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  1. Skyliner

    New Greenville developments

    I'm hearing this company may still be interested in a downtown location. Could they be considering expansion in the not-so-distant future?
  2. Skyliner

    The West End

    Please don't drop the ball on this idea, Greenville! This is an important missing element in the heart of the city.
  3. Skyliner

    New downtown federal courthouse

    The lower portion of this building reminds me of the Eccles Building (Federal Reserve) in D.C.
  4. Skyliner

    Greenville Projects & Development Map

    With the additions of numerous projects around town, the map could use an big update.
  5. I like the upgrades to this block and the prospect of another performance venue.
  6. This proposal reminds me of District West, but in a more prominent location. Not a bad design for this property.
  7. Skyliner

    Multi-Family project at Rhett and Wardlaw

    The structural massing is nice, but I am definitely not a fan of the exterior facade. Of course, the Trailside apartment complex across Academy certainly did not raise the architectural standard in downtown, so it appears Greenville is stuck with mediocrity as its most common design standard.
  8. The AC Hotel in Worcester, Ma., reminds me of this, only the Greenville project is a bit more attractive from the exterior perspective.
  9. Skyliner

    The State of Downtown Retail

    I doubt that Washington Street location will remain vacant long, whether anything is already in the works or not. Barley's could probably expand successfully into that space. Wild Wing Cafe is more a Haywood Road/Woodruff Road (suburban mall) kind of place, in my opinion. If the store adjacent to the cinemas closes, that would be a surprise.
  10. Skyliner

    Wish List 2019

    I'd like to see more tangible/specific business ideas brought into the discussion. What type(s) of white collar jobs should be targeted and clustered? Numerous professions can fill office space, but some are more feasible than others in a small market like Spartanburg. My #1 wish is for effective rail transit between the Upstate's major cities (including Clemson) with connectivity to/from the much larger metropolitan areas in neighboring states. This could be the most important economic development of the next few decades for the entire region.
  11. Skyliner

    New Greenville developments

    "White marble, pre-cast window wall panels, bronze, aluminum, and tinted glass, combine to present a striking exterior to the all-electric building." Source (1966 Advertisement)
  12. Skyliner

    The Gateway Site

    The name published and mentioned most often in media during the late 90s was "Gateway to Greenville." The first proposal was a 15-story tower from Highwoods Properties.
  13. Skyliner

    New Greenville developments

    Imagining a twin tower for City Hall brings to mind the James H. Floyd towers in Atlanta, which closely resemble Greenville's City Hall, albeit much taller. A conceptual drawing of a tall, brutalist-style tower rising above the Greenville News site was recently published in an article about the history of the newspaper. The idea was intended to create a "twin" tower for the Daniel (aka Landmark) building several blocks away on South Main Street.
  14. Skyliner

    The Food Thread

    Owners of Tropical Grille are planning to open Havana Kitchen in the former Mimi's Café building at Greenridge.
  15. Skyliner

    821 S. Main St. Hotel & Mixed Use

    I don't know what to say about this proposal. The architecture is different -- somewhat interesting, somewhat odd, somewhat cheesy (in a fake way). I had hoped a larger mixed-use development could have been built with pedestrian access between Main Street and Augusta Street (utilizing the greenlink property), but this would likely eliminate that possibility, sealing Main Street frontage.