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  1. I think it may be possible in terms of CSA, but that's it.
  2. Have they even broken ground on that site?
  3. I think there should have been a Target to compete in Pooler.
  4. I'm not sure, I really think we will remain in 3rd place(though perhaps not as distant) It seems that Augusta grows at about the same pace(probably slightly less) and it's already far ahead. We'd have a real chance if we incorporated more counties which seems unlikely.
  5. You know what, speaking of midtown and southside, I think Stephenson Avenue has become quite attractive for the most part, even though that development is somewhat suburban in nature. And that medical park adjacent and/or across from Candler on DeRenne is quite neat looking. Midtown/Southside is becoming quite attractive. Now, what will become of Middleground Road?
  6. There is a little construction site across from That shopping center at the beginning of Eisenhower(when you get off of White Bluff). So far, signs only indicate two Asian(I believe Japanese) Restaurants.
  7. Yeah, but they would probably want a skyscraper, which downtown can't have. Guess we may have some "historical" limitations.
  8. Yeah, you are right. You do have to cut the 61,000 in half. It's about 30,000(or 32 according to your data) per household. It seems Ga. as a whole is somewhat low. But I guess the low cost of living makes such income levels usable/manageable. I'll guess there are a lot of single people in Savannah, not to mention the poverty level may also be reflected in this statistic. And honestly, I didn't really state anything as a fact. I really believed that the average person in Savannah makes like 20-30,000. The 25 poverty level may seriously skew it left, however it would be very inaccurate if we excluded 25(give or take some) percent of the population. 16,000 is a bit low. It probably still falls below the state average. Savannah definitely needs some higher paying job oppurtunities. However, we need a well-educated population to attract such oppurtunities, meaning the school system needs to improve.
  9. Keep in mind that the figure includes "everyone" in the household. Like 2 spouses, that means like 30,000 a piece which seems about right. That is sort of low. Not to mention that this number probably includes extremes on both ends.
  10. If you are in Tampa, there is of course one(IMAX theater) at MOSI(their museum of science). I've been there before and it's awesome. I can imagine there being another in that metro area(which is pretty big)
  11. Nope, but I wouldn't blatently blame parents in that way now-a-days. Many teens are both stubborn and rebellious. Now picking the children up on time is something that the parents have power over. I suggest they exercise that power.
  12. However, teens have to act appropriately, or clubs and any teen oriented businesses will continue to shut down. That mess that often happens at Star Castle and the Mall Boulevard area makes me glad that I no longer go there.
  13. Why is Jasper County not part of Savannah CSA? It would make an interesting addition.
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