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  1. Emotional stages from beginning to completion proposal > rendering > modifications > city input >construction > halfway > completion
  2. dang, that design looks like what you will find on I-95, not a downtown.
  3. That unsportsmanlike penalty by that overzealous and dumb freshman killed UCF momentum. It surely looks like UFC with all the ejections.
  4. If you assume 8 blocks per sq mile, then the number of workers and residents per city block is 1. Miami 11,993 ppl/block 2. Tampa 7,784, 18.8 bars/block 3. Orlando 4,652, 9.6 bars/block 4. Jax 1,922, 3.4 bars/block Jacksonville area (and Tampa to much less extent), has water bodies that affected the calculation
  5. Eastern Tennessee scenery from Chattanooga to Johnson City is absolutely gorgeous. Western Tennessee (Memphis) not so much.
  6. Home for Christmas I may reminded of how beautiful and coherent the surrounding downtown neighborhoods are, from milk district to Ivanhoe strip. Saw the Yard and man that thing is massive. Definitely a game changer to that area, hopefully for the better.
  7. Unfortunately them losing further fuel the critics argument of UCF schedule. But we can only play what's in front of us. #goknights #chargeon
  8. Downtown SA is very spread out, with lots of surface parking lots. Honestly it's kinda ugly, not as cozy or intimate as Orlando. There are hardly residents living dt, but theres several plans for condos. So it's kinda dead at the street level. Now when you go down a level to the river walk, its like the great gatsby lol. Rich tourists partying and spending money. It's like a different city. It feels like Disney, clean and pretty landscapes, but without the fakeness. As cool as it is, locals do not hang there because the food and drinks are tourists price. Most locals hang out at the Pearl, st Mary strip, Southtown, and rather small gay strip. And yes the Alamo is right dt next to riverwalk. What dt Orlando has are tons of ppl living downtown, but we need to lure more businesses, retails, and yes touristy chains. Designing great blgs and condos is the easiest thing Orlando can do, and we are failing miserably with projects like this.
  9. I live in San Antonio now and even though downtown Orlando is much much more vibrant than SA, the proposed buildings here are far more interesting. The architect for this thing needs to get spanked!
  10. that escalated quickly. I really enjoyed and appreciated the conversation and insights regarding this topic. Hopefully you all can continue sharing.
  11. yikes! that near DC pricing not including a parking space!
  12. ^^thae landscape in the last 2 pics are horrendous. I thought it was an abandoned building behind those trees.
  13. lol, unfortunately I have a cheapo phone. Im sure theres plenty on the Austin forum, etc. That "jenga" building U/C is looking great. I live in San Antonio now and SA feels like grandma's house compared to teenage Austin. One thing Orlando has that neither TX cities cant touch is water, lakes, and afternoon showers. Its sunny 100+ degrees with no options for water activities.
  14. Visiting Austin for memorial wknd, and all I can say is WOW!. The energy, cool districts, architecture, downtown, and skyline (esp at night) blew me away. It really looked like a world class city. Orlando really needs to step up their game.
  15. Baldwin Park near its town center may be a good option too, and very short drive to downtown.
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