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  1. Does anyone have any updates on the Live Oak development or South Fair Plaza?
  2. I've never really noticed the Live Oak site. Is it an eyesore? Should this proposal be an upgrade from what's there now?
  3. Does anybody know what the new restaurants in the Piedmont Row condo complex are like? Are they open yet?
  4. They seem to have sold very quickly. If it turns out to be as successful as Birkdale, I think it will be great. The one disadvantage at Birkdale, is that it tends to attract a teenage crowd which has caused noise problems at night. I don't think there will be the same issue at the Lofts given the high end nature of the shopping there. Great location (1 minute from Southpark, 10 minutes from downtown). You should also look at the new condos on the corner of Park and Fairview as well as Piedmont Row. However, and I've mentioned this before, take a look at the houses in Beverly Woods, Fairmeadows. I'm not sure what is on the market now, but they sale for considerably less $/sq ft and w/ modest remodeling would have the updated features of the condos. Hope this helps.
  5. I agree. I hope with all of the condos there will be some effort to make the area more pedestrian-friendly. It would be great to be able to walk to Phillips Place or Southpark
  6. Any thoughts on Louisburg Square or the new condos on the corner of Park and Fairview? What effect on traffic, housing market?
  7. Promoting traffic is good? Why is Charlotte cracking down on people cruising on Tryon Street.
  8. It seems like most of the malls that have problems are those with movie theatres. They tend to attract a lot of teenagers, who can be noisy, loiter and require a police presence. Once that happens, you are less likely to attract families, young professionals (those with money to spend at the mall). The eventual result is lower quality stores and a less attractive mall. I wonder if Southpark doesn't have a movie theatre for this very reason. Anyone that has ever been to Southpoint mall or Birkdale Village can vouch for the problems associated with teens at the movies.
  9. Northlake mall does not compare to Southpark
  10. Any thoughts on the neighborhoods surrounding Southpark? Beverly Woods, Beverly Woods East, Fairmeadows, Barclay Downs? It looks like there has been a lot of appreciation as of late in these neighborhoods. I'm moving to charlotte within the next 6 months and would like to live in that area. Curious what locals thought about the housing market. Thanks
  11. What's the housing market going to do in the Southpark area? I would imagine property values will soar with the new condos going up. With condos selling at $370 a square foot, you can bet more high end retail is going to move into the area.
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