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  1. I agree that this is another example of "lazy" architectural design. A long, flat roof-line can be offset by a more interesting façade with a few distinct details. Consider the McBee Avenue phase of the Bookends project as an attractive nearby example.
  2. An enjoyable performance recently posted by one of Greenville's virtual choirs:
  3. Agree about the overall weak aesthetic appeal of these buildings. And, at the ground level, I would have preferred better accounting for pedestrians on all sides.
  4. UBJ/Greenville Journal notoriously has used outdated and occasionally completely incorrect/unrelated images in its publications. This appears to be an older rendering of the Camperdown project.
  5. I suppose both aspects are intertwined, and I intended to express concern over the rate and pattern of growth in and around TR. Without significant changes to regulate its growth, TR will eventually face challenges similar to (and perhaps more complex than) Mauldin.
  6. I see Powdersville evolving into a similar situation as Mauldin, with the major exception being its (Powdersville's) lack of municipal oversight. Unfortunately, the cost to repair decades of careless development will only increase given the steady rate and pattern of growth around Greenville. Greer seems to be implementing a successful downtown revitalization, although nearby suburban sprawl remains uncontrolled. Travelers Rest is also at the doorstep of irreversible transformation.
  7. A well-designed playground/park certainly will do more to attract and enhance urban vitality than most of the former gimmickry (ferris wheel, water slide, etc.).
  8. My information may not be completely accurate, considering this source: "The walls of the room are split-face block, sealed with a clear sealer. Because the sealer did not entirely fill the block’s pores the room is not as reverberant as originally expected; however, given the room’s range of use this has not been a problem." "The Peace Center illustrates the idea that smaller cities deserve excellent arts facilities, and that such facilities can be built on a modest budget. The Center has been an important part of revitalizing Greenville’s downtown as well as supporting local arts groups."
  9. Yes, they were intended to provide outstanding acoustics (and they do), but during construction, some of the block cell columns failed to receive the proper amount of grout filler and this apparently negatively affected the acoustic rating.
  10. That map needs an upgrade. Gattitown has been out of business several years, was not located where the Holiday Inn Express is, and Palmetto State Armory has been in the same location (former Gattitown building) several years now, not in the old Capel Rugs/Spectrum space.
  11. But at first glance it doesn't seem that tall. Nice complementary design without too much compromise.
  12. Really like this one, with so many undeniable signs of growth. Loved the cranes in Asheville's skyline and love them in Greenville's skyline. I understand the concerns of some people regarding rapid growth, but this is where I don't mind seeing it - the Upstate's heart of urban activity.
  13. I have been hopeful the northeastern quadrant of Main at Broad will eventually be transformed into the tallest building in Greenville. It is an ideal location, especially if a developer can acquire the adjacent property(ies) fronting South Spring Street.
  14. A recent article mentioned a vision to redevelop that property into a large cancer research center.
  15. Did I not recently see a "coming soon" sign in the window with the name of a fitness store/gym? Oh, here is the answer to my question. Not coming to the Bevello space.
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