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  1. Northgate

    Nice! They seem to have built the Gateway at lightening speed. Now LSU is almost like a complete city now that they have a grocery store. I know LSU is an institution of learning but could they benefit from finding ways to bring non-students to campus (aside from sports)?
  2. Baton Rouge Single Family Developments

    ^I drove by there yesterday. The houses built so far look nice. Hopefully they renovate the old house well. Here's an interesting article about the Kleinpeter house in Willow Grove. I didn't know it was so old, built in 1820. https://www.inregister.com/homes/kleinpeter-house
  3. Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/business/article_9f40d32c-36be-11e8-a10f-cf84e79ef2e1.html The owner of the former Golden Corral site on Sherwood Forest Boulevard has plans for an 18,000-square-foot shopping center at the location. The Shoppes at Sherwood will feature 11 spaces averaging 1,600 square feet each at the site, with rents ranging from $20 to $25 per square foot. Carmen Austin, of Saurage Rotenberg Commercial Real Estate, said the developer plans to break ground later this year. Austin said she is currently in talks with a national coffee user, national pizza concept and other prospective tenants. Plans call for a courtyard at the property with a 3,110-square-foot space suitable for a full-service restaurant anchor.
  4. Downtown Library Plans

    I agree, that it looks much better in person than in the rendering. At any rate it's not going anywhere so I might as well get used to it . I'm sure once they finish the lawn to the side and add a little landscaping it'll look really nice.
  5. Mid City

    Those are nice and modern looking. I'd like to see more like this around town.
  6. The IBM Block

    Nice pic. The framing and angle make it look like a big city.
  7. Towne Center

    LOL! Ok, that one was pretty good because it looks like the apartments by Town Center and by the LSU Lakes and is also a believable height. Lol, maybe one day...
  8. Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    Cool. I like our little airport, it's neat and clean.
  9. Movie Production in Baton Rouge

    Hmm, I might have to go check that out for lunch.
  10. BREC

    Well it's kind of disappointing the zoo is staying where it's at but on the other hand they really didn't have any good places to put it anyway. Now let's hope they can just go ahead and get to work getting it revamped. I guess its a good thing a decision was made, I figured by the time we voted to move the zoo and made the umpteenth plan, zoos would have gone out of style, like how by the time they build Juban Crossing, it was a downgrade from the original plan because of the economy. http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/article_8e47b38e-2d5d-11e8-b1c8-a77cc0eddc2c.html It's unanimous: BREC commission decides Baton Rouge Zoo is where it belongs The Baton Rouge Zoo will not move to Airline Highway Park, after a tide of opposition that had strengthened in recent weeks led the board that oversees local parks Thursday to rethink the relocation proposal. BREC Superintendent Carolyn McKnight and Zoo Director Phil Frost asked their board members Thursday to agree to move to the zoo from its longtime home at Greenwood Park in north Baton Rouge to the park in the southeastern part of the parish.
  11. Millerville Development

    Sounds interesting. So are they planning on redoing the lights on Millerville again?
  12. Northern EBR Parish Development

    According to Business Report a 70,000 SQ ft shopping center is planned in Zachary across from Walmart.
  13. West Baton Rouge

    I wouldn't mind living over there but it's just too much traffic on that bridge at certain times of the day.
  14. The Water Campus

    I guess it looks a bit better now that it's finished. lol
  15. River District

    Yh, maybe someday. In a way I'm glad they cancelled the tram project. I feel like with the advent of autonomous cars, public transportation in this city will only be further minimized. Maybe the the next developer should try to make something like @Highland.