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  1. Hmmm, sounds like my kind of establishment! Definitely won't be taking my wife there, but it's going to be a cool spot to hang out with my friends during ball games.
  2. It's amazing that after the huge success of the Rivermarket District, that there hasn't been a push for development along Main Street. A mistake would be to try to make Main Street like the Rivermarket District... I think that Main Street projects should focus more on family-oriented businesses which would cover that niche and bring that completely different audience downtown for entertainment. The Rivermarket pretty much focuses on nightlife and tend to draw people wanting have good adult fun. Main Street could have a nice movie theater and family-oriented restaurants and retail which would cater to families. Both of these downtown areas should grow together to ensure that there will be mixed foottraffic between both the Rivermarket District and Main Street. Just my opinion... I think a lot.
  3. Get you a Kroger card and do your grocery shopping at Kroger and avoid those ridiculously long lines that Wal-Mart stores tend to have. I'm usually a penny pincher myself, but sometimes I'm willing to pay an extra 20 cents for a gallon of milk just to avoid those long lines at the checkouts at Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart's Neighborhood Market.
  4. That's a very nice part of town! The people telling you that it is unsafe out there are just ill-informed. If I didn't have school aged children, I would likely be living in that area.
  5. So is that new Wal-Mart Supercenter being built on Maumelle Blvd. on the North Little Rock side or the Maumelle side? Just curious.
  6. For some reason it does not surprise me that KATV made ignorant remarks such as that. Little Rock/North Little Rock is the economic and social hub of the metro area and all surrounding communities are suburbs. I guarantee you that atleast 3/4 of Maumelle residents work in Little Rock/North Little Rock.
  7. Wow, it amazes me how all of you guys are overlooking Jonesboro. Jonesboro is home to the second largest university system in the state, so it is also a "college town". Although the 2000 census population was only 55,500 and the 2006 estimate was 60,400, with Jonesboro being the "only show in town" when it comes to the Delta region and with many residents of the small Delta towns moving to Jonesboro recently, I think that Jonesboro has the best chance of being the next city to reach the 100,000 milestone (though not anytime soon). I think that Jonesboro's biggest problem these days is the fact that it is not connected to Little Rock via four-lane highway, which explains why Jonesboro has more connections with Memphis than with the state's capital. It's wrong that you have to travel on narrow two-laned roads to travel between Little Rock and Jonesboro.
  8. Cities do not get the opportunity to host NCAA tournaments often. Little Rock/North Little Rock better really get involved and do this thing right, or the NCAAs won't be coming back to the area anytime soon.
  9. I'm telling you guys if someone was to put a full-sized movie theater downtown (preferably in the River Market District), that alone would bring tons of foot traffic in the district every evening and night. All types of businesses that cater to the 20-40 year old crowd would try to set up shop in the area, including retailers. Has noone thought of putting like a 6-8 screen movie theater in the River Market District area yet?
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