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  1. Good news for northern B.R. Southern University plans new alumni complex that could include retail, multifamily space The Southern University Alumni Federation is planning a new alumni complex on the south end of the campus in an effort to grow the association’s footprint and spur economic development in north Baton Rouge. The federation is in the process of rezoning a plot of land on Harding Boulevard, near James J. Prestage Street, on the south side of campus to allow for commercial development. The site is five acres and has a potential for 250,000 square feet of space for commercial and multifamily use. If approved, several ideas are being batted around that will include a combination of student housing, hotel, retail and restaurant uses, says Southern University Alumni Federation President Preston Castille. The center will likely be named the Center for Alumni and Economic Development. “The idea is this project could be one of hopefully several that would spark development on campus and ultimately spark development in the north Baton Rouge area,” Castille says, adding there are more plans in the works. Southern recently moved some of its law classes to the Mentorship Academy downtown, a branching-out of the HBCU that school leaders say will continue in the coming months. The alumni federation currently works out of an office near the university’s library, but will move its operations to the new center. Rinaldi Jacobs, interim executive director of the Baton Rouge North Economic Development District, says the center will be akin to LSU’s Lod Cook alumni center, which includes event space, a caterer and a hotel. The project will likely have several tenants. “We’re going to use this as an economic generator as part of the north Baton Rouge build up,” Jacobs says, adding it will likely take between 18 months and two years to complete the project. https://www.businessreport.com/article/southern-university-alumni-complex-student-housing-hotel-floated
  2. ^Good points. I haven't thought of some of those before. Like you said though, if only we could have better infrastructure that'd go a long way in making us appear more attractive.
  3. Also here is the site plan for Arlington Marketplace.
  4. I don't remember this ever being announced in the news or posted but the Nicholson gateway project in currently under construction and gone vertical. Here is the pic from LSU's website. https://sites01.lsu.edu/wp/reslife/nicholson-apartments/
  5. ^Well, this statement doesn't really contribute anything but I doubt it'll be built anytime soon. I have a government job so I'm starting to learn how things operate.
  6. Well it looks like Sonic atleast tried to make their restaurant a little different. Downtown Baton Rouge getting new Sonic prototype Sonic is opening a new concept restaurant and a local headquarters office at the intersection of South 10th and Government streets downtown. Unlike those other outlets, the new 2,500-square-foot Sonic will be nearly twice the size of the average Sonic restaurant and won’t have any drive-in stalls. Sonic has traditionally defined itself as a drive-in restaurant. Instead, it will have indoor dining and a double drive-thru window. The restaurant is being developed on a 40,000-square-foot site that also includes a 4,000-square-foot, two-story building. The building is being renovated to house Tucker’s corporate offices. Vertical construction on the site is under way and Jarreau hopes it will be complete with the restaurant open for business early in the second quarter. Here's what comes up when you google "new prototype sonic". If any Sonic execs are reading this, please don't make it an ugly, plain all-beige block.
  7. ^Well, its wasn't really meant to be a "North BR" thread, it was meant to be for the northern suburb cities thus the "North EBR" title. Everything below Baker is BR development though.
  8. 380-unit senior living facility, apartments planned for north Baton Rouge A Tennessee developer is planning to build a $44 million, 380-unit senior living center and multifamily apartment complex called Howell Village on Howell Boulevard, with construction beginning in March or April. Gary Gibbs says he bought the land at Howell Boulevard and 72nd Avenue in north Baton Rouge, near the airport, several years ago for $6 million. Once he obtains a permit, his company, Nashville-based CPI Construction, will begin work on the project. Gibbs says he plans to build several buildings, including cottages for seniors and apartments, and have the project done roughly 22 months after construction begins. Many of the rooms will be available before the entire project is finished. https://www.businessreport.com/article/380-unit-senior-living-facility-apartments-planned-north-baton-rouge
  9. I think that's a part of it.
  10. ^I didn't even think about that but you're right. You'd think this would be a good spot for their hotel. Hmm, oh well, at least the empty building on Corporate is being eliminated.
  11. ^That's true. Honestly though, I do think Sears needs to just give it up. Just'a shame
  12. Footlocker is leaving too... On a side note since when is Cortana "North Baton Rouge"? Are North and South now euphemisms for black and white? To me North Baton Rouge is above Greenwell Springs and Prescott.
  13. *sigh* The Sears at Cortana and the Kmart in Gonzales are closing. Source: The Advocate
  14. Seems like its going to be a tight fight New hotel planned for Citiplace Court Hotel developer Jay Patel is planning to acquire the former Koto of Japan restaurant at 2526 Citiplace Court and construct a new hotel on the site. Pinu Patel, the project’s general contractor, says it is hoped that construction on the hotel—which will fly the Tru by Hilton flag—will begin in the spring. An application for the construction of the planned four-story, 50,778 square-foot hotel was filed on Dec. 29. Tru is a brand of Hilton Worldwide. It launched in 2016 and represents the hotel chain’s re-entry into the midscale hotel market. The brand is intended to appeal to millennials, according to published reports. https://www.businessreport.com/article/new-hotel-planned-citiplace-court Image I pulled from Google
  15. ^^Haha, I guess so! ^Great assessment. I guess they're trying to work out the logistics. It'd probably be a lot of people at lunch time.