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  1. bobby255BR

    Westbank Expressway

    The westbank expressway along with the northern loop would help alleviate traffic greatly at the 10/12 split. I could only imagine the amount of growth that will occur on the westbank, in particular Bruly and Addis.
  2. bobby255BR

    Gonzales & Ascension Parish

    Are the new hotels and restaurants going to be located near the Cabela's?
  3. bobby255BR

    The IBM Block

    I like the rendering. For Baton Rouge skyline, I don't expect to much as far as height goes. P.s. I just remembered my password to this site.
  4. bobby255BR

    River Park

    I believe that the condos and offices will built first then the retail. The hotels will probably be last if they ever happen. I really hope this development happens and is not scaled back but upgraded starting with scrapping the parking lots for parking garages. The more dense, the better.
  5. bobby255BR

    New Hotels

    Oh I likes! Finally something different instead of a another bland white building and overused art deco design; not to knock the other two hotels or the state buildings. I love the use of brick though it kinda gives me a "mid city" feel and I especially love the use of the red letters. I really hope that this is the final rendering though i would love some more height.
  6. bobby255BR

    Downtown Library Plans

    The cafe and courtyard are good ideas, but I can hear the critics now complaining that no other library should have these amenities but the Main Library.
  7. bobby255BR

    Southern High-Speed Rail

    I voted for Jindal, but I am so sick of him running for president while governing this state. He needs to focus on the well being of this state, instead of doing what he feels will look good on his resume come 2012.
  8. bobby255BR

    Word Association

  9. bobby255BR

    Southern High-Speed Rail

    I would love for this to happen, but I'm not sure if we have the population needed to make it more efficient. Hopefully we can get people away from there vehicles and on the rail for a reasonable price.
  10. bobby255BR

    Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    This is very exciting!!!! I wonder what will be announced tomorrow? riverfront project? I hope it's something else like a major skyscraper, but the riverfront park will do. Kudos to Mayor Holden for having the courage to propose another tax in an election year. Some of the stuff proposed is badly needed such as the new/expanded prison and the comite flood control. I sure hope that both Riverplace and Riverpark happen also
  11. bobby255BR

    Baton Rouge Coffee House

    hahahaha........very funny Dan indeed
  12. bobby255BR

    Baton Rouge Coffee House

    Sounds like we had the same reasons byrde . Not only did I choose Tech because of my major, but I wanted to be far away yet close enough that If I got into any trouble my parents would only be about 3 1/2 hours away. I also wanted them to be far away so that I wouldn't have any surprise visits. Living on campus is pretty cool because like everyone else said you meet new people, but you also now about all the major events going around campus whether its public or private. I must say that the only downside to living on campus is the roommate thing. I've seen friendships ruined and I've also seen friendships made. I, on the other hand, prefer my own space and that's why I have my own room. Being an engineering major takes up alot of my time so I may need something to relieve the stress . But, anyway, if you do decide to live on campus I will say give the roommate thing a try and if it doesn't work out get your own room.
  13. bobby255BR

    Baton Rouge Photo of the Day

    Beautiful Shot Richy!!! Dang that river is high.....has it crest yet?
  14. bobby255BR

    Word Association

  15. bobby255BR

    Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    hahaha I almost responded to that post