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  1. Grand Rapidian

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    I have heard that UofM's hospital is in a hiring freeze.
  2. Grand Rapidian

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    I am happy to see this pass!!! I worked on research aspects of this project a year and a half ago, there was much speculation about it passing after it had been pushed off the ballot a number of times. Ill bet everyone working on this now has a renewed energy!
  3. Grand Rapidian

    River House Condominiums

    Those floors are mechanical floors right? Well, steel optimizes their space. Concrete would work, steel offers more versatility for the mechanical equipment. Easier to fit, install, and work with the systems up there. Any future machinery being put (ie in 50+ years when there is better stuff out and the old needs replacing) it is easier to rework the steel frame than the concrete, especially with the as mentioned tension cables running through the structure.
  4. Grand Rapidian

    Photos De Jour - Grand Rapids and West Michigan Area

    No, those are west of downtown, the view is north west.
  5. Grand Rapidian

    Photos De Jour - Grand Rapids and West Michigan Area

    Does anyone have pictures of the view from up in Plaza Tower? I am curious to see the view in comparison to River House.
  6. Grand Rapidian

    River House Condominiums

    Can you imagine what it will look like when downtown is teaming with people on the 4th of July? Sunset must be gorgeous. Its a bummer to still be in college rather than out making some dough, living there, and hangin downtown.
  7. Grand Rapidian

    Frederik Meijer Gardens - Expansions/Enhancements

    I have always loved the Gardens and I am pleased to see the investment! I had no idea that half a million people visit each year!
  8. Grand Rapidian

    Photos De Jour - Grand Rapids and West Michigan Area

    Thank you very much!!! These are very helpful!
  9. Grand Rapidian

    Photos De Jour - Grand Rapids and West Michigan Area

    From above- Good old Houghton Lift Bridge, I crossed it just a few days ago to get some lunch. Does anyone have shots of the following that they might want to let me used to make sketches for a class? St. Andrews Cathedral St. James Catholic Church St. Adelbert Basilica St. Mary's Catholic Church One more interesting church spire that I am not thinking of right now. A link or post would be great. Is there maybe a thread of church pictures somewhere on here? I had no luck looking. Thanks!
  10. Grand Rapidian

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    19 stops on the 10 mile stretch... one stop every .5 miles? I guess I can see it, as the average person will walk up to .25 mile max and the walk time is 5 minutes for 1320 ft, but I thought BRT included more distance between stops (in the 1 mile range) Is there going to be a right of way lane here? This is good news. Are there going to be stations at each stop? Someone will have to get a bench mark of what there is along this route to be able to compare to see what the effects are over time with the route in place. It will be tough to give a definitive, but I think it will be noticeable in the look of the businesses along the street and maybe into the neighborhoods.
  11. Grand Rapidian

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    I am fairly skeptical about this system as well, but hopefully they do great things in Heathrow and put my worries to rest.
  12. Grand Rapidian

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Thank goodness, when I worked for MDOT I had to take GPS data points of all MDOT maintained highway lighting in the Region. If I remember right, there are a good number of light fixtures (big and small) and about 30 or so really tall ones. It was like a jungle getting to the bases of those towers. Sometimes there would be great big piles of glass where a light fixture fell out. Also, there were some serious infestations of bugs, bees, spiders, animals and snakes around those things... It was more scary to forge my way to one of those rusty beasts than to be pulled off to the side of 131 downtown at 4pm and have to merge into the fast lane from 0 miles per hour. Ohh MDOT, what an experience that I did not even know I was having until it was over. Another MDOT story, the guy I worked with at MDOT loved these things. I find them quite interesting. It is very useful to get off eastbound and hang a hard left under the bridge to get back on going west when doing multiple sweeps of a highway for data collection. Otherwise, you normally have to go through a few lights or wait a long time for traffic to make the same move at other ramps. Overall, those intersections seem to be a very efficient use of small amounts of land. Single Point Urban Interchange, I really like the design and signal timing, at least when I was using it.
  13. Grand Rapidian

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Part of that cost is due to the high property value. To build a line, you need a garage for the cars. That alone is not cheap, it is something we could escape with lower cost. The engineering cost must be higher because a larger amount of planning is required to squeeze the infrastructure in with existing infrastructure. Still, the cost is high.
  14. Grand Rapidian

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    The real time tracking is nice. When I interned for the transit consultants in San Francisco the people in the office who took the express bus (or any who rode busy routes) had the information sent to their cell phones everyday at 5 when work got out or they could check the web. The system doesnt sound cheap though.
  15. Grand Rapidian

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Who is on this task force and what is the experience or educational background of these members within transit systems operations and planning?