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  1. Denham Springs & Livingston Parish

    Can we send this to Governor or congressman or editor or someone??
  2. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    In a way this article is sort of what illustrates what's wrong with our state. The mentality of this article and the general populous is if I don't get a personal quantifiable benefit from it I don't want it to exist.
  3. Baton Rouge Restaurants

    Yh Cajun, you're right but you know how it is sometimes when you get attached to something. I don't know if I brought it up, but they need to just fill Perkins Rowe up with different types of restaurants so it can be more lively.
  4. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    According to Wikipedia, Dallas is the 4th biggest metro. I wonder if this could push them past Chicago? In a way I guess it is kind of neat to be so near to these big metros.
  5. Baton Rouge Restaurants

    It's called Ideal Market.
  6. Baton Rouge Restaurants

    I guess I didn't realize either til I went to the Latin store on Sherwood. They have a buffet and I got to see what they really eat.
  7. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    Yeah, I think it must be the dry, crisp air too. I saw that. I tell ya, my nerves get bad every time I see a hurricane coming this way now. I guess all we can do is pray. Hopefully it it does move quickly though.
  8. EBR School's

    We've been having weather lately, haven't we?
  9. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    The moon really looks spectacularly tonight. Is it some special astronomical event?
  10. EBR School's

    Yh, I think people get triggered easily but it's just part of being human. Is Southdowns renovated/rebuilt? Lee High is nice, hopefully the new Sherwood elementary school is as nice.
  11. Baton Rouge Restaurants

    Lol!!! I judge a Mexican restaurant by the chips and salsa and they were the best to me.
  12. Baton Rouge Single Family Developments

    I think it may be here.
  13. Baton Rouge Single Family Developments

    Gated subdivision planned for Staring Lane SAM KARLIN | @samkarlin OCTOBER 3, 2017 A 90-unit gated subdivision called Fieldstone Park is planned for Staring Lane in south Baton Rouge, with the developers hoping to begin building out the 15-acre tract early next year. The property is midway between Highland and Perkins roads, and the planning commission will consider the subdivision at its November meeting. from the Business Report
  14. Baton Rouge Restaurants

    According to the Business Report the old Logan's by the mall has been purchased. Hopefully, it'll be an On the Border or TGI Fridays, lol!
  15. EBR School's

    Literally LOL!! ^I think part of the issue is that it's not polite to bring it up.