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  1. I still won't believe this till I see it. We have been burned too many times. Glad to at least see some news. I passed the site the other day and was thinking someone needed to start the fight to get that hole drained and filled.
  2. Just a little FYI.... TG and the gang were checking to see what they have under the blacktop. There was core drilling on site yesterday morning. Drilling was taking place on his surface lot at the corner of 2nd and Demonbreaun around 8:45 a.m. (Thursday) I am not sure if they were finishing up so the lot could be used for the day, or if they were just getting started. .
  3. Sorry, "Architect"...... typing to fast and didn't check my spelling.
  4. The Architech has been named. Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback and Associates out of Atlanta The City Paper has a quick blurb Link here Here is the company website
  5. I guess one good thing for TG is that his market is a differnt crowd than standard Condo developments. While the economy is slowing down and the average person is tightening up their spending, Tony's market still has the disposable income to purchase if they want. This doesn't mean they will, because even those individuals will be holding onto a little more because it's human nature to play it safe in tough times. Persaonlly I'd rather dump a large sum of money into the market when it's low rather than into a condo, but I don't have that kind of money to toss around. I expect Tony to hold out till the market starts to swing up again. He's already done all the leg work, spent the money on design, engineering, metro approval, and all the other requirements for a project, and he owns the property so he can afford to wait if he wants. I don't think Tony will give up on the project, but it may get put on hold if his push doesn't work.
  6. took some quick photos of the Icon, Terrozo, and the Velocity...... on the Velocity subject, work is progressing. Currently there was a cement truck on site, a hole of some sort dug and rebar already erected in the hole. Not sure what it all is, but work has defenitly begun. No pics of these two but here's the latest. Enocre is finishing the west side of the parking garage with a combination of windows and funky fins. The fins have been in place for a few weeks, while windows have been going up this week. Rolling Hill.... There is a red crane on site already up much like the one at the 5th and Main site. If I uploaded the pics correctly they should be somewhere below this I guess....
  7. He would have to begin digging by March since that is what is stated for the latest possible setback in the contracts that have been signed by buyers.
  8. Some quick questions.... 1. Was it a 60% sold cap that Tony self imposed on the project before he'd commit to building (based on financial benchmarks his team crunched for financing)? If so, being around 55% means he's almost there since it's my understanding that these units have been converted from reservations to sold - this is an assumption based on the the Tony podcast and from the information the receptionist gave me about the March 08 Delay clause in the contracts of those who purchased. 2. Tony dosn't need a GC before starting excavation correct? I figure this may not the the conventional way of doing things, but AP seems to have had some success with this approach. By the way has anyone heard who is AP's GC or who is financing the WES, or is he P.O.ed at the media and we'll find out when somone puts a sign up on the fence? But Tony probably shouldn't be following in AP's footsteps on a project this large.... 3. Will Tony really have trouble finding 5 mil for excavation? Personally I don't think so, in the scheme of things, 5 mil is a decent chunk of change but small enough in the grand scale and ealily managable for local banks. Now the bank would never loan me 5 mil, but Tony G... I think he has a good shot.... 4. What is the cost comparison between the WES and Siggy?
  9. Agreed, it would be nice to know what is taken care of, but for the most part, Development Junkies like us would be the only ones who really care about these issues. The average buyer just wants to know when it will be done and when they can move in. WES is flying along and we don't know a singel one of those points mentioned above. The Velocity is about to start construction and I never came acorss the financer or hard sales numbers till they broke ground. I think Tony prob has more done than we realize, but that is just soley what I think. The public who dosn't follow development or who isn't purchasing could give a rats butt about who his GC or Financer are, perhaps those who have purchased have been privilaged to some of that information. Wish we had more, but sometimes it is what it is.... Last dates for ground breaking were Late Dec, or Early Jan. Contracts signed allow for setbacks till March of 07, so we'll see in the next few months what all he has done.
  10. Sales are still going, work is still being done, Current Groundbreaking is scheduled for Dec. and all the contracts signed and currently being written up have a clause in it that alows them (Siggy Team) to extend the Groundbreaking to March of 08 if needed, but at this point Dec, Jan is the more realistic time table. I was also told, This Sundays paper is supposed to have something pretty big pertainting to price incentives.
  11. I for one think it's a good idea. If you are able to look past the fact that it is a hockey game (not that I have a problem with hockey) you see that there are a lot of rich people in the seats. Tony's market isn't the occational one ticket fan that is painted from head to toe. Tony is aiming at the season ticket holders. Currently we are up to something like 9,000 season ticket holders that have spent thousands of dollars on a nice luxery seat for the year. These people are Tony's market and if you think about it.... if he is able to get just a few people buy, heck, probably one would cover all his ad cost, anything over that is positive for the future or Siggy. You also have to assume that he isn't relying only on hockey as his advertising and sole market. I am sure Tony has Siggy's hands all over the place including all the arts around town like the symphony, TPAC, The Frist, and I would hope other markets around the country. Off topic Pred question... how was attendence tonight?
  12. Beat to the punch by Fox17, ouch that has to hurt... j/k...... When can we expect more of the story Richard?
  13. Two pics coming everyones way. One is from Nashville and the other from Boston (Copley Church). A good friend took this earlier this year and sent it to me. Boston is one of my favorite towns
  14. What is the NC? ....... I last stopped by on the 18th and the worker there said that the workers had been told they were closing down the parking lot every month since May. He said "we're told every month that they are closing but we're still here." I'll try and stop in again on Monday and talk to a worker and see if they've been notified that they are out of a job. By the way, congrats to Savethepreds.com, awsome job on donating the $20,000 worth of tickets to the kids charity. Great to see the organization help keep the preds which is vital to our DT development.
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