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  1. I was wondering the same thing, it googled it and its French. I was just thinking, cities like Los Angeles and Houston must really have a tough time coming up with names.
  2. Cool. I think they could make it work just add a lane to the left on the I-12 side and as the right turn lane to Essen.
  3. Cool, maybe they'll build a tall one some day.
  4. Well, it looks like it was incorporated: Flush with election victory, St. George backers face challenges in forming new city; here's what's next https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/article_26967962-edf7-11e9-b5c3-5f9259afa0b5.html
  5. dan326

    The Grove

    ^Yh I forgot about that too, that'll be cool.
  6. ^^It'll definitely be interesting to see what happens. ^Well we all know that's a big part of the motivation but let's be honest as a minority I wouldn't want to send my kids to a school that was too "diverse" either.
  7. Hmm, it's definitely looks fascinating.
  8. Cool, it's bigger than I thought after they added the people for scale.
  9. According to this random commenter on DeadMalls.com that's what's going to happen. http://www.deadmalls.com/malls/cortana_mall.html Also to be considered is the fact the current facility by Costco is a temporary tent structure and the fact is halfway between I-10 and the airport and between Houston, New Orleans, and Florida. Of course the might also be similar to the Disney park - Livingston parish rumors. Edit: I just read the article and it's been confirmed that it'll become a distribution center. Well that's cool.
  10. Cool, I'm sure they have room somewhere.
  11. dan326

    Rouzan TND

    Hmm, I wondered if this still have the village center look or if they've abandoned that concept?
  12. dan326

    Mid City

    Yeah, I mean if we're honest we all knew that wasn't going to work. I think it just needed a turn lane.
  13. Lol! @ "world class"; which isn't to say it won't be nice but I think they're stretching it considering how people also like to cost engineer. I guess they'll be adding new light or else the traffic will be all backed up trying to get out of there.
  14. dan326


    https://www.businessreport.com/newsletters/brec-planning-1m-education-center-master-plan-for-frenchtown-road-conservation-area BREC planning $1M education center, master plan for Frenchtown Road Conservation Area Nearly a decade after acquiring the nearly 500-acre Frenchtown Road Conservation Area, partially bound by the Comite and Amite rivers, BREC is taking steps to upgrade the primitive park, which doesn’t currently have running water or bathrooms. Using $800,000 from the $3.6 million given to the park system from FEMA, Assistant Superintendent Reed Richard says BREC plans to start construction on the new center this fall. The center was designed by Baton Rouge-based Fusion Architecture and will be elevated 14 feet in the air. The 500-acre park is one of the most diverse habitats BREC owns, says Amanda Takacs, assistant director of natural resource management. Among possible improvements that could be made to the park are additional hiking trails, kayak and canoe launches, educational signage and tree canopy walkways.
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