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  1. Hey man, I drove thru DT yesterday: South'n Co Tower basically done-55 Allen will have erns & young and is ready to build. work is being done to cleer the DT 12 lot--50 Allen is having clearnce work done too. Also the new WOC looks like its having its land prepped.
  2. Very nice Christian!! Norway seems very beautiful, from the photos I've seen of it. How warm does it get in Leksvik in summer?
  3. I've read a lot about the Beltline, but I really don't understand what its main purpose is. For some people it will be bike trails and walking paths, others say it will be a new light rail system that circles the inner core of Atlanta, while others say it will just be additional park space. What is the real plan for the Beltline, because I think that a lot of people have completely incompatible views of what they are pushing for? P.S.: The guy who made a fortune directing much of the building of Gwinnett County is a big investor in the Beltline, especially the northeast part which will be
  4. Greater Paris is about 13 million people. The city of Paris is 2 million. I don't know why population figures for cities are even done. If you live in St. Denis in France, your a few miles from the City of Paris. You take that metro into Paris to work, shop, party and eat. Cities are not isolated islands from their surrounding areas, so why show population figures as though they were?
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