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  1. http://www.downtownrising.com/ this site gives a little bit about what is going on downtown SLC. There is more. I hope to sit down soon and make a new project list.
  2. Growing up, out: From now to City Creek's debut, Gateway will keep growing. When the city forbade Nordstrom and its ilk from opening at Gateway, it bent the rules to allow stores such as Target, Kohl's or Wal-Mart. But Gateway has given up on a department store and will instead convert the parking lot north of Barnes & Noble into up to two more eight-story office towers, with retail on the ground floor starting in 2007. A third office tower soon will be under construction on 200 South. "We're 100 percent leased. People, they like this atmosphere for an office location," Jake Boyer says. Cowboy Partners - the same company building some of the housing at City Creek Center - is set to build 150 higher-end apartments on 500 West, adding to the 500 apartments or condos already at Gateway. In addition, almost 370 more housing units are planned by other developers immediately to the west. And five blocks north, 90 condos or town homes are set to be built as part of a mixed-use development. Gateway developers are in negotiations for a 125- to 150-room boutique hotel on 400 West, fulfilling initial plans for the shopping center. "We're talking to several hotel groups. It would be a premier place to stay if you were coming in from out of town," Boyer says.
  3. this was in an article in the deseretnews on november 5th 2006 The Gateway: Work on the second phase of the development continues, with the recent additions on the north end of retailers like Ann Taylor, Old Navy and, in the coming months, Forever 21 and Office Depot. There will be some additional office space available on the second level above those retail stores, according to Jake Boyer, president of The Boyer Co. Also under way at the north end: the 230,000-square-foot Fidelity Investments building. Future plans include development of the north portion with the addition of a hotel, though talks continue with major hoteliers and no agreements have yet been reached, Boyer said. At the other end of the development, Boyer said construction is expected "any day" on the 5 Gateway Office Tower, a 62,000-square-foot building with retail space available on the street level.
  4. Alright guys, you know the drill. This will be the place to post all of your development news in the salt lake area.
  5. viperlord

    Utah off-topic

    there are some zoning restriction in certain areas of town yes, however the CBD where the main highrises are located has no height restrictions as so we are told. Also a lot of these projects you see are market rate housing. And market rate housing projects have to be feasible. Because of a lot of ground water levels in the Downtown area this prevents buildings from going high without a huge price tag. I know this because I worked on a project that was going to be 6 stories tall with underground parking, but the geotech reports came back and said ground water levels wouldnt permit it, and still be able to budget for it. so now we have a project with 4 stories and ground level parking. Also the same thing happened to a project across town as well. So, most developers are wanting to stay in budget, and still make money, so they sadly shy away from building expensive high rises.
  6. viperlord

    Utah off-topic

    here in the Downtown SLC area we have quite a few projects proposed. We currently have over 3,000 housing units planned or either under construction. 900 of those units will be included in the Downtown mall redevelopment. Most of these units are coming in as small mid rise buildings. But we are hoping for some major residential high rises with the mall developments. Office Vacancy for class A office space downtown is at a historic low right now at 3%. So we are hoping to see more office space proposals come online here soon. The hamilton partners tower at 222 south main street is scheduled to begin construction in september. it will be 21 stories tall, and will house over 400,000 sq. ft. here are some links to follow for DT development projects. sorry they arent really in any neat order. I've got some more projects that don't have any links to them, or havent found any information for that matter. I have been working on a SLC project list for the past 2 months now, but havent gotten any closer to finishing it unfortunately. I have around 30-40 projects on it probably. I need to finish it one day. But I will keep ya updated. http://www.astleandcompany.com/huntingtonsl.html http://www.deseretnews.com/dn/view2/1,4382...?textfield=mall http://www.sltrib.com/utah/ci_3992681 http://www.blueconservancy.com/rowhaus.html http://www.midtownvillage.com/ http://wwhttp://www.allenmillo.com/broadwa...p.com/main.html http://www.themetrocondos.com/ http://www.liveatmarmalade.com http://www.slcmeridiencondos.com http://www.wglofts.com/index.php http://www.hamiltonpartners.com/location_o...ffice&id=70 hopefully that will give ya a small glimps of whats in store.
  7. viperlord

    Utah off-topic

    yo dude... The majority of us SLCers are grouped at www.skyscraperpage.com, and we are in the interior west forum section. I have posted a thread on the SSP forum advertising this site. so hopefully we can get a more powerful rep of Utah in both forums. BTW, welcome aboard.
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