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  1. Nice, hope they repaint the other one too.
  2. Yh, I think the new LSU gateway development would be a good location.
  3. ^All sad but true. I thought something was strange about the man's single earring when I saw his picture in the paper. It just didn't seem becoming for a high official. But yeah Cajun, I immediately figured that's how he'd gotten hired. Hopefully the Mayor doesn't try to "help" people by pandering. This is scary though, it makes you wonder how many people in government really are qualified. Well, we know the answer but I guess it's scary cause it provides proof.
  4. I know, it's a shame. Did y'all see how it flooded in Bluebonnet? That's not good.
  5. Oh ok. Well hopefully the architectural styles match the other buildings.
  6. Yh, it just seems like a long way to drive and a lot of traffic to get to the hospital.
  7. Idk, kinda seems like a odd spot to me.
  8. ^ ^^ ^^^ Literally LOL! Well I was just putting an idea out there for y'all's consideration. Yup Richy and Cajun, they say the simplest answer is often the correct one.
  9. Naw see Cajun, why you had to go there. I was just typing here, minding my own business, trying to be good and everything. LOL! But yh, I kept hoping an act of divine intervention would intercede and a new design would be chosen but... it looks like we're stuck with the papercraft model design.
  10. It's certainly going up fast.
  11. Neat, the AGC building looks nice and big.
  12. I wonder if this was a scheme to hold the bridge as ransom for the tax to get passed?
  13. ^ ^LOL! Sad but true. I have a state job and one of the veterans had been telling me the state is in fact... found lacking.
  14. Lol! I've endearing named Golden Corral "The Eating House". Yeah, considering our population I'm supposed there's only one location in town but my mom said it was expensive so maybe that's why.
  15. I think Rave-AMC is renovating, so maybe that's what the storage is for. That clearing must be for more apartments though because I can't see it being anything else in that location.