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  1. +2 That's awesome! I really like Highland Club Seems nice (from the internet pics).
  2. alexr15


    Well, that is dumb. Seems as though that would take away some precision when actually figuring out populations by making it easier to miscount people. And about Walden Park, I'll have to ask them again but you're probably right. If anything, it seems like they would be a part of East Point (CC Marketplace is in EP).
  3. alexr15


    Does an Atlanta address not necessarily mean resident? I ask because I know a few people that live in Walden Park which is not in that area (Ben Hill) but they have an Atlanta address and pay prop taxes to Atlanta. The same thing with a few other large neighboords that have sprouted in S. Fulton.
  4. alexr15


    But you also have to take into the account the explosion of growth in South Fulton. A lot of those homes along Camp Creek, Cascade and South Fulton are within the city limits of Atlanta. I would imagine that those areas are booming with families.
  5. Twelve Centennial Park should begin construction in about six months.
  6. Newstome.info has some of the projects
  7. Check out Beltline.org. It's the official site, I believe. I certainly hope Atlanta can pull this off!
  8. Is Dubai where they built (or are building) the islands in the ocean in the shape of a palm tree?
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