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  1. Those steps look cool. That "bike lane", yikes!
  2. dan326


    I know, it looks really yucky out there.
  3. That company always makes nice developments.
  4. Census time is here. My educated guess is that BR metro is at 920k or at least that's what I want it to be.
  5. Yh, I think 9/11/Katrina describes the atmosphere well.
  6. Well, let it be recorded in the annals of Baton Rouge that in March 2020 coronavirus caution has swept the state of Louisiana, causing events, businesses, and public facilities to shut down temporarily to prevent the spread of disease.
  7. Yup, this have gotten pretty slow since the retail apocalypse and what not and now where looking at a recession. I won't consign us to life-support yet, some state threads haven't had posts since 2017 so I think we're doing pretty well to keep chugging along. Those developments kept us around for sure but its been our very small but loyal team that's kept this operation going. I do miss some of the people that no longer post from our hay-day circa pre-Recession though. Hopefully both the suspected Amazons centers will come to fruition, that'll be "BIG" for sure, !
  8. Thanks! Sure BR has it's ups and downs but it'll always be home.
  9. I don't know if I ever said it but I finally got myself a house, in Baton Rouge.
  10. Yh time sure does fly, its amazing to thing we've been hanging around here 15+ years.
  11. Construction begins on Donnie Jarreau’s garden office development on Perkins By Holly Duchmann Construction started today on a new garden office development on Perkins Road near Pecue Lane, across the street from The Royal Standard. The new development, Perkins 8, is being developed by Donnie Jarreau and will include eight buildings, three of the pad sites for which have been sold. Permits for construction were granted earlier this week for two of the buildings. Construction on those first two buildings is expected to cost $500,000 each and wrap up by July. https://www.businessreport.com/article/construction-begins-on-donnie-jarreaus-garden-office-development-on-perkins
  12. New pizza parlor set to open in old Mellow Mushroom spot on Burbank Motza’s Pizza Pub is opening in the next month or so in the former Mellow Mushroom spot at 4250 Burbank Drive. Along with selling a variety of pizzas, the restaurant will offer hamburgers stuffed with cheese and gourmet hot dogs, said owner Mark Daigle. https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/business/article_3c6c084a-5744-11ea-befd-b7821657f990.html
  13. dan326

    New Hotels

    They painted the crosswalks in front of the Courtyard Marriott and it looks really nice. Maybe they'll do that to all of them.
  14. They just be really popular cause I drive by there and the parking lot was full.
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