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  1. Memphis ... Good BBQ in the airport. The only problem is the low rent NW (shared with CO) contract crew at TLH.
  2. I'm not sure that the PC airport will have much of an effect on us. It's all about the bottom line for most folk. Back when Delta was pimping Valdosta, a lot of TLH folk drove up there to take advantage of the free parking and lower fares. I still know a few folk who drive to Jax to save $100, but in general our fares are about the same. Our airport works pretty well for me. I'd love a Crown Room or World Club, but not much chance of that. Sure we could use a spiff up. I'm certainly not driving to PC to catch a plane or for anything unless someone pays me big bucks. 123? 20? eeew! I'm Ghost, fly me.
  3. You betcha Captain. An opinion is one of two things that everybody has. I'm with you Poonther on Madison being a good city to emulate. They have an excellent fire chief (who used to work for TFD). I've only been to Burlington on a "driving through" visit and can't give an opinion. So back to flying. My favorite thing about our airport is the sweet little observation room/museum.
  4. Yup. I admit it. I like things pretty much as-is. I get my big city energy from frequent trips to big cities for work and play, but like coming home to the oak trees. Our quality of life is so much higher than say Orlando or Jacksonville. We're lucky and ought to be doing all we can to protect this beautiful and special place.
  5. A lot of folks look to Wild Adventures and figure that TLH could do the same thing. I disagree. Our demographic, both local and regional, is very different. We don't have that bubble of nearby small town Gomer's that keep WA rolling. When the Challenger Center first organized itself, they were counting on the WA demographic to fill the seats in the theater but if you've been there lately, you know that the majority of the seats are empty. We're a sleepy little southern state capital. Get over it. Gomer (for the culturally impaired):
  6. That whole issue with nine bump road (the short-cut connector between Orange and Cap. Cir) includes that being Debbie's back yard. Nimby issues are much more significant when one of the back yards belongs to a city official.
  7. {TJ said that this post belonged in the off topic section. I guess that Arena Football is more like new construction than Leif winning a bunch of change. Anyhow, sorry for the confusion and please remove the offending misplaced post.} Tallahassee native, amazing Frisbee player (he throws sort of upside down and backwards) and FSU student, Leif Force ended the World Series of Poker earlier this week in 11th place with a total win of over a million dollars. http://www.bluffmagazine.com/news/newsArti...?newsID=1101236
  8. It would be a sweet post for a couple of CBP employees. Your boss would be in JAX and you'd spend a lot of time waiting.
  9. I just don't care for the "comfort" factor; tiny seats, sparse overhead, limited or no heads, no power outlets, etc.
  10. Like one of our former Lieutenant Governors used to say, "spank you very much".
  11. For awhile, there was a PR firm in that building who did some work for me. It's a very cool building inside and out in a very interesting part of town. I hope that someone comes up with a rehab plan for it instead of tearing it down.
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