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  1. Yes, a generator and cool is a beautiful thing... but that cost and upkeep is a killer. My power went out but came back Wednesday night, so I'm grateful or wasn't longer. A tree fell in my parents yard but it feel away from the house which was a blessing.
  2. Sure was weird. I'm so glad they got the power back on, Entergy did a good job
  3. Well the powers out and might be out for some weeks? I guess we'll see how things go.
  4. An upper cut is right. The projected lines seems to have the eye almost going over my house. All we can do is have faith and prepare at this point.
  5. dan326


    Lol, yup those are about in the same category.
  6. dan326


    I revisited the zoos master plan which states the zoo will be finished in 2046. I hate to be negative but...I wonder if that means it'll even actually be finished.
  7. dan326


    Wow those are nice, I'm happy for them! It's probably been a long time since they've built any towers in Lafayette. Hopefully it actually gets done.
  8. Interesting. I wonder how St George's setup is coming along?
  9. Moving from water to land: See what the new Hollywood Casino will look like in downtown Baton Rouge Hollywood Casino broke ground on its landside expansion Tuesday, putting it on track to be the first Baton Rouge casino to come off of the water. Hollywood announced plans in August 2020 to move off of its downtown riverboat and into an expanded land-based facility. The casino will spend $21 million to $25 million expanding its current dockside facility and turning the valet parking area into indoor space. The riverboat's 859 slot machines and 12 table games will be moved into what is
  10. DDD gets grant for decorative crosswalks downtown The Downtown Development District this week announced it has received a Community Challenge Grant from AARP to implement decorative crosswalks at five intersections along Third Street from Convention Street to North Street. The crosswalk project aims to improve downtown safety and aesthetics while highlighting the city’s main arts and entertainment district, DDD says. The grant is not for a set amount yet, according to Ryan Benton, DDD development project director. These crosswalks will be designed to c
  11. Sweaty is the right word! I went out today and sweated out my shirt.
  12. Free People, a retailer that specializes in women’s clothing inspired by vintage fashions of the 1960s and 1970s, is set to open its first Baton Rouge store in Perkins Rowe. https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/business/article_fa4a93ee-ebc3-11eb-8c5e-af247663c876.html
  13. Hmm, I'll have to check the radar next time I notice and really big one!
  14. https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/business/article_f389619a-ea3b-11eb-a0ed-27e1f8a76909.html JD Sports, a British sports-fashion company, has applied to open its first store in the state in the Mall of Louisiana.
  15. ^ Yeah those do sound like good ideas. Every new development is cleared of trees, of course I think Gustav scared a lot of people.
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