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  1. As a former Atlantan, I semi-lurk in the city pages to keep up with the city. The ranking data on student populations presented in the referenced study is misleading. On page two, the methodology declares it uses the MSA data to compile statistics. This is an excellent base, if you are comparing apples to apples, start from the same metrics definitions in order to compare accurately. However, beware the conclusions. There are three contiguous MSAs in the Bay Area. San Francisco-Oakland-Alameda/ San Jose-Santa Clara-Hayward and Santa Rosa-Napa. So, statistically speaking, the approximate
  2. Just happen to come across this thread and felt very strongly this person's posting (above) needed some response/correction. I have no idea what actual formula the poster was using, but I live in San Francisco. Moreover, I've worked on numerous community outreach campaigns with the city's public health department where hard data needed to be collected, and strict extrapolation criteria were used to develop the target cohorts probable size.. Based on services accessed via city programs, including our city clinics, available data from the GLBTQ Center and various civic foundations based in the
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