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  1. Gonzales & Ascension Parish

    ^Sorry, I couldn't tell ya. From businessreport Level Homes acquires Ascension Parish property for new residential development      Level Homes has acquired a 112-acre site in Ascension Parish and plans to develop a 285-lot community of single-family homes on the property called Bell Savagne.  Homes in Belle Savagne will range from 50 to 80 feet in width and will include some of the largest residential lots in the area. Prices will range from $250,000 to $340,000. The development will be located just off Interstate 10 and La. 73 in Prairieville near Dutchtown High School, in what Waguespack describes as one of the strongest housing markets in the Capital Region. Waguespack hopes to begin construction within 90 days.
  2. Baton Rouge Developbits

    I meant to post this a while ago. I read this in the Business Report. I know they're adding some new tenants so they might just be filing a plan to re-build out spaces. I know y'all are sick of me saying this but hopefully they put a department store at Towne Center. That way BR can still have 2 "good" "malls".   The property manager for Towne Center filed a planned unit development concept plan for the retail center. Attempts to reach the company for information on the project were unsuccessful by this morning’s deadline.
  3. The Health District

    Density is definitely good! I'm sure I've said this several times before but I wish they could find a department store to put at Perkins Rowe like what was the original plan. Or fill it up with every restaurant Baton Rouge doesn't have.
  4. Baton Rouge Transportation

    I'm still holding out for them to upgrade Airline, and that bypass would definitely be nice... So I vote for #4 lol .
  5. Baton Rouge Metro Airport

    That's a pretty good location. I just wish it didn't have to block the view of the carpool canopy but that's not too serious. Hopefully the walkway to the airport will be covered.
  6. Baton Rouge Metro Airport

    Neat! Where did you find that pic? I wonder where exactly it'll be located.
  7. Baton Rouge Transportation

    Neat, I hope they can find a way so that the train doesn't have to share too much road space with cars.
  8. Downtown Library Plans

    Did anyone watch the news last night? They were talking about rental plans for a temporary downtown library. They showed renderings of the Trahan design instead of the atrocious, vacuum attachment, paper-craft lookin' current design. I wonder if the library board asked them to use that so people wouldn't be as mad that they have to spend $100,000's leasing a temporary location? Honestly I feel like if that's the best they could come up with for $19 million they might as well just save their money and keep what they have, white wash the stone and replace the glass with fancy blue glass like One57 in New York City.
  9. Here's a picture of the planned residential portion. In the corner you can see the full property boundaries.  
  10. I found a bit of info on the unnamed Central tnd. It seems it'll be called The Grove @ Bayou Landing and Bayou Landing Estates. There wasn't much info : " Large retail and shopping center located on Wax Road in the City of Central. Will host a movie theatre, restraunts, shopping, dining, medical, health and fitness plex, and much much more" http://www.jbscompanies.com/Development.php
  11. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    ^ Yeah, I read is so that when people speed they'll be going the speed they're supposed to go, lol. Continued from the other thread, a really good recipe to help take coconut oil is hot chocolate. Approximate measures:  2 tbs coconut oil 1-2tbs raw cocoa/cacao powder (can find at whole foods or amazon, baking type will be bitter) Tsp of vanilla extract honey or sugar to taste 1-3 tbs milk or milk substitute to taste, about .25-1 cup pinch of salt for taste remainder of container/cup boiling water After stir or blend to combine. Also good for digestion.
  12. Baton Rouge Photo of the Day

    Sorry to hear about your troubles Richy! There's definitely a lot of glitches. Maybe try a different browser. I mostly post from my phone and depending on the day I may have to use Chrome, Opera, or Dolphin. It might be the same with desktop browers. Also try clearing your internet cache, I had a different but similar problem caused by old cache once.  PS. I read coconut oil can help with memory problems caused by old age. I posted a recipe in the Coffee House thread.
  13. Baton Rouge Single Family Developments

    Yeah, there's plenty of demand. I just hope we don't have another great recession to mess things up.
  14. The Health District

    Definitely a good thing. I look forward to seeing their revamp of Essen Lane. I'm glad to see the other part of town is also getting something with the OLOL clinic being planned for Florida Blvd.  
  15. Deck Parks

    ^ You have to think about the lake though.