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  1. Skyliner

    Greenville Off-Topic

    What do you think about this new promotional video from visitgreenvillesc? It is a nice introduction to life in Greenville.
  2. Skyliner

    Publications about Greenville/Upstate

    Here is an interesting article about Greenville (mostly highlights local food options) from The Daily Meal network: 72 Hours in Greenville, SC
  3. Skyliner

    Publications about Greenville/Upstate

    CBS Sunday Morning featured the cities of Greenville, S.C. and Duluth, Mn. last weekend during a review of the new book, 'Our Towns', by James and Deborah Fallows.
  4. I think it says "Market", not McDonald's
  5. Skyliner

    The Gateway Site

    One idea I've pondered off and on for years would allow a large-sized development on the Gateway site without the need for significant onsite parking. A large parking structure would be built adjacent to the BSW arena with vehicle access to/from Church Street and Academy Street, and connected to the Gateway site by a uniquely-designed, air-conditioned pedestrian bridge over Beattie Place traffic. The Gateway development could include significant commercial/retail/hospitality space on the arena side of Beattie Place as well, if the landowners would be willing to offer their properties for redevelopment.
  6. Skyliner

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    One potential downside to the city's recommendations is that the developer may revert to the original design, a shorter and wider office building, which would look worse, in part because the bland recessed condominiums stacked on top would seem more like a secondary afterthought than a well-integrated part of the building.
  7. Skyliner

    When Will Greenville Be Ready For Height?

    A skyline (or the exterior of an individual building) is like a book cover. Nearly everyone sees the cover, whether or not they ever look at its interior pages. It may be decorative or plain, but it is the most common visual representation of the whole book.
  8. Skyliner

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    This new office rendering is an improvement to the original "placeholder" design in several earlier renderings. It is far from iconic, but at least it is not a blatant eyesore. Unfortunately, the overall design and style of the development fails to meet the highest potential of such a prominent site. For example, the complete absence of storefronts along Falls Street is cringe-worthy, not to mention the garage facade resembles a prison -- and this is less than a block off of Main Street.
  9. Skyliner

    New downtown federal courthouse

    I prefer the overall design of the new courthouse in Mobile, Alabama, even though it is likely shorter: Source Source
  10. Skyliner

    New downtown federal courthouse

    The design would look much better if the four corners were recessed (like the element on top), and if the top floor or two were also recessed slightly, or at least a more interesting roof-line would have been better. It has the appearance of a tall building that was cut in half and the added top element is out of scale for such a large, flat roof. The main brick structure reminds me of the bland communications building adjacent to Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral and The Children's Museum.
  11. Skyliner

    New downtown federal courthouse

    It kinda reminds me of this:
  12. Skyliner

    New downtown federal courthouse

    The reliability of published articles regarding future (and even current) economic development in and around growing cities has been inconsistent for decades. Greenville Journal (est. 1999) and The Greenville News (est. 1874) are indistinguishable in that sense. Speculation about future projects is often misleading or missing important information, regardless of the source. I suppose that is one of the reasons online forums like this were created. 10 floors (preferably more) would be nice, but a 5 or 6-story building standing at the height of an average 10-story building could be either stunning or awful, depending on its architectural style. The design posted above would lean heavily in the direction of awful, in my opinion.
  13. Skyliner

    New downtown federal courthouse

    My comments were a response to the size, not the architectural design, since that will hopefully change. The size of the building has not increased since that rendering was created, and in fact, the overall size of the structure has decreased since the project was initially announced over a decade ago. Meanwhile, the city and its surrounding region have grown significantly during that time and the judicial needs have grown as well. Proactive leadership plans for future growth, especially when such projects are slow to develop. How soon will this building be outgrown if Greenville continues to grow at its current rate?
  14. Skyliner

    New downtown federal courthouse

    Pathetic. Only five or six floors above ground in a city/region experiencing one of the fastest growth rates in the nation and no decline in view? What happened to the proactive, visionary leadership in Greenville?
  15. Skyliner

    Peace Center Remodel

    I see no problem with the well-designed conceptual entryway at the corner of Main and Broad. It would bring the performing arts center out to Main Street without removing the public plaza space. The outdoor plaza is currently under-utilized and would be more attractive with softer organic landscaping (more greenery). The concept of a separate, more visible and accessible box office is refreshingly brilliant. This vision is altogether outstanding and should enable the venue (and the city) to attract many more premier events in the future.