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  1. Another example up here in Chicago is the First United Methodist Church, which is mixed-use church and office space. Interestingly, according to the Wiki article its construction was the result of a debate similar to the one going on here:
  2. Taco Bell is looking to rapidly grow their "Taco Bell Cantina" brand (open late, serves alcohol, no drive-thru); seems to me that one of those would be a good fit for the Midtown/Vandy area.
  3. As an AA loyalist who often flies ORD-BNA, I certainly hope mainline service makes an appearance soon. Though the reappearance of the E175s is certainly a plus on its own -- they feel much more like mainline aircraft than other regional jets, IMO. I'm also a little surprised that they still don't have service to their Phoenix hub from Nashville. Nice to see Delta growing as well -- they've been on a roll of adds recently, with Raleigh, Seattle, and Boston. I wonder how JetBlue's been doing? I wonder if they'll ever give BNA-JFK another try.
  4. I haven't seen any releases from BNA or the airline about this yet, but it appears that Canadian carrier WestJet is starting 5x weekly service to Toronto on June 15 (every day but Tuesday and Thursday, operated by their regional subsidiary Encore), per posts on Airline Route and airliners.net. It appears to be bookable on WestJet's website, too.
  5. I thought jetBlue would make it here too. It probably didn't help them that for many people headed to New York, especially the business-types headed to Manhattan, LaGuardia and Newark are generally considered more convenient than Kennedy... and it didn't really make much sense to connect from BNA through JFK on them, since that's out of the way for pretty much all of their destinations save Boston. Then again, I'm just guessin'... maybe someone else is more in the know.
  6. I flew in and out of BNA this weekend for the first time since March, and the renovations have really come along (at least on the C concourse). I can't wait to see it all done. It certainly will look much better than the airport at the other end of my journey, STL, which looks like it could really use some TLC. (I saw some equipment there marked with Ozark Air Lines insigna... they went out of business in 1986 - before I was born - which was cool for the airline geek in me.) Also cool for the airline geek in me was my seeing a Delta 767 at Nashville (Jags' charter, I suppose?) and a coup
  7. This is a picture I took last December, but just rediscovered it recently. It's not the greatest picture from a photographic standpoint (lotsa clutter in the foreground and a poorly placed tree), but I like it just the same. Taken from Fort Negley. (click to enlarge thumbnail)
  8. Today, Southwest released a large array of flight changes for their fall schedule. Nashville gets an additional flight to Chicago-Midway (9 total), an additional flight to Philly (3 total), and an additional flight to Denver (2 total), all starting in November. Nothing terribly exciting, but at least we didn't lose any flights like some other cities did... and hopefully it's a sign of more things to come from them. http://www.southwest.com/about_swa/press/070627_chart.pdf
  9. The distinction between regional and mainline can have several meanings; firstly, it can refer to the size of the aircraft. Any plane that has more than 75 seats or so would likely be considered a mainline aircraft, while anything with less than 75 would typically be considered a regional aircraft. The dividing line, though, is very fuzzy, and can change from airline to airline... or from person to person. The terms can also refer to the company actually operating the flight. "Mainline" refers to a flight which is operated by the same company that advertises and sells the flight. Take S
  10. Not much has changed on B either... the bulk of the work right now still seems concentrated on C concourse. Caught my first flight on one of the new, larger Embraers today (the E170); those planes are sleek.
  11. I can't wait for this to start rising. It's a shame I'm going to be leaving town for college just as this building boom seems to be truly hitting its stride; on the other hand, I suppose my absence will make the changes seem all the more dramatic when I do come back to town.
  12. WKRN Channel 2, on tonight's 10:00pm news, reports that Signature passed its 3rd and final reading in Council tonight. They also report a new groundbreaking date of July 1st.
  13. Upon re-reading the article, it looks like they're not doing that until the next home game, not this past one. Oops...
  14. Does anyone know how successful the train for the Titans game was; if it had good crowds?
  15. News from AA: American Airlines Announces Re-Opening Of Admirals Club Lounge At Nashville International Airport Hopefully this indicates that they will be increasing their presence here again, even if just a little bit. It'd be nice to see some of those empty gates they have on C be used again...
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