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  1. How can anyone be certain this development proposal is "dead" only two months after the posted news articles mentioned several infrastructural and design details were still being worked on?
  2. I am excited to support Pizzeria Fiamma when they open for business in the West End.
  3. This was a conceptual sketch shared over a year ago, but I also remember seeing a sketch from the Main Street side and always hoped it would eventually develop as envisioned. The other drawing focused more on the building(s) directly behind the Gunter Theater along Main Street. It was an attractive design with an angled or semi-arching roof, with four or five floors above ground. (Edit: I found a copy of the conceptual sketch mentioned above.)
  4. Technically, the glass is always FULL... 50% Water 50% Air (Borrowed and simplified from a scientist ) Always glad to see more residential and mixed-use infill downtown. This is a reasonably attractive development and will be a nice addition to the West End district. This is a better design than the new United Community Bank headquarters building, in my opinion, and better than the new County Square office building(s) -- at least externally. Understand the different styles and functions, but the new county government office complex looks more suburban than I previously imagined. ...And yes, I would love to see some actual signature highrise towers with at least 20+ floors in Greenville soon. They need to be well-designed, visually attractive, and enhance the urban vitality primarily at ground level, not just the skyline.
  5. The Today Show (3rd Hour) on NBC this morning featured a segment about "last-minute summer getaways" and they included Travelers Rest and Greenville, S.C. A very nice little piece with beautiful video from the city and nearby locations. https://www.today.com/video/plan-a-last-minute-summer-getaway-with-these-travel-tips-146974277730
  6. The Baton Rouge Area Chamber will visit Greenville in November. "During the 2022 workshop, Baton Rouge business and community leaders will reflect upon important policy issues facing the region and learn how the destination region addresses similar matters, according to BRAC. Topics to be addressed during the trip include development partnerships, inclusive entrepreneurship, business and education partnerships, talent retention and diversifying industries." Source: https://www.businessreport.com/business/brac-canvas-trip-heading-to-greenville-south-carolina-this-year
  7. A mural on the Camperdown plaza.
  8. What makes it even more annoying is the fact that the author of the article often is not in charge of writing a title for the publication. They may give it an appropriate title, but a different person, whom may not even work in the Greenville office, has the responsibility of creating a title that they hope will grab the attention of casual readers and induce more clicks online. Is the print version correctly written? I will never know because I am not a customer of this organization.
  9. Another interesting perspective of the new hotel and Camperdown tower. Someone whom has never seen the city would not realize that a winding river with waterfalls, a unique pedestrian suspension bridge overlooking a beautiful urban botanical garden, and a vibrant downtown literally surround this building.
  10. A view of the Grand Bohemian Hotel from Falls Park on the Reedy.
  11. I dumped gvltoday years ago because they included too much misinformation and irrelevant topics. The idea was good, but poorly executed and lacked quality control. Not worth wasting my time. Here is another photo from Sunday, which shows how active the children's areas were. An excellent addition to Greenville's recreational amenities.
  12. A few photos in Falls Park from a week ago:
  13. This is a very nice park. I am excited by the growth potential and positive change this place is bringing to a long-overlooked area.
  14. Unity Park, when combined with the Swamp Rabbit Trail, RiverPlace, Falls Park, and Main Street, is truly spectacular.
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