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  1. Skyliner

    New Greenville developments

    "White marble, pre-cast window wall panels, bronze, aluminum, and tinted glass, combine to present a striking exterior to the all-electric building." Source (1966 Advertisement)
  2. Skyliner

    The Gateway Site

    The name published and mentioned most often in media during the late 90s was "Gateway to Greenville." The first proposal was a 15-story tower from Highwoods Properties.
  3. Skyliner

    New Greenville developments

    Imagining a twin tower for City Hall brings to mind the James H. Floyd towers in Atlanta, which closely resemble Greenville's City Hall, albeit much taller. A conceptual drawing of a tall, brutalist-style tower rising above the Greenville News site was recently published in an article about the history of the newspaper. The idea was intended to create a "twin" tower for the Daniel (aka Landmark) building several blocks away on South Main Street.
  4. Skyliner

    The Food Thread

    Owners of Tropical Grille are planning to open Havana Kitchen in the former Mimi's Café building at Greenridge.
  5. Skyliner

    821 S. Main St. Hotel & Mixed Use

    I don't know what to say about this proposal. The architecture is different -- somewhat interesting, somewhat odd, somewhat cheesy (in a fake way). I had hoped a larger mixed-use development could have been built with pedestrian access between Main Street and Augusta Street (utilizing the greenlink property), but this would likely eliminate that possibility, sealing Main Street frontage.
  6. Skyliner

    New Greenville developments

    I am confident we will hear new announcements for downtown, considering the new office space coming soon and the imminent BOA building vacancies.
  7. Skyliner

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    I like the added density, but believe the development is too self-centered -- it lacks effective connectivity with surrounding properties along Broad, Falls, and Falls Park on the Reedy. I also think the condominium portion of the office tower could have been better integrated into the design. It appears a bit awkward to me.
  8. Skyliner

    New Greenville developments

    An update on this: Verdae is the likely location. An announcement should come before next summer. Remember the fairly new class A office space recently vacated after ch2m was acquired by Jacobs? Just an educated guess...
  9. Skyliner

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    FYI, this development has a new twitter account that should provide additional updated info. Since the outward expansion proposal was met with severe resistance, the developer should consider upward expansion, in my opinion.
  10. Skyliner

    New Greenville developments

    A large * firm is apparently planning to open a new office in Greenville sometime soon. I heard downtown could be the location. Perhaps this will be one of the "several [...] announcements of large companies that will be in the Camperdown office building" coming soon? (source of quote) *I am not at liberty to specify the industry
  11. Skyliner

    Publications about Greenville/Upstate

    Fort Wayne, Indiana, recently sent another delegation to Greenville and a review has been published:
  12. Skyliner

    Greenville Off-Topic

    What do you think about this new promotional video from visitgreenvillesc? It is a nice introduction to life in Greenville.
  13. Skyliner

    Publications about Greenville/Upstate

    Here is an interesting article about Greenville (mostly highlights local food options) from The Daily Meal network: 72 Hours in Greenville, SC
  14. Skyliner

    Publications about Greenville/Upstate

    CBS Sunday Morning featured the cities of Greenville, S.C. and Duluth, Mn. last weekend during a review of the new book, 'Our Towns', by James and Deborah Fallows.
  15. I think it says "Market", not McDonald's