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  1. Nice.
  2. Well, I mean like for it to drop you off and then go find a space itself to go park.
  3. I shouldn't laugh but I did cause it's true , lol!
  4. I just googled it and it looks neat. Maybe they could put one of these at Harveston or the Pointe Marie development.
  5. Is that something's that's available now? I don't trust self driving cars after watching Extent where they assassinated someone by parking the car in some train tracks, but I'll admit it would be nice to have so the car could park itself and pick you up from the curb.
  6. ^I don't see a guard rail in the rendering so I guess their just going to clean it up for decoration. It would have been nice if they could just remove it but maybe they need to keep it to keep boat from getting too close to the building.
  7. I agree, that parking lot gets very full in the evening.
  8. I was wondering why it seemed to be taking so long for just the first floor. What's the benefit?
  9. ^It looked to be only 1 story to me but Ill have to take another look.
  10. I try not to be cynical but I figured that canal wasn't going to be built. What's their rationale for the hold up though?
  11. Well... J.C. Penney to close Cortana Mall store In yet another blow to Cortana Mall, J.C. Penney Co. confirmed this morning that it plans to close its anchor store in the aging retail center at Airline Highway and Florida Boulevard. The national retailer, which announced plans in February to shutter upwards of 140 stores and offer buyouts to thousands of employees, released the complete list of closures this morning. The JCPenney location at the Mall of Louisiana will remain open, and only two other locations in Louisiana will be closed, one in DeRidder and another in Slidell. All told, the company will close 138 stores nationwide and one supply chain facility in Lakeland, Florida, as part of a continuing effort to advance growth and long-term profitability. Approximately 5,000 JCPenney employees will be impacted by the U.S. store closures, the company says in a news release. Most stores will begin the liquidation process by April 17. https://www.businessreport.com/article/j-c-penney-close-cortana-mall-store
  12. I passed by Sonic and it looks like it's getting the stone facade treatment. I mean, yeah it's still a fast food stop downtown but atleast it'll look nicer.
  13. Goodwill store slated for O’Neal Lane ALEXANDRIA BURRIS March 10, 2017 A vacant tract of land at 2435 O’Neal Lane, near North Li Rocchi Drive, will soon be the site of a Goodwill store. Developers John Lund and Nick Xiao, founders of N&J Land Company, are building the 10,050-square-foot, single-story thrift store at the site. Permits were pulled on Feb. 27, and construction is expected to begin next week. Lund says construction of the new store could take about 120 days to complete and will cost $865,000. businessreport.com
  14. Nice, so it looks like it'll be Zoe's, GNC, and Pacific Denistry. Zoe's is good! Zoës Kitchen, other retailers coming to new Millerville Road shopping center ALEXANDRIA BURRIS March 8, 2017 Zoës Kitchen is among several tenants coming to a new 6,000-square-foot shopping center under construction at 2001 Millerville Road, near Interstate 12. In a news release, Brentwood, Tennessee-based developer GBT Realty Corporation says the unanchored shopping center is already 100% leased, and is expected to open later this year. Pacific Dental and GNC will join Zoës Kitchen there, the company says. https://www.businessreport.com/article/zoes-kitchen-retailers-coming-new-millerville-road-shopping-center
  15. Upscale hotel, multifamily developments planned in Baton Rouge Health District SAM KARLIN MARCH 6, 2017 Plans for a new upscale hotel in the burgeoning Baton Rouge Health District are underway, with a group of longtime hotel developers buying two acres of land along Summa Avenue last week. Ash Patel, whose family business owns and manages four hotels, says construction on the new hotel will begin by the end of the year and be completed by early 2019 if all goes well. Ash Patel says he envisions a hotel with 140-150 rooms, costing $180 per night. Ash Patel declined to say how much the group purchased the land for and says he cannot yet disclose which flag the hotel will fly. The sale was recorded as $100 “and other good and valuable consideration,” according to sale documents. He adds that designs are underway and should be finished in the next four months. https://www.businessreport.com/article/upscale-hotel-multifamily-developments-planned-baton-rouge-health-district I guess this will go by Copeland's by where Summa Tower was supposed to go. Hmm, what upscale hotel don't we have yet? Westin pops into my mind.