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  1. Neat! I'll have to read it fully when I get home.
  2. Who is that?
  3. Yeah, all the trash piled up on the side of the road and the smell makes me think of "the valley of death".
  4. That was a good article. Yeah like they said, there's no way to spin the story and everyone is remaining civil so they can't blow up the sense of chaos. Also too much love is being shown, the antithesis of most media.
  5. Thanks all. Luckily we have insurance on everything so it'll work out. Glad she got out Richy.
  6. Hopefully, they start tracking all the bayou and creek levels too.
  7. ^Dang, where did she end up going?
  8. Thanks.
  9. I agree! I think the fact that a good amount of people were rescued by other civilians was a good indication.
  10. I would say maybe this can be like the Green Light plan but more than EBR would need to pay for this.
  11. Yeah my house got flooded but I'm better off than others. We were able to bring some stuff upstairs before the flood and a lot of the other things that got wet were washable.
  12. Glad to hear y'all came out good. I live in Centurion. Yeah, it was amazing to see all the bayous and creeks once I took a good look at some Google maps. The AT&T drop was scary. I thought it was the end, lol.
  13. My house most likely flooded but we found a place to stay. Just waiting for the water to recede now...
  14. http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/multimedia/photos/article_35623760-6097-11e6-9fbb-cf795147a77e.html Social media photos: Flood waters swallow several parts of Baton Rouge area How's everyone doing? Our house is nearly flooded.
  15. Neat ideas! I definitely think Central needs some good access as I see it being the new Ascension parish. I also like the idea of landscaped medians.