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  1. dan326

    Mid City

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure it had a roundabout planned. I'm not completely convinced about it's effectiveness yet so we'll see.
  2. dan326


    Cool, looks like they're making progress.
  3. dan326

    Baton Rouge City Profile

    Cool! Hopefully they really build it. Even though it's relatively small is still something. This is another thing I'll have to reserve full excitement until I see dirt moving. Only thing left is a new bridge.
  4. dan326

    St. George City Incorporation News

    You're right. I'm still not sure they didn't do something funny to make the number of signatures taken back just happen to be right the amount needed to invalidate the effort, but we'll see how this goes. Just from casually watching the news they don't seem to report on Mayor Broom too much like when she first got elected, so I figured the St George people have just given up on her and are trying to this movement.
  5. Nice, I always wanted to visit over there. Yup, I was telling a foreign friend that Houston is like our New York City for Louisianians who don't travel much, lol. I've heard San Diego is one of the nicest cities in the country. I'm sure, my mom and I watch HGTV and are always amazed at the price you have to pay for a small house. LOL!
  6. Sorry, I meant to post this but I sorta felt like I'd believe it when the dirt started moving.
  7. dan326

    Downtown East

    Hey that's looks pretty nice. My only recommendation would be to use materials that don't need to be pressure washed like brick and glass since white siding shows mildew.
  8. dan326

    New Entertainment District

    I work downtown and that doesn't make sense to me. I think they should just build some barricades that rise from under the street to block it when need be, like the barricades they built for the state capital parking lot. I don't think it needs to be permanently closed off though.
  9. dan326

    Rouzan TND

    Wow, that looks nice! I hope they can actually pull it off this time.
  10. dan326


    Thankfully they have a timeline, now let's look to see if they can follow through with it.
  11. dan326

    Baton Rouge Metro Airport

  12. dan326


    I've never heard of this, where was this supposed to be?
  13. dan326

    Baton Rouge Restaurants

    Whataburger plans third Baton Rouge area location near Burbank Drive-Ben Hur intersection http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/business/article_7d6ade48-6d8a-11e8-ac11-f7d42fca7bbc.html
  14. dan326

    Plan Baton Rouge

    Yeah that makes sense when you put it like that. Well maybe in 80 years when they'll have already gone through another remodel they'll consider rebuilding it although by then I fear it'll have moved from outdated to vintage to "a classic example of the era" status lol!
  15. dan326

    Plan Baton Rouge

    I actually like City Hall, I just think the exterior needs to be thoroughly cleaned. I do think the River Center has that basic, 70's, let's just stamp something out quick look. It'd be nice if they could re-skin it like Patrick Taylor.