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    https://www.businessreport.com/newsletters/brec-planning-1m-education-center-master-plan-for-frenchtown-road-conservation-area BREC planning $1M education center, master plan for Frenchtown Road Conservation Area Nearly a decade after acquiring the nearly 500-acre Frenchtown Road Conservation Area, partially bound by the Comite and Amite rivers, BREC is taking steps to upgrade the primitive park, which doesn’t currently have running water or bathrooms. Using $800,000 from the $3.6 million given to the park system from FEMA, Assistant Superintendent Reed Richard says BREC plans to start construction on the new center this fall. The center was designed by Baton Rouge-based Fusion Architecture and will be elevated 14 feet in the air. The 500-acre park is one of the most diverse habitats BREC owns, says Amanda Takacs, assistant director of natural resource management. Among possible improvements that could be made to the park are additional hiking trails, kayak and canoe launches, educational signage and tree canopy walkways.
  2. It's definitely be cool to see but I have a hard time seeing this come too fruition. I mean, wouldn't someone paying that much want a place to park?
  3. Yup, that was a really weird storm but thankfully it's over, lol!
  4. Nope they still haven't announced anything.
  5. Only if I got caught in the rain, lol!
  6. I drive by since they've started building and it's actually pretty nice. I guess the price probably factored in the low elevation and immediate surroundings.
  7. Yes those are all good points. I was happy to see New Orleans projections went down. It's scary to think what might have happened had it flooded full of people considering the loss of life during Katrina when it was mostly empty. Thanks, same to you!
  8. Yup, Richy my nerves are shot for sure but nothing we can do but wait. Hopefully it just moves on through without a hitch but the river projections are looking pretty high.
  9. Just a head's up...just posted in Louisiana Weather forum...plenty observers ; but not ever much feedback

    Almost feels like my once a month weather blog lol

  10. Well, things are looking concerning...
  11. Yeah at that size it could be another Sprouts, Fresh Market, Hi Nabor, Rouses or Whole Foods. Yh that's true. That sounds cool. I've never been there but I have been to Gatlinburg. It was pretty nice.
  12. Cool, they took off those cantilevers so O gotta that means the structural issue is fixed (hopefully).
  13. Well its not quite the nice, attractive and cohesive plan that was originally planned back in 2007 I think but it will be nice to have the additional amenities in the area. I wonder what groceries stores have a 30k sq ft footprint?
  14. Greens at Millerville commercial plans going to Planning Commission The final plans for the Marketplace at Greens at Millerville will be considered by the East Baton Rouge Parish Planning and Zoning Commission this afternoon. Three commercial buildings—including a grocery store and a 10,000-square-foot restaurant—are planned for the commercial development, according to the plans submitted to the Planning Commission. Alan Brewer, with the Duplantis Design Group, submitted the application for the nearly 45,000 square feet of commercial space for the project, which has been certified by planning staff as in line with the Unified Development Code. Brewer was unable to be reached by this morning’s deadline for more information. It’s unclear who the grocery tenant will be, but Clay Furr, of Momentum Commercial Real Estate, says developers are working to secure permits and start construction later this year, with the grocer opening in the first quarter of next year.
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