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  1. Really nice projects. Seems Norway is keeping pace with the newest urban developments
  2. Czech republic (2004 estimate) Prague: 1.166.000 Brno: 370.000 Ostrava: 313.000 Plzen: 164.000 Olomouc: 101.000 Liberec: 98.000 Ceske Budejovice: 95.000 Hradec Kralove: 95.000 Usti nad Labem: 94.000 Zlin: 79.000 Still, these are the official numbers, taking into account the number of permamnent residents in the city boundary. If taking inot account the metro areas, the numbers could be at least 30% higher.
  3. Some data about the cities in Slovakia: Bratislava: 428 th. (2001 census), although around 600-700 th. in metro Kosice: 236 th. (2001 census) These are two most important and populous cities. Other cities with population more than 60.000 Presov 93 th. Nitra 88 th. Zilina 86 th. Banska Bystrica 83 th. Trnava 73 th. Martin 61 th. It surely depends, for example Bratislava and Trnava could made one and it almost is one metropolitan area (highway, plus very good rail connection). The same is valid for eastern Slovakian Presov and Kosice.
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