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  1. If you are referring to the 32-mile Leander to downtown Austin line, then the answer to your question is it will be operational in 2008. If you mean the Georgetown to San Antonio line, then I really have no clue. I believe it will not be done until Union Pacific moves off those tracks. There are negotiations taking place to build new tracks east near the new TX 130 turnpike that would not have any at grade crossings of roadways, and be in a much less populated area, therefore allowing much, much faster speeds for the freight trains. The voters of Texas approved the creation of the Texas Railroad Reloction and Improvement Fund last year, and hopefully this will help to speed these new tracks construction up, and we can have the current tracks for commuter rail soon.
  2. Here is an update about Austin's planned commuter rail line from the Austin-American Statesman. They've added the Highland Mall station back into the plan, and are planning to build a rail bridge over the Union Pacific tracks. Capital Metro has unveiled plans about its rail project, including renderings. Stadler, a Swiss company, is building six train cars for Capital Metro at a cost of about $38 million. The cars each will be 138 feet long and have 108 seats. Details emerging on commuter rail project
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