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  1. mmm paper cards with punched out holes used to program computers with information... never seen them work in action but I remember seeing a lot of them laying around the house when I was young..
  2. that's not uncommon.. Florence had a Target long before Huntsville got one.. we still don't have a Macy's, a jack in the box, or a steak n' shake.. mmmm steak n' shake...
  3. the roof lighting on the embassy suites hotel isn't that impressive..
  4. that's probably gonna cost the city a lot just to bring city services...
  5. Oh yeah.. Gotta love those midrises... Looks to be that will be all to offer in the city's skyline future the next couple of years...
  6. Hmmmm... That pretty much mirrors what a good friend of mines said about Huntsville's skyline future on another forum...
  7. Denise Vickers is Named News Director of WHNT-TV http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/2006/08/03/1770810.htm
  8. seems like that's a trend for Publix to not locate further in the city.. would be nice if they opened one at that heart of huntsville mall or somewhere on university drive.. maybe buyout that northside shopping center and build there and give walmart a run for their money..
  9. Looks like there may be some working going on with that old Bruno's Grocery store on Oakwood and North Parkway.. Hopefully the DMV is looking at that building....
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