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  1. Cool, sad Ralph and kacoos(I assume) had to close though.
  2. I understand that but I'm saying just because we don't see smoke doesn't mean the plants aren't releasing particles into the air.
  3. Hmm.....That picture kinda makes me wonder how much of that stuff we don't see that downtown workers are breathing in each day?
  4. Yeah, I noticed the building did have a small setback with a flowerbed, like a hybrid downtown,/suburban lot. It is nice though.
  5. Where/what gas station???
  6. ^SMH! Sometimes I wonder if 5G is making people go crazy like on that Kingsman movie.
  7. Well I'll just go ahead and accept my crazy-person badge...I think it's by design.
  8. https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/business/article_a4cd1862-daa9-11ec-bd2a-2f9f541b506f.html Rouses store to open in north Baton Rouge as part of Florida Boulevard redevelopment Rouses Markets said it will open a 44,000 square foot store at the intersection of Florida Boulevard and North Ardenwood Drive, continuing the redevelopment of one of one of the city's major streets. The freestanding store, set to open in summer 2023, will anchor a revitalized Ardenwood Shopping Center. Donny Rouse, CEO of Rouses, said the grocery store will help the area, since North Baton Rouge residents have to travel a distance to get to a supermarket. Rouses will be several blocks closer than the nearest grocery stores to North Baton Rouge — an Albertsons, Calandro's and Shoppers Value on Government Street or the Hi Nabor on Winbourne Avenue.
  9. Cool! We really did get those numbers up there with the big guys. Yes, hopefully we can accomplish something like this again.
  10. Cool! I just spent a little time on the page and they have a lot of cool old pictures.
  11. https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/business/article_b620b6dc-cfd2-11ec-b794-b3cf5c375538.html Shipley Do-Nuts will be one of the tenants in a new building under construction in front of Southgate Towers. The Houston doughnut chain will take up 2,422 square feet in the retail space at 4075 Nicholson Drive.
  12. I'll admit I didn't read the article. But I'm wondering why they're using the phrase "here's what it takes" to describe a 40 year old project like it's something new we're not familiar with.
  13. Well that's nice that there will be a replacement.
  14. ^i guess they look nice enough...
  15. dan326

    New Hotels

    Interesting. I wonder how they decided on building in BR?
  16. LOL! Yup, I was tricked too. When I read title at first I thought it was an April Fools joke cause I was wondering where on I-12 they could put it but then I told myself Cajun doesn't usually do the trick. It only took me 17 years to catch on....I really did have to think of that though, the other day I saw skyscraper forum and was reminded of how Richy invited me over here years and years ago.
  17. ^ Pretty much, I say when y'all actually have the bridge built and ready I'll believe it.
  18. Affordable housing development planned for former Borden’s site Georgia-based JPB Holdings is planning a 49-unit affordable apartment development on 2 acres at the former Borden Dairy site on Florida Boulevard. Phil Britton, vice president with the company, says the roughly $10 million project, called Sea Holly Grande, will be geared toward residents who earn about 60% of the area’s median income and will benefit from tax credits. He expects to begin construction in July or August. https://www.businessreport.com/business/affordable-housing-development-planned-for-former-bordens-site
  19. Right, I was wondering both questions myself. Aldi files plan for Baton Rouge store, see where it will go Fast-growing grocery store chain Aldi has submitted plans to build a location near the intersection of Siegen Lane and Rieger Road and is looking to hire a store manager. Aldi submitted plans last week to East Baton Rouge Parish officials for a nearly 20,500-square-foot freestanding store that would be next to Total Wine in the Siegen Village Shopping Center. The chain is running ads on its website for a store manager trainee at the Rieger Road store.
  20. Nice, where did you find those pics? Boy they're really getting their money's worth outta those plots of land huh. I'm I wonder if that Oneal development is going to be those monopoly-garage homes (not that's there's anything wrong with owning one)?
  21. ^ ^ ^Cool, we might be the smallest city to have one.
  22. My mom and I joke that soon it'll be likethe old days that if you want to do "real" shopping you'll have to board the train down to NO like in the 1920's. https://www.nola.com/news/business/article_fecfd658-a6f9-11ec-8357-afbbbb23d2b6.html An Amazon store in Lakeside? Permit sought, but company strategy raises questions A permit application filed in Jefferson Parish on March 3 sought permission to remodel 4,657 square feet of retail space at Lakeside for "retail use." The permit listed "Amazon" as the business seeking the approval, which would have demolished a previous retailer's space and installed new "storefront, partitions, doors, lighting" and other elements. That same day, however, several media reports recounted Amazon's decision to shutter 68 brick-and-mortar retail stores, including ones known as Amazon 4-Star, Pop Ups and Amazon Books. Many of those, especially the 4-Star stores, carried toys and homegoods that were highly rated on Amazon's website. The 4-star stores, as well as the Pop Up kiosks, are often found in malls.
  23. ^Right, well see.
  24. Interesting! Not gonna lie, when I saw this I thought 'let me check to see if it's April 1st'. Wonder what made them choose BR?
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