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  1. Grand old house, looks like it's being restored, hopefully that is the case. I'm willing to bet that an old house like that has some very solid wood still left to be utilized.
  2. This is definitely a good idea if finances allow. Dorchester Road is choked with traffic during the morning and evening rush hours. I remember when this part of Dorchester Road was expanded years ago but the problem has only gotten worse. However, a better location would be at the shopping center right between Old Trolley Road and Ladson Road. Having a park and ride lot at the Wal-Mart is a bad idea, that area is a terrible bottleneck. The shopping center has a better traffic flow pattern around it.
  3. Those bouquets are indeed made from Palmetto leaves. These display a level of talent and initiative, however, there was a debate back in 2007 concerning the young boys from downtown neighborhoods that would make these Palmetto frond flowers to sell to tourists. Apparently some thought that they were more of a nuisance rather than an enterprise.
  4. Thanks for that info, I'm glad that some of SC's natural assets aren't being overlooked. This is one of the benefits of being a midsized city without too much dirty industry.
  5. This is wonderful news for both Charleston and SC. This homegrown South Carolina company is definitely making some waves in the defense contractor industry.
  6. I don't see how Charleston could not move up with such a massive development. Aren't each of the 17 buildings supposed to be the approxomate size of Northwoods Mall? Also, the Jedburg interchange could use an upgrade now and even if the Sheep Island Rd, etc interchange is built. There has been a substantial increase in the amount of traffic and trucks using the interchange and traffic backups are now stretching to the Interstate which has never happened before. When this mixed use project gets off the ground the 500 or so homes and commercial/retail sites planned for Ridgeville will be all bu
  7. That's not a bad showing for the old town, I notice however that Savannah has a higher ranking than Charleston. Also, you'd think that Savannah's focus would be on leisure like Charleston's but Savannah appears to be less diversified, focusing strictly on business services and wholesale. No surprise there with the millions of square feet of warehouse space near Savannah but Charleston will be catching up soon. Charleston appears to be somewhat of a financial center to my surprise with Financial Services, Business Services, and Leisure being the metro's focus. I wonder how they overlooked the
  8. It is amazing to watch the transformation of Midtown and they are building at a furious pace. Here are some more pictures of the neighborhood. Just look at the density!
  9. Some street scenes and new construction from Charleston's Midtown.
  10. That is a very attractive bell tower the church has.
  11. I had a chance to ride down Upper King Street yesterday and it looks very nice indeed. It is definitely much more pedestrian friendly and helps to bring the atmosphere of Lower King to Upper King. I was surprised to see that the work extended past the Crosstown and up towards the Philip Simmons shop.
  12. Indeed, this will be a definite plus for the Citadel Mall and the restaurants located in West Ashley, especially along the southern portions of Sam Rittenburg and Savannah Hwy. Who knows? Perhaps this will even prompt the renovation of the nearby theatre into a more modern facility with stadium seating and more screens or the building of an entirely new theatre.
  13. These "throwback' stores are definitely losing a lot of customers by refusing to accept credit and debit cards. I also rarely carry cash and I know that many other people as well don't carry cash in the amounts that was once common.
  14. This is welcomed news for Calhoum county, I'm sure Starbucks will make a good corporate citizen in the community.
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