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  1. Nice sculpture! I wish Greenville would purchase the "Wings" collection and make it a permanent fixture in Falls Park. Such a great attraction and befitting of its stunningly beautiful setting.
  2. Beautiful photo @GvilleSC! That one reminded me of a daytime version I recently captured from near the same location: This new park will be another tremendous attraction in Greenville.
  3. Lots of people enjoying the river and waterfalls in downtown.
  4. This hotel building already adds to the Falls Park landscape. A very beautiful park and an attractive building. It reminds me of something in the North Carolina mountains, perhaps the Highlands-Cashiers area.
  5. Except the city would actually be a small town apart from the county. I am not surprised by this decision. Was it out of line with the general opinions of the public outside of downtown (county residents)? I don't know. Obviously this art exhibition is controversial, although not necessarily moreso than other nearby works (I don't remember if those were financially supported by the county). The dilemma was apparent when several local residents expressed a vast array of perspectives, as expected. They pay taxes and have an equal right to express themselves. If enough opinions disagre
  6. This photo reminds me of a scene from the popular PBS show 'This Old House'. Does anyone here know if they're using real cedar shingles, or a composite alternative? I assume it is composite/artifitial because maintenance of real wood siding on a building this size would be daunting. If real, then will they leave the siding "natural," or will they paint it? I agree that it is a nice idea.
  7. Nice exposure for the TD Greenville Saturday Market and the city's effort to support local farmers on FoodPrint.org https://foodprint.org/blog/farmers-markets-pandemic/
  8. The match tomorrow afternoon at 4pm has sold out, but everyone can watch it on ESPN2. Should be a good one, as both teams currently are undefeated this season.
  9. You'll have to find something else to criticize because they DO allow women to wear pants. The assumption that anyone opposed to public displays of nudity MUST be connected in some way with BJU is inaccurate. This is South Carolina, where laws regarding "indecent exposure" exist and obviously are supported by a significant portion of the population. I tend to believe many people are overly sensitive and easily offended by controversial forms of art, but I also understand that some people do have legitimate reason(s) to avoid controversial art. I applaud the city for embracing these challen
  10. 7 On Main temporary relocation is underway today. The RiverPlace prime space should be vacant/available soon. They'll be in Spartanburg until work on the new space in the Camperdown office tower is complete this summer.
  11. Here's one for you, courtesy of Reed Timmer, the famous extreme storm chaser, whose Mom lives in Greenville County:
  12. A variety of significant events/festivals have done very well in downtown Greenville (incorporating various venues) including music, visual and performing arts, dance, culinary, sports, science, corporate, political, multicultural, educational, etc. I see this conference center, combined with several other local venues, as a powerful economic and cultural engine.
  13. Thank you for this update. So have plans upgraded the event space from a "conference center" to a "convention center" now? I assume it is not expected to replace the large convention space at the airport and will serve primarily as a destination for smaller events. I imagine recurring arts, crafts, antiques, and literature events coming to the downtown space, in addition to the expected business conferences.
  14. Remember the good ol' days when we could see a future #1 NFL draft pick (perhaps a future NFL Hall of Fame inductee) frequently spending time with friends in downtown Greenville? Good times indeed.
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