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  1. New downtown federal courthouse

    My comments were a response to the size, not the architectural design, since that will hopefully change. The size of the building has not increased since that rendering was created, and in fact, the overall size of the structure has decreased since the project was initially announced over a decade ago. Meanwhile, the city and its surrounding region have grown significantly during that time and the judicial needs have grown as well. Proactive leadership plans for future growth, especially when such projects are slow to develop. How soon will this building be outgrown if Greenville continues to grow at its current rate?
  2. New downtown federal courthouse

    Pathetic. Only five or six floors above ground in a city/region experiencing one of the fastest growth rates in the nation and no decline in view? What happened to the proactive, visionary leadership in Greenville?
  3. Peace Center Remodel

    I see no problem with the well-designed conceptual entryway at the corner of Main and Broad. It would bring the performing arts center out to Main Street without removing the public plaza space. The outdoor plaza is currently under-utilized and would be more attractive with softer organic landscaping (more greenery). The concept of a separate, more visible and accessible box office is refreshingly brilliant. This vision is altogether outstanding and should enable the venue (and the city) to attract many more premier events in the future.
  4. New downtown federal courthouse

    I am somewhat surprised to see the diminished square footage.
  5. Homewood Suites - Main and Markley

    Somehow I missed seeing this rendering until today. Glad to see more density in the West End.
  6. Hyatt Place Hotel-Broad and Calvin

    I assumed the crane at Camperdown would be used during construction of the apartment building, the hotel, and possibly the office/condo building, but wouldn't be surprised to see another one there. Homewood Suites seems reasonable. Do you know when construction is expected to start? Any update on the Residence Inn/Springhill Suites? What about the vacant properties in and around RiverPlace? Have you heard anything recently about potential future development in that area?
  7. Hyatt Place Hotel-Broad and Calvin

    I've been preoccupied recently by [life's demands] and haven't kept in touch with everything in the economic development world. Would you (or anyone else reading) please share the proposed projects that could potentially require tower cranes within the next few months. Thank you in advance.
  8. Greenville Projects & Development Map

    I was very pleased with the related letter by Mayor Knox White. The survey was interesting, although very limited in options. For example, a building may be functionally well-designed, but it may also lack enduring aesthetic appeal. The best rating I could offer was 4 stars for the Falls Park Place building. My two least favorite buildings in the survey were the Greenville News building and the EP360 building (1 star each).
  9. Hyatt Place Hotel-Broad and Calvin

    I'd love to see no fewer than 5 tower cranes operating simultaneously in downtown Greenville. Asheville is currently experiencing a significant construction boom and the tower cranes are a nice addition to the downtown skyline.
  10. Greater Greenville Economic Developments

    Thank you for the reply -- that seems likely. The number of errors being published by professional news organizations on a regular basis these days is unbelievable.
  11. Greater Greenville Economic Developments

    Did UCB vacate the former Palmetto Bank HQ building across from the county courthouse?
  12. Grand Bohemian Hotel

    These sketches signify how a reasonably attractive architectural structure can be incorporated into the natural scenery of a historic urban park.
  13. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    I'm very pleased to presume this project will begin to rise soon. While the positive elements of additional residential, hotel, retail, and public space cannot be over-looked, I am most interested in the prospect of filling new class A office space with new corporate jobs.
  14. Spartanburg is much smaller, but the Jefferson County Judicial Center in Louisville, Ky, is attractive for a newer urban-style facility, in my opinion.
  15. The Rumor Mill

    "October 2016 Apex Allergy will open at 534 Woods Lake Road, in the old Bavarian Pretzel Factory off Haywood Road, across from Haywood Mall" Source