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  2. If McDonald's is the same prototype that many upscale centers (areas) are using in the Orlando market it can actually be a good thing. McCafe's are a major competitor with Starbucks right now here. The upscale store design and push for coffee and breakfast items and wifi options attract even the most pretentious customer who needs his $3.60 for a gallon of gasoline and not a cup of coffee. Another McDonald's prototype in the Orlando market is Bistro Gourmet, once again pushing the coffee, pastries and wifi with an entire different line for ordering panini type menu options. These stores r
  3. I believe most of the new bars, restaurants, galleries and bits of retail are based much more on residents of the central city area, much different than the businesses of the 90's when clientele for the bars and clubs would drive in to downtown to party from the suburbs, Tampa and Jax. There would be a much larger mix of rednecks, curiosity seekers coming clubbing based on the party reputation of downtown, college kids, etc. The clientele now has shifted to a less rowdy customer who is more sure of himself and what he wants. (Manhattan in the 70s, 80s, 90s had a large Jersey, L.I. influx on
  4. Hot weather rapidly approaching!!

  5. Hot weather rapidly approaching!!

    1. VistaLakes01


      Upper 80's already! No humidity yrt, thankfully!

  6. Orlando is the bomb!

  7. You know Orlando Fashion Square is not nearly in as bad od shape as has been reported. Still pretty full and has plenty of national retailers (I';ve seen it in worse times when the mall had quite a few asian gift shops) Mos t metros dependending on the size these days only hav e one or two "major" enclosed malls and ikf lucky there is an upscale level center of some sort. My last visit to OFS I was surprised to see nearly 80-95% occupancy besides the fact that central Orlando maintains a Macy's, Dillard's,Sears, and JCPenney. They may not have the premium selection of their chains but lots
  8. Don't know if this helps but it sure can't hurt! The very popular and quite nice Mister Sisters nightclub/restaurant has opened along this stretch of Colonial, at least it's a move in the right (gay) direction. Nice bar with a beach on Lake Barton operatged by the popular and well known Brian Humphries.So this is attracting a couple thousand citybois (and gals)O to this area to a clean establishment. Start bringing in the gays as they say and neighborhoods start happening! (Better than nothing for this nasty stretch of roadway!
  9. Was a beautiful day in the city today! Go Magic!

  10. Now that the six laning of 50 is completed, it is very disapointing to see it looks juat as trashy as before. No landscaping and no streetlights. Looks like the West Colonial widening is much more attractive. Does anyone know if there are plans to landscape East Colonial and add street lights? I heard of a plan several months ago to beautify Semoran through Azalea Park. Anyone know anything about that progect?
  11. Just curious, was or is there any residential planned for Chenal? Most lifestyle centers here are built along with homes/apartments/lofts/condos. I don't see how it can attract major tenants without the density. What is the population in a ten mile radius? (I know I'm an outsider, but I am interested in the Little Rock thread because a friend of mine moved there recently and I like this topic because I'm very into retail)Y remember the speculation and how frustrating it is waiting for new to market to come to town. Orlando metro was about Little Rocks size in 1980. We didn't get an Apple sto
  12. Latinos in the I-4 corridor (Tampa-Orlando-Daytona)have primarily Democratic leanings. The Cubans in South Florida have usually gone Republican because they believe on a hard line position on Castro. But in thia region rhwy have definetly leaned favorably towards more liberal issues, including supporting GLBT rights.
  13. Hey Forrest check out these sites: Tuesday Night: Monday and Friday night: http://www.revolutionorlando.com/index.php Thursday Night: http://www.parliamenthouse.com/front/Thursday.htm http://www.parliamenthouse.com/front/Thursday.htm Chuchifrito Thursdays" Mondays http://frontpage.jumponmarkslist.com/iso/us/fl/tpa/bars/valentines.htm Also the current winner of RuPauls drag races is a major latin drag queen in Orlando, Tyra Sanchez Don't find ;latins socially conservative at all
  14. Living in a heavily hispanic area (Orlando) the city is still becoming more open and gayer. Most of the crowds at the gay clubs are a majotiy hispanic, all the clubs have Latin nights and their are totally latin clubs, same in Ft.Lauderdale and to some extent Tampa. The clubs play a lot of reggaeton and hip hop except for the house music nights. I don't think the Latins in our area are a majority Catholic. They are mainly Puerto Ricans and Dominicans and Columbians and there are a lot of Protestant Hispanic churches. I just think the churches in general have been more open lately to homo
  15. This is a topic that I've thought about constantly throughout my life. There was a time starting back in the 50s (before my time) where "Orlando" started at Bennet Road. Pre-Fashion Square, Colonial Plaza ruled East Colonial and the street was "the drag" for teenagers on the weekends, driving between the Steak and Shake drive in and the Pig and Whistle drive in. The Vogue theater at the corner of Colonial and Mills in the heart of Colonialtown was a big hangout for movie theater goers and the new Plaza Rocking Chair theater at the Colonial Plaza Mall quickly became popular. In the 70's as
  16. Well, at this point we will just have to blame any negativity with retail on the economy, For a project like Chenal top even break ground at this point is a miracle within itself. So instead of focusing on Apple, lets just focux on the actual shopping center being built. If it is getting built, there will be a day when Apple returns to its list of tenants. Please be patient and lets watch Chenal grow bit by bit. With each store opening you will have the latest flagship of each tenant. Good Luck Little Rock!
  17. Even though I've never even been to Little Rock, I would think the developers of the project know what they are doing. And the location will end up being a plus to the community. Speaking from experience of an area (Orlando) that has developed rapidly and has both types of development (near an expressway and off the beaten path), the off the beaten path type of development benefits the community much more and brings a sense of place and more of a true , stable village and is more of a permanent part of a community. It actually incorporates the development in to the city and makes it a true
  18. Wow! Sorry about that, I responded to an email notification I just recvd. I'm sure lots has changed in 4 years as this issue has rapidly become a non issue all around the country. Sorry about my comments!
  19. I have to totally disagree about negative press from the media here in Orlando, the big morning radio djs have a float and the festivities are actually broadcast live from the top 40 station XL106.7, The Orlando Sentinel has a float, the Orlando Weekly has a float, the media bills it as Orlandos Most Colorful Parade and it goes through the city streets around the main city park (Lake Eola) and through the trendy neighborhood of Thornton Park. The neighborhood id very mixed and very tolerant straight parents bring their kids to watch the parade. Of course it is much more tasteful than barech
  20. I haVE to disa \gree, we get very positive media coverage here in Orlando. The4 parade itself is billed "Orlando;s most Colorful Parade" and it goes through the trendy neighborhood of Thornton Park.....gaystraoighted mixed neighborhood. People line the streets with their kids to watch the parade, although a lot of iot is done with taste, corporate floats from Walt Disney World , Sea World Universal studio i have to say i disagree. We get very positi\ve media
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