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  1. I saw the caution tape blocking the whole front entrance and plaza. Did part of the facade fall?
  2. Another idea would be incorporate a new city hall into a larger mixed-use development bordered by Main Street, Broad Street, and Falls Street. Keep city hall on Main Street and near Falls Park if at all possible.
  3. Three consecutive seasons in the championship game. Great job Triumph club members! Let's do it again next year.
  4. Not a major "economic" announcement, but I am excited to hear the old Hester Store in Pickens County will finally see new life as a bakery, coffee shop, and general store. It is near Greenbrier Farms for those who know where that is. I had thoughts of purchasing and renovating the building for precisely this purpose, so I am glad other investors felt likewise and took action. https://greenvillejournal.com/eat-drink/dacusvilles-historic-hester-store-to-become-bakery-coffee-shop-general-store/
  5. The developer plans to share architectural plans in six months.
  6. In other news (very sad news), Skating on the Square has been cancelled. I didn't hear a reason for its cancelation yet.
  7. Local leaders will meet later today to review plans for a significant ~75$ Million mixed-use development along East Main Street. The plans include an 11-story building and two 7-story buildings.
  8. A random view from downtown yesterday morning.
  9. According to the water tower, it is the Monaghan. Beautiful photography gman430!
  10. Meanwhile, Extreme Meteorologist Dr. Reed Timmer (Storm Chasers) has been spending time in the Upstate with his mom and has shared nice drone footage of the incredible fall foliage in our region.
  11. A couple more from Jones Gap State park because it is a special place.
  12. Jones Gap State Park is absolutely stunning right now.
  13. Poinsett Bridge Heritage Preserve
  14. Campbell's Covered Bridge county park earlier this week with some splashes of splendid fall foliage.
  15. The beaches in Florida are superior, especially along the Gulf Coast. The sand and water are actually beautiful there, unlike Myrtle Beach in my opinion. But, that is just an opinion and I understand other factors are included in retirement and vacation decisions.
  16. It sounds good, but not amazing. It will be a $5 million call center, the first of several in the U.S.
  17. I already miss the "Wings" statues in Falls Park. They became an integral part of the landscape. This amazing collection of sculptures was admired by countless visitors and I shared photos with artists online who were extremely impressed by the beauty of our park as well.
  18. This tree is one of the most iconic attractions in the Upstate.
  19. Nice sculpture! I wish Greenville would purchase the "Wings" collection and make it a permanent fixture in Falls Park. Such a great attraction and befitting of its stunningly beautiful setting.
  20. Beautiful photo @GvilleSC! That one reminded me of a daytime version I recently captured from near the same location: This new park will be another tremendous attraction in Greenville.
  21. Lots of people enjoying the river and waterfalls in downtown.
  22. This hotel building already adds to the Falls Park landscape. A very beautiful park and an attractive building. It reminds me of something in the North Carolina mountains, perhaps the Highlands-Cashiers area.
  23. Except the city would actually be a small town apart from the county. I am not surprised by this decision. Was it out of line with the general opinions of the public outside of downtown (county residents)? I don't know. Obviously this art exhibition is controversial, although not necessarily moreso than other nearby works (I don't remember if those were financially supported by the county). The dilemma was apparent when several local residents expressed a vast array of perspectives, as expected. They pay taxes and have an equal right to express themselves. If enough opinions disagree, then changes can and probably will happen on election day.
  24. This photo reminds me of a scene from the popular PBS show 'This Old House'. Does anyone here know if they're using real cedar shingles, or a composite alternative? I assume it is composite/artifitial because maintenance of real wood siding on a building this size would be daunting. If real, then will they leave the siding "natural," or will they paint it? I agree that it is a nice idea.
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