham Springs. Alabama-based Doster Construction Co. broke ground on The Springs at Juban Crossing in March. The project—located just northwest of Rouses—comprises 12 buildings with a total of 272 one-, two-, and three-bedroom townhome-style apartments with ground-level private entrances https://www.businessreport.com/article/luxury-apartment-complex-going-near-juban-crossing
  13. http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/business/article_23a48bd4-55ee-11e7-8e4f-6304fb461b7a.html Hi Nabor plans Denham Springs grocery store Hi Nabor hopes to start construction in 2018 on a new grocery store at the intersection of La. 16 and Magnolia Beach Road in Denham Springs. Jim Crifasi, president of Hi Nabor, said he’s working to mitigate wetlands on the 19-acre site his family owns. The 35,000-square-foot store would anchor a retail development at the busy intersection.
  14. LOL! I mean, I wouldn't even be talking about it but that's not what we were "sold" I will say though that one thing I like about the new downtown library is that it looks like it'll be big.
  15. I'd like to see it set up on Essen Lane or Summa Lane, lol. Or at least on top of a parking garage like in Perkins Rowe.