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  1. ^I would like to. I always said if I ever go to Europe I'd affect a heavy southern accent and tell the locals that I bought my first pair of shoes for the occasion.
  2. Oh ok. ^Even though that's a truthful and logical idea I still think it's ->
  3. ^ I agree but why do you say that?
  4. I think this should be the issue for the new mayor. I think they should propose a Green Light Plan #2 and #3 for the really ambitious projects.
  5. Louisiana finally has a "real" international flight. What do you think this means for Baton Rouge? Airport, British Airways make it official: New Orleans to London flights to start in 2017 After a four-year courtship, New Orleans airport officials made it official Thursday, announcing that British Airways will begin offering nonstop flights to and from London starting in March. The flights, slated to begin March 27, will connect New Orleans to London's Heathrow Airport four times per week. +5 BY DAN SWENSON | The Advocate They're scheduled to leave London at 3:40 p.m. and arrive in New Orleans at 7:40 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Departing flights will leave New Orleans at 9:10 p.m. on the same days and arrive in London at noon the next day. http://www.theadvocate.com/new_orleans/news/business/article_3c251ff0-9651-11e6-bf51-437f2d6c71b5.html?sr_source=lift_amplify
  6. Neat building, hopefully there'll be plenty of landscaping. On another note, how much longer do y'allthink our current way of retail will last (in the US)? I went inside the Mall of Louisiana for the first time in a long time and was disturbed by the number urban ware stores, under construction barriers and even a fake storefront à la Cortana that I saw. I know brick and mortar is struggling but is this normal or is BR just not a particularly strong market? Also, don't tease me too much but I wish they could open up Cortana like Hammond Square or the Pearland, TX mall. Maybe raze the old Mervyn's and Macy's and replace it with a multistory office and add some restaurants to increase traffic. Idk, it just seems like there's so much yet so little they could do with it.
  7. Neat! Ima hafta check out the deli when it opens.
  8. Well, I guess this project is dead now. I would hardly call any of the houses in the Lakes at Highland "garden homes". Private residential subdivision planned for Burbank Drive near Siegen Lane A new 102-lot residential subdivision is being planned on 85 acres just off Burbank Drive, near the Siegen Lane intersection. Willows at Bayou Fountain is a gated community with garden-style homes, accessible only by a private street. The homes will sit on lots that average 6,000 square feet in size. There is no price point for the homes at this time. Gladney says it is hoped that ground will be broken on the subdivision during the first quarter of 2017. Gladney says the subdivision’s garden-style homes will be similar to homes in the garden section of The Lakes at Highland, an upscale community located off Highland Road between Bluebonnet Boulevard and Siegen Lane. https://www.businessreport.com/article/private-residential-subdivision-planned-burbank-drive-near-siegen-lane
  9. ^Neat. Looks like they updated the design a little bit, wish they would have kept the brown stucco base.
  10. Thanks. Maybe one day we can get stronger codes.
  11. Hmm, the best idea I have is to increase education on natural remedies. I know stinging nettle helps headaches so it might be effective against other types of pain.
  12. Aside form the surrounding demographic does anyone know why some areas seem to be nicer than others? What I mean is, what determines the architecture, landscape, etc of an area: the developers, city codes, a mix or other things? I was just wondering because to refer back to my trip to Dallas, in the newer areas even a lot of "common" places like Walmart and Mcdonalds were sort of dressed up (does anyone remember how they were supposed to build the Bluebonnet Walmart in an LSU style)? Another example is CVS which seemed to dress-up their New Orleans location and even has a bit of a different design in their new Zachary location but used the basic design for the locations in front of Bon Carre and by LSU nortgate. Its this the effect that overlay districts try to achieve?
  13. That is nice, Donaldsonville deserves something like this. It's still sorta ammazing to think its technically in Ascension parish.
  14. Great way of thinking! I definitely never thought we'd see a supermarket downtown or a 4 star hotel. I guess the next step should be more apartments and condos.
  15. Nice find Richy. Maybe that picture is one of the buildings that will go on the front and the other will be the clubhouse/tenant office?