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  1. That's a good idea but is that space larger or smaller than the current one?
  2. I sure hope so! It makes sense too since they are really one of the only big retailers expanding in BR. Don't laugh at me too much because I know the very low likelihood but maybe Jcpennys'll here?
  3. ^Neat, so that's what's going up. I remember when that lake was under construction, it's definitely nice for an apartment complex.
  4. I agree, it is sad. I think the replacement is a good idea but I don't know if that location'll work. Maybe they can find a way to keep a few animals there, like an aviary or petting zoo?
  5. In the age of online content, social media, and celebrity culture I think this is their way of breaking the news to us that the zoo is going to move. Honestly, I think they need to because if we're being truthful this is one of BR's only "attractions" so it needs to be in the best position to succeed that it can be. I don't see that at the current location. Even though it would be far away from the interstate, I personally think they should incorporate it into the LSU's south campus and make the whole thing Italianate. https://www.businessreport.com/article/move-zoo-put-brec-superintendent-unveils-plan If you move the Baton Rouge Zoo, what will replace it? BREC superintendent unveils her plan BREC Superintendent Carolyn McKnight is proposing to redevelop the sprawling, 660-acre Greenwood Park in north Baton Rouge—home to the Baton Rouge Zoo and two underutilized golf courses—into a state-of-the-art regional park with tournament-quality soccer fields, horse trails, a practice track, water park, amusement park, boat house and adventure playground, as well as more picnic areas and green spaces. Key to the plan, which McKnight will present to the BREC Board of Commissioners Thursday, is relocating the zoo, which comprises 147 acres in the center of Greenwood, to a new, still undetermined location in a more visible, highly traveled area elsewhere in the parish. The plan also calls for closing the J.S. Clark Golf Course, located in the southwest corner of the park, and relocating its driving range and First Tee program for beginning golfers to the nearby Dumas Memorial Golf Course, which is located in the northern quadrant of the park. McKnight’s proposal for Greenwood comes more than a year after plans to relocate the zoo were vetted in a study that evaluated the cost of both renovating the 47-year-old zoo, which has suffered from declining attendance in recent years, at its existing location and building a new one. The price tag for both options came in at an estimated $110 million, though building a new zoo could be completed more quickly and would attract 50% more visitors, the study found.
  6. Nice! I hope they succeed.
  7. Lol, too late for that.
  8. LOL! I love donuts but better start away from that coffee. Once I drank a big thing of Japanese green tea and nearly had a heart attack, lol!
  9. Neat, I was wondering whether that land was developable or not.
  10. You think like me Tiger. The bad luck with Perkins Rowe all started when Parisians was bought out and it just hasn't stopped. I fantasized that a Nordstroms could have went there but... But yeah, for what they built they could have left it an empty field.
  11. Nice map. You're right about growth in Acension for sure because they updated the maps to some time in September or October and it looks like there's hardly room left in Acension parish for larger developments.
  12. Affordable apartment complex planned for Plank and Airline A Kentucky development group is planning a 180-unit affordable apartment complex in north Baton Rouge on the corner of Airline Highway and Plank Road. LDG Development, which specializes in affordable housing, is still in the planning stages for the project, which is named Commodore Pointe. The developer is also set to cut the ribbon on the Port Royal Apartments, another affordable housing complex on Airline Highway, on May 10. In March, LDG announced a 204-unit project on Nicholson Drive and Gardere Lane. Commodore Pointe will feature two four-story residential buildings and a 3,800-square-foot clubhouse and community room, according to a marketing packet the development published. https://www.businessreport.com/article/affordable-apartment-complex-planned-plank-airline
  13. Lol! Looks like we posted the same article again... I hope they don't tear down Longwood.
  14. New 800-lot subdivision planned for River Road near Bayou Manchac STEPHANIE RIEGEL MAY 4, 2017 Developer Prescott Bailey has submitted a concept plan with the Planning Commission for a 275-acre planned unit development that will front River Road and be bounded by Nicholson Drive and Bayou Manchac, about 1.5 miles south of L’Auberge Casino. The new development will be called Atwater, and will comprise more than 800 single-family residential lots of varying size. Bailey currently has the property, which is owned by a group of multiple investors, under contract but has not yet closed on the land. Atwater will have two entrances on River Road and will back up to Nicholson Drive, directly across from the University Club subdivision, though it will not be accessible from Nicholson. Bailey says the success of U-Club and other nearby developments is what inspired him to target the area. https://www.businessreport.com/article/new-800-lot-subdivision-planned-river-road-near-bayou-manchac Sounds nice but the question I have is is 2 entrances enough for 800 houses and are they going to keep the Longwood plantation house intact? Judging from the fact it was nowhere mentioned in the article I'm concerned.