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  1. Zio's off providence is amazing(it's relatively new...i think they opened in 07).
  2. It's a shame with all the success the restaurants in Downtown Belmont have been having that you have this chain crap coming in there.
  3. Here's an excerpt from Thomas Monigan's blog at the gazette on the new center. FWIW, the rezoning was approved so the center has the green light from everything I understand: SOMETIMES THE WHOLE DAY CHANGES WHEN THE PHONE RINGS. Some days are netter than others in this regard. Thanks to my Mystery Caller (You know who you are) who supplied the tip on The Shoppes at Gastonia. This will be on McLean Family land close to Ashbrook HS and the intersection of South New Hope and Redbud. Plans call for 128,500 square feet of retail space on 17.3 acres. Plans for The Shoppes at Gastonia will be pres
  4. The development on New Hope as described by the Gazette has franklin square like qualities. I cant remember the size but it has alot of more "upscale" tenants that arent currently located in Gastonia. Jos A. Bank, Coldwater Creek, Ann Taylor Loft, etc. are the kinds of stores that were included in the drawing plus other outparcels.
  5. I suppose everyone knows about the new development on new hope.
  6. Yes, that is true. They've always had good luck filling the big spots in that center though. It's had an above average rate of turnover with stores there since it opened. Toys R Us has been looking to get in that area for probably 6-7 years and Babies R Us isnt in the market yet either. One thing that the demolishing will do is revive Akers Center, Gastonia's first strip center. Alot of Gaston Mall's stores are going to be heading over there, led by Jackson's Cafeteria.
  7. When I worked at Best Buy in Gastonia, our managers told us they are tearing down Gaston Mall and replacing it with a power center consisting of Super Target, Best Buy, Dick's and another store I forgot. I presume any new deal would include Mary Jo's also.
  8. I worry about Belmont's downtown renaissance with all of this big box development showing up.
  9. I'd be shocked if it wasnt a carrabba's, they've been in the rumor mill for what seems like 3-4 years.
  10. Poor Belmont . I hope it doesnt go the way of most of the small towns in southern meck/western union counties.
  11. Just FYI.. #1. Financing is all but in place for the Loray Mill renovation project. If this thing actually does get some legs, it could revitilize the entire western side of Gastonia. #2. Gaston Mall is an unmitigated dump. The mens toilets in the mall are barely function, as one of the bathrooms has no doors on the stalls while all of them are constantly overflowing. There is nothing worth saving in that mall, save HT and Mary Jo's. The cafeteria is one of the most dreadful restaurants in the entire Charlotte region. Needless to say, I cant wait to dance on it's grave once it's demolish
  12. I would think most of that would be attributed to AirTran and not USAirways so far.
  13. It isnt bill doing it, it's his idiotic son trying to reinvent the wheel.
  14. I think the coverage focused on young black kids has been ridiculous lately. Supposedly, everyone that wears a white t-shirt and hangs out in uptown is a gang member. As a matter of fact, I am sick of the non stop gang talk on that station. It seems like they have changed the philosophy of their reporting to try to keep up with channel 9 which makes me sick because WBTV used to be a refuge from the crap channel 9 calls news. Rant over.
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