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  1. Day - Union Station Owner Threatens To Evict Tenants Amtrak, Greyhound O'Donnell made his comments during an afternoon forum held at the historic station by the third-party political group, One New London. O'Donnell told the 35 people in attendance that if nothing changes he will give his two tenants, Amtrak and Greyhound, a 90-day notice on Labor Day that they are being evicted. The tenants are operating on a month-to-month arrangement, he said. .... The facility has about 27,000 square feet of space, but his tenants utilize only about 4,700 of it, he said. Just maintaining the rest rooms alone has cost $40,000 a year. The co-owners shut them down two weeks ago because of continuing vandalism. ... Once the trains and buses are gone, the building could make a
  2. Day - Group Begins To Gather Land For 'Greenway' Along Future Rt. 11 Corridor Peter Sielman, chairman of the GAC, said Wednesday that the state Department of Transportation, acting as agent for the GAC, has purchased the first parcel
  3. What the hell.... I just started working in a tech department in a local company a few weeks ago, during off peak hours. Given that, there's a small crew. I am a fairly recent college graduate and mentioned that I would like to move out of tech support and into something like networking, database, or programming. Today, my boss who works first shift told me that he heard of "rumbles" that I am trying to leave him already even though I'm on my probation period. I gave the guy my word I'll be with him for at least 6 months probably somewhere around a year, and I don't know what to make of this. I'm thinking that either someone nonchalantly said something when asked about me wihtout thinking of it or was trying to make me look bad (knowing that I told all 7 people who work nights) without reprecussions, thus leading me to already have trust issues. I asked two people, my supervisor who I trust and the guy who trained me so he can move onto days who I don't trust, if they knew anything about that before leaving for my "weekend" and there are other people who I think may have said it. The whole thing probably isn't such a big deal in the boss's mind, but could it be a sign that there are people who I need to watch out for? I'm new to the office politics things and am wondering if I'm overthinking this or if I need to start watching what I say, or even start testing the people I suspect.
  4. Well... I think both sides of the river are pretty similar, with more probably being on the west side. The west has New London (30K), a good portion of Waterford's 20k right along the water, montville (19k), and most of Norwich's 38k. Groton is 40K and a lot of that would be served by the shoreline line anyways, just not the sub base. Plus, the land area for that town is pretty big by CT standards so it's not really densely populated. Ledyard is only 15. If anything I would cut out the east one... A way to look for density would be to look at the coloring of the map that mapquest puts on there. The yellow tint is for the more "urban" areas and the entire western side of the river is covered with them on this map. I was thinking about rehashing an old idea, though, for my fantasy transit network. In addition to the removal of the eastern thames river line, a streetcar system in Norwich. It would have a loop going both ways from Utopia to downtown/transit center, mohegan sun, back across the river. It would also have potential spurs for future expansion, with the most obvious ones being towards greenville, rt 82, and the East side. The area also will probably need route 2 to be finished as originally intended all the way to Westerly after all Utopia's stuff is built.
  5. I took the 10 minutes to crudely illustrate what I think would be a good map for a NL county light rail system. For the shoreline line (yellow) I included stops over by the Westerly beches (yeah i know it's at the airport), Stonington,Mystic Seaport/Aquarium, downtown Mystic, Groton Airport, Groton Center, then down to EB/Pfizer.... but that line was cut off on the bototm and I mostly just threw lines in there and tried to make it close. Along the west bank of the Thames (brown) I started out in New London's train station, had a transfer to the green line, stopped at Coast Guard Academy, another stop along rt 32, a couple stops in Montville for growth potential such as the St Bernard's high school property, then off to Mohegan Sun/Transfer to blue line, then off to Norwich by Norwich Inn, then shipping st, then another transfer bridge to blue line, then trans. center Along the East bank (green) it starts in Groton Center, then hits the transfer to the brown line, stops at a residential neighborhood, stops at the sub base, then follows the P&W line all the way past gales ferry over to the little commercial area where the school is, then stops at a blueline transfer/utopia stop, then stops at the other end of utopia, stops over by the thermos apartments on laurel hill, transfers to the brown line, stops at the old transportation center (downtown east), stops just north of downtown along N. main st, stops in greenville, stops at the other end of greenville, stops along a commercial corridor of rt 12 ripe for development, then stops in taftville (the map cut taftville off, too). The blue line is made with the "leave me alone" type residents of Preston, Ledyard, and N. Stonington in mind. It starts at the Sun, crosses the river over to Utopia's southern station/green line transfer, stops in poquetonneck village in Preston, then Foxwoods, a potential commercial area in North Stonington, North Stonington Studios with a potential park & ride component, a junction with the northern terminus to rt 78, downtown Westerly, and a supposed transfer near the Westerly beaches (situated near the airport due to the map having cut off the shore) My routes weren't well as well thought out as they would be if I was to present a serious plan, obviously, but I think a system with these general stops would succeed if given that Utopia is as big as it seems it will be and North Stonington Studios is built. These would all ideally be light rail lines. Some of the right of way would be where pre-existing rail lines including parts of the shoreline line, most of the thames river lines. Also, rail stations could always be added, the shoreline is dense enough to handle a few stations in the gaps, but again my map was crappy. Any thoughts? on edit: i decided to throw some more norwich stations in there along the Shetucket river on the green line .... it would be the epicenter of this supposed Utopian metropolis, after all...
  6. That's why I can understand it and don't expect them to change anything... but my position is that it's a college team and would better serve the students at Gampel. Gampel isn't quite Cameron Indoor Stadium, but it's UConn's on-campus facility and ideally the team would be used to serve the student population in Storrs, not the suits in Hartford. Again, I understand that money is important and can't really blame them for holding games in Hartford.
  7. While I know the Hartford businesses and locals are a big part of paying the bills... I would much rather see UConn play all their games at Gampel than in the HCC or a new arena.
  8. Looks like a whole lot of Cotuit talking to himself ..... how far this site has gone since then!
  9. I'd actually like to see those "impossible" literacy tests come back and given to every voter. Heck... make it so you get 20 questions or so and can get 3 wrong if they really wanna be nice. In addition to a few basic Constitutional questions, they should ask current questions like "President Bush appointed 2 supreme court justices in his tenure, name one" or "________ , who represents the State of Nevada, is the US Senate Minority leader". Too many people would get simple questions wrong, and really shouldn't be voting.
  10. I didn't read whatever Cotuit deleted, but I don't think DevBanker is exactly the devil like you guys seem to think he is. A lot of what he says is valid. And FYI: Most peope are what most people here would consider "idiots". The types who know more about what's in People Magazine than what's really going on in the world. These people also vote in both the ballot box and with their wallets, so you can't say the "ignorant people who say 'ghetto'" shouldn't be listened to. You'll never truely revive a city without pleasing a good number of the idiots out there.
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