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  1. And they've just broken ground on our second one, this time on 6th Street in the heart of Midtown. It's still unnamed as of now, but there was huge pushback on the parking garage design. Novare has consented to wrap it in retail. This is becoming a very cooky-cutter formula repeated in city after city - they all look pretty identical. This is a much higher quality project going up a couple of blocks away that we are all pretty excited about, part of the excellent 12th & Midtown complex. Novare needs to take a lesson here... http://7712th.com/
  2. Thought you guys might enjoy this...Skyhouse Midtown's site is up, and leasing is underway. http://skyhousemidtown.reachlocal.net/
  3. North Midtown is going to look like Vancouver with all of this blue glass, and I'm not complaining!
  4. It will be great, and I must admit I love the simplicity of the design. Now if we could just get the Streetcar back on track all the way up to Dresden/Brookhaven Station!
  5. I'm amazed at the bulk of this already. This monster will really push the Buckhead skyline further North. I'm really glad the church is staying and will co-exist with this tower. I think it will be a beautiful contrast.
  6. metrowester - I lived in Florida (mostly Orlando) for years, so I can relate to this. I also loved Burdines and remember when Orlando got its first big one at Fashion Square. I'm old enough to also remember Maas Brothers, Jordan Marsh, May-Cohen & Ivey's being very big names around the state. As far as Belk at SouthPark, it truly is everything they claim it is. Any store would be proud to claim that as their flagship, especially a mid-market chain like Belk.
  7. As I'm sure you are aware, that was an entirely different situation as Bloomingdale's completely pulled out of Dallas & Houston at the same time, along with Marshall Fields. North Dallas at that point in time was totally overbuilt, with Vally View & The Galleria almost across the street from each other - then the Texas economy tanked. JCPenney HQ's are right up the road, it happened to be a good fit and it made them look good for taking the Bloomies space. So far, we have been fortunate here in that things never have reached the extremes they did in Texas back in those days (i.e. overbuilt & tanked economy). I stand by my original assertion in saying Belk at Phipps is a big mistake. You need to remember that there are still people in this town that haven't gotten over losing Rich's. We just don't cry, whine and protest like they do in Chicago. Belk at Phipps (to those that care about these things) is like a final slap in the face. We were promised something by Belk that never happened, Belk lied the the consumers of Atlanta and the merchants at Phipps, and now whatever possible shred of good will that could have existed is out of here. Belk is doomed to failure at this location. Buckhead Betty has voted with her pocketpook, and she has told ALL of her friends. End of story.
  8. Phipps is being looked at hard by Barney's right now, and they have basically been scouting Buckhead for a Flagship for the past few years. Belk landed by default at Phipps - that was never meant to be. As far as Phipps NEEDING Belk, that's funny. The truth of the matter is that nobody is shopping there now, if the economy goes even more South I don't see that changing anything. With all due respect metrowester, I don't think you understand this market. Orlando has come a LONG way, but we are on an entirely different level here. Consider Bloomingdales being yanked out of Millenium and being replaced by Belk. Then you may understand. The simple fact of the matter is that all of these high-end retailers are flocking here at the moment, recession or not. In two years when all of these new venues start opening, hopefully the recession will be a distant memory. At any rate, retail spending IS being squeezed like you say - particularly in the mid-range stores. So far, it hasn't affected the luxury retailers.
  9. That would contradict the consensus here then....the store looks like hell. Too much merchandise crammed in, stuff thrown around and not stocked, etc. The local "ladies who lunch" crowd in Buckhead are pretty uniformly disgusted and after their first look are staying away in droves, and the merchants at Phipps feel as though they were lied to. This is in no way, shape or form any sort of "Flagship" in anyone's mind but the Belk people. Just goes to show you that they have no idea how to operate in this type of market. I love Charlotte, but Atlanta is not and hasn't been that type of market for 20 years or more. Someone didn't do very good due dilligence it would appear............... I hope it's a complete failure so Barney's can take the space. Belk at Phipps indeed!
  10. I'm calling pure BS on this. And just which Miami store are your alluding to here - that disgraceful dump of a downtown store? Federated just added a 3 level 55,000 sq. ft. Mens Store to Lenox just a few years ago. The Lighting of the Great Tree is televised throughout the region from Lenox and routinely pulls in over 150,000 people every Thanksgiving. There is nothing similar at any Miami area Macy's. There is no way, no how that Macy's has any plans th shrink the Lenox store.
  11. Source please? LOL at even mentioning the basement of the SouthPark store. And my math comes out to 190,000 x 2 = 380,000, not 330,000 as you state. So no, the SouthPark Belk is NOT twice the size as you also stated. And I don't believe you that the Phipps store is only 190,000 sq. ft. The bottom line is, Belk promised a "Flagship" at Phipps, which they have failed miserably at. The shoppers don't like it, and the other merchants wish they had never arrived.
  12. Sorry, I know you are the "retail expert" around here, but that would mean the Belk at SouthPark is over 500,000 sq. ft. - which I know for a fact is just not true. The former Parisian space at Phipps WAS actually quite nice, with 3 levels and direct escalator access from the underground parking deck. Belk actually considers both the Phipps and Northpoint stores here to be flagships, as I've noticed in their advertising that the really upscale items are usually notated with a disclaimor that "these items only available at Phipps Plaza & Northpoint Malls." FWIW, the Macy's at Lenox is considered the flagship store for Macy's South, and is a little over a whopping 433,000 sq. ft.
  13. Beautiful! Wish I owned some lakefront property in College Park!
  14. ^Yeah, me too! The frogs were way cool, as was the video wall, the little bambo grove, etc. It really was ahead of its time though, and the area WAS pretty sketchy back then. I used to go the Crab House quite often, and it got to the point they actually had security escorting people to thier cars at night if you parked out back (along North Ave.).
  15. It was located at the SE corner of North Ave. & Piedmont, where Publix & Walgreens are now. I wish I had taken pictures of it, it was a pretty cool place when it opened.
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