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  1. Too bad that 22 story Westin isn't coming to life. I don't even know if they're going to build the 8 story Westin anymore. Any clues? I would take some pictures but my camera doesn't work properly anymore. Like whenever I take pictures, the pictures comes out really blurry and has a lot white lines running up and down the picture. It all of a sudden just did this. has anyone encountered this problem?
  2. Now if only we could get a Cheesecake Factory...
  3. Mason's is coming to the Promenade. Supposedly they have high end jeans for women. There's a store at the Village on the Creeks, NWA Mall, and the Legacy(?).
  4. Has anyone heard of the Boomer Sports Bar & Grill? They're going to have a location in the Metro Parkway area.
  5. Well, you could send them to Ruth's Chris like you said or you could send them to Carrabba's, Bonefish Grill, Granite City, P.F. Chang's, Copeland's. I think anyone of these could work.
  6. Does anyone know what is being built by Mimi's Cafe? Looks like a restaurant maybe.
  7. AlX is one of my favorite stores. I always have to go to Dallas or Houston. I haven't been to KC yet.
  8. The Apple Store at Woodland Hills in Tulsa is a pretty nice store. They even had computers set up for children to play kiddie games. It was actually pretty neat. They have a bunch of accessories and everything. Glad to hear that J Crew and Apple are coming Little Rock.
  9. Thanks for all the input. I just wanted to clear up some of the information that I've been receiving.
  10. I somehow always hear that shopping online isn't always safe. Like giving your credit card number and stuff. I just want to know what you guys think about it. Any input would be very much appreciated.
  11. The Chuck E. Cheese by Taco Bell is coming along great. The first time I saw it was a couple nights ago. I'm surprised that it looks like it's about to open here in a month or so?
  12. nwa_479

    NCAA Football

    What a night for Darren McFadden. He had 35 carries for 323 yards but only had 1 touchdown. Have to also give credit to Felix Jones for those 3 touchdowns. Good game overall.
  13. I really like the purple-ish lighting that they've got going. It looks pretty cool. Tuesday night was the first time I saw it at night.
  14. I guess you're right about that one. The three stories got to me there. But, Little Rock will out do the Promenade with a Promenade of their own (The Promenade at Chenal). Supposedly it's going to get an Apple Store. If an Apple Store comes then who knows what other stores will come. I agree with you on the part of the atmosphere and how the growth is going to increase.
  15. I didn't know where else to put this but I figured it would do best in this thread. Mayor Womack came to the high school today for a DECA meeting and was talking about ever since he was mayor he wanted Rogers to become a town that wasn't just going to be a bedroom community. He was talking about developments like the Promenade, the John Q. Hammons Center, and the WTC. Whenever he was talking about the Promenade, he said that it was the best shopping center in Arkansas and I think he said that it was one of the best in the mid-south. I think that Park Plaza is on par with the Promenade and Tulsa has better shopping centers. But, I guess that's what the mayor has to say right? Anyways, it seems as if he is really wanting to make Rogers a "destination" town. So maybe this means that he'll start trying to do more to help the downtown area.
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