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  1. I think there may be a national perception that Richmond is smaller than it actually is. Major league sports and hub airports seem to help perception. Getting the Super Bowl or a political convention seems to help with national prominence in places like Charlotte and Jacksonville. Austin is a city that seems to be a big small town. Tech industry has made it "big" but it wants to stay small and quirky. I'm wondering if the internet hub development could move Richmond closer to where Austin is in terms of prominence?
  2. It will be interesting to see how this space takes shape when the second tower is built. It appears that the two towers will enclose this space, almost creating an above-street-level courtyard. I'm wondering if a pedestrian bridge above the street will connect these spaces?
  3. Another great recent nighttime drone flight:
  4. This clip reminds me of the "Flying Scene" from the movie, "Superman." One thing I'm noticing is that our streets downtown seem darker than in other cities. Perhaps its the tree cover, but it seems like increasing the light would make downtown Richmond feel more vibrant.
  5. A great, recent nighttime drone flight over downtown Richmond. There are especially good views of the new Dominion tower:
  6. Henrico County to become a major internet hub. If anyone knows more about this and the implications for Richmond I would be interested: https://www.henricocitizen.com/articles/henrico-poised-to-become-global-internet-hub/
  7. Will the second tower be a slightly shorter near twin (as shown in renderings) or a similar complimenting tower? I almost think a similar but not exact twin would be preferable, aesthetically. (Think One and Two Liberty Places in Philadelphia).
  8. A global biotechnology company chose to locate in Richmond over North Carolina: https://augustafreepress.com/global-biotechnology-company-to-locate-in-city-of-richmond/ https://www.richmond.com/business/local/france-based-cancer-diagnostics-company-leasing-lab-space-in-virginia/article_2dc03d0c-26a5-50dd-aba7-63ef4bd7d5b9.html
  9. Style Weekly has a great update on the BridgePark project. It seems to be influenced by New York's High Line and Chicago's Millennium Park. I think kind of spectacular development would do a lot for the image of Richmond and would create a new destination for residents. It would be interesting to see if this would inspire residential development in an area that is currently all office buildings: https://www.styleweekly.com/richmond/bridgepark-and-beyond-the-bold-plan-to-reconnect-downtown-manchester-and-the-riverfront/Content?oid=13144723
  10. Beautiful recent drone footage: https://youtu.be/4U5NZ5bu_e4
  11. These kinds of open, lattice-work crowns are a trademark of Pickard Chilton buildings. Their office buildings seem to find beauty and refinement in their rational curtain walls and these crowns seem to be their way of disguising mechanical equipment. One of the earliest and most extreme examples is 1180 Peachtree in Atlanta in which the building "falsely" continues in a giant swoop for a considerable distance after the top floor. Look through images of their work, and you'll see similar crowns: https://www.pickardchilton.com I'm wondering if they intend to glass-in some more of the back of the crown on our building?
  12. If you move around this building it looks completely different from every angle.
  13. It is possible to make beautiful and well designed university dorms. Steven Holl's contribution at MIT is one example: https://www.archdaily.com/65172/simmons-hall-at-mit-steven-holl I think it is definitely possible for new and old buildings to compliment one another, creating a greater composition- like Boston's John Hancock tower next to Richardson's church. Tredegar is much more successful because the scale is the same. This is completely out of scale. It looks like they grudgingly built around an old building because they were told to.
  14. Thank you for the great video above. One of the things that really bothers me about this building, beyond the cheap looking materials and "craftsmanship," is the way the new building relates to the old. It could not be a more disrespectful relationship. The new building towers over and overwhelms the "Public Baths" facade. The jarring contrast between the glassy facade and the old stone greatly detracts from the old facade. The building sprawls out over an entire block like an updated version of Soviet-era housing dressed in contemporary garb. How much better it would have been if they had cradled the old facade in something of a similar height with complimenting materials and then allowed a tower to rise behind or on one or the other side of the block.
  15. When you're in the Belle Isle, Brown's Island area the curve of the curtain wall does look beautiful. It picks up the light in different ways throughout the day and in changing conditions. I think it's a beautiful addition and with the second tower there should be a powerful dialogue between the two. I'm surprised they don't have any plans to add a skybridge between the two buildings.
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