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  1. I was about to post the same thing ... in particularly the first sentence. Yards with room for children to play are indeed a good thing, but not what everyone needs or wants. Even some Christian Exodus members may prefer a more dense urban neighborhood.
  2. I don't think your reply is entirely accurate either. SPATS is not "The County," although it does indeed cover most of what is Spartanburg County. I believe their funding is State and the individual committees ( ex: SPATS, GPATS, ...) are made up of representatives from county, city and legislative governments. Their primary function is planning and building, within there jurisdiction. Committees holds community meetings begging for community input. Few bother to attend. Also, there is what was until resently known as the County Transportation Committee (I think they are now known as th
  3. I'm pretty sure the trolleys belong to the Drive organization ... at least they did last summer.
  4. Are you sure that the rail line in question is owned by a "government entity" and that it is a "government entity" replacing the rails? Most rail lines are privately owned.
  5. Lake Forest and Botany Woods (built in early 1960s) seem to challenge that. I say they prove it is possible to build neighborhoods and maintain a lot of the forest. Of course, I'm not meaning that this could've/should've been done at Verde. I understand that there wasn't the same type of woodlands to begin with.
  6. A "new" restaurant could be renovating an existing building.
  7. This is nothing new for the owners of Poinsett Homes. This is their MO. The current economy may be their stated excuse, but many of us have known this would be the likely ending for PH. Don't worry too much -- someone else will buy them out and take over the completion of the neighborhoods.
  8. Must mean it's in the Taylors Fire & Sewer District, huh?
  9. Mr. Toy should be able to clue us in on this one.
  10. Ahhh ... don't be too sad. At least y'all are five places higher than Auburn :-)
  11. So true. My favorite is Park Ave. - E. North St. - Old Spartanburg Rd. - Brushy Creek Rd. - Cannon Ave. (or Hammett Bridge Road ... depending on whether or not you made the right turn from Old Spartanburg Road onto Old Spartanburg Road ) Bet most of you didn't know you could get from downtown Greenville to downtown Greer without making a turn.
  12. I am pretty sure the IPlace on Batesville at The Parkway is gone. I think I recall hearing it moved ... maybe to somewhere on Pelham Rd.
  13. This is not an unusual why of doing things.
  14. Come on guys, give the kid a break. It's a high school girl on national TV for the first time in her life and she gets flustered. The poor kid was on the Today show this morning and explained she was so nervous she didn't even really hear the question. Sounds more than reasonable to me. How many of us can be sure we wouldn't have reacted similarly as a teenager? Personally, I think what's sad here is the news media and how they are overplaying this humiliating incident in this young lady's life. Why the heck was this even covered by news media? (I saw it on a FoxNews program last night
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