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  1. I'm black, I know. I just think the article could have gone without being written.
  2. ^It is but I'm saying its sort of a hypocritical article considering Los Angeles is probably also segregated, especially by class.
  3. ^ Lol. I didn't read the whole article but it is funny that the Los Angeles Times would write a story like that as I'm sure L.A. isn't anymore united.
  4. I don't know if racism is an American problem, I just don't think people in other countries call it that. But whatever its called I think it's just part of the human condition.
  5. Neat! Wish we still had all those buildings.
  6. ^Yup, makes me think of that dark ABC show Scandal.
  7. ^ Yeah and I think they're going to open a regular one in the new Marriott Courtyard to so they'd be competing.
  8. Great, it seems like it's been forever!
  9. I guess this doesn't really belong here since its not confirmed that they are building it here yet, but I still thought it was a neat story. I had learned in a business class that Starbucks opened upscale locations in China since fresh coffee isn't a big a priority over there. This would be neat to put in the mall or Perkins Rowe. Think they just need to fill Perkins Rowe up completely with restaurants. Starbucks plans new upscale chains CEO Howard Schultz says the company will create a new line of stores called Starbucks Reserve-only, CNNMoney reports. These locations will offer premium, small lot reserve coffee in more of a café environment than existing Starbucks stores. The new Reserve-only stores will be about twice as large as current Starbucks stores. The cafés will be in hundreds of locations, and they’ll start popping up next year. The Starbucks Reserve-only brand is part of a broader company strategy to improve and expand its food offerings. CNNMoney has the full story.
  10. ^I'm wondering if it might have been better for the news not publish this story. Giving people ideas and all...
  11. Neat breakdown! Maybe we'll get an aLoft?
  12. I agree. It'll be interesting to see the grounds on which the policeman are or aren't found guilty.
  13. Indeed.
  14. Yeah, but those didn't get that much play.
  15. ^ Controversial opinion warning Sorry y'all, I was trying to hold it in...I do wonder if they blew this up just to distract people from the Hillary scandal. It just seems mighty convenient. I remember that last time the media paid this much attention to black "injustice" was with the Confederate shootings and pool party incident. I think they used those to distract from the "marriage equality" ruling and garner support, since according to the television set and online publications black = female = gay. And really, even marriage equality was to distract from that fast-pass bill. After that the media didn't focus on black stories anymore. But I guess it's a hot topic again since we need to be programmed that being for Hillary's indictment is the same as gunning minorities down.