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  1. Unless Citibank Comm'l Mortgage is underwriting the deal I don't understand why the developer is giving Citi the free publicity. Most entities with the 'Citi' pre-fix are directly related to Citibank via sponsorship or as a part of the corporate structure. J/S.
  2. Does anyone know what the cost per mile of MagLev v. Commuter Rail is? I would love to see MagLev expanded throughout the Metro Area if this initial link works and eventually have traditional heavy commuter rail abandoned.
  3. It seems so odd to me seeing those quaint brick streets lined with highrises. I know very well that the streets are historic, but I will say that I'm not against any decision to repave in South Eola. Eola Heights or Thornton Park are different stories, however.
  4. The architect must have been all of his/her time at airport.
  5. I always thought a giant sundial 30'-40' tall would be an amazing addition to the southern gateway to DT. With the proper lighting program it could be as iconic as Centennial Fountain in Lake Eola.
  6. I don't think retail facing Orange is terrible. Seems to me that there's a higher traffic count there that should drive retail, maybe even big box retail which would serve as neighborhood anchors. The Concord Street side would be much more livable for residents if it is developed this way.
  7. mrh3


    How will they get a rail system down 50? Would it be elevated, in the median or or subterranean? It think that would be the best route, but what a nightmare to construct at this point.
  8. I agree. Having lived in Phoenix for many years, the impact isn't anywhere near as significant as one would hope. I think that the best urban campus in the country is GW in DC. THAT should be their model if they really want to create a presence. http://virtualtour.gwu.edu/#UMAP_2013090592962
  9. Sunshine, that is a BRILLIANT IDEA. In fact, it was originally a department store (KRESS) so you'd be returning a department store to Main & Main after a 70 year absence??? The way that I know that everyone is concerned that they won't get the foot traffic, but the fact is that the urban retail experience has been co-opted by the enclosed mall and there is an entire generation that's is oblivious to this. 34th, State, and Grant Streets (NYC, Chicago, SF) are the best urban retail locations in the country and each has a major department store to anchor them: Macy's, Marshall Field's-now Macy's, and Macy's West. Some may be concerned about Nordstroms ability to attract foot traffic, but that can easily be mitigated by adjusting store hours to the peak times M-F 9-6 Closed Sunday and Saturday 10-9 or something similar to the Neiman Marcus downtown Dallas. This is the time to break out the check book. I doubt that Nordstrom wants to exit the market entirely and we all know that money talks and BS walks....
  10. Crescent Central Station means nothing. I hope they come up with something with more appeal.
  11. RedStar25 I'm not convinced. Buildings respond to the communities in which they are built and as we have seen in art museums around the world, a beautiful buildings does not make a respected museum if the collection is tepid. Let's hope that the equality of the entertainment is equivalent to the ambitions of the building/community.
  12. Those landlords are just being cheap. Basic economics dictates that reinvestment in the district will increase property values for each landowner. They really need to see renderings. Most people have no imagination,
  13. I'll have to take a look on my next trip down. From the images I saw there was a massive yard in front. I'm more accustomed to the private outdoor space in the backyard. There's more of an urban streetwall effect.
  14. I'm not sure if this is the right location, but it's a list of all high rise construction in the US between 2000-2013. Orlando ranks 11th nationally and has a virtually identical profile to Tampa. I'm sure that you'll find it enjoyable reading. http://www.urbanophile.com/2013/08/20/trends-in-american-high-rise-construction-by-david-holmes/
  15. By NYC standards 1mi=20 street blocks. 20 blocks=Approx. 15-20 min walk. Depending upon how well laid out the sidewalks are, this could be a good think. To be considered Transit Oriented Development there must be a rail stop within a 15 min walk.
  16. They look like the townhouses found in the DMV region. I don't hate them, but I'm not exactly inspired either. I wonder why they put all that yard in the from rather than the back where they traditionally belong. Why the hesitation to build to the street in Orlando? Seems to me that the less grass to concern ones self with the more time to pursue ones true interests.
  17. mrh3


    Great article on American auto independence. http://www.forbes.com/sites/michelinemaynard/2014/04/16/roads-versus-rail-the-big-battle-over-public-transportation/
  18. Now that I think about it, the whole DTO concept is just another bureaucratic attempt to revitalize the CBD. Generally, the only ones that benefit from these types of studies are the consultants. Are Buddy & Co along with the folks on Rosalind truly that clueless about what's needed that they require a study? Downtown needs 3 things: 1). More Jobs 2). More Retail - this includes restaurants 3). Better Policing. Once these issues are addressed from the business owners perspective the area should blossom again. Entrepreneurs will always seek markets to exploit often before the condumer realizes that it even needs the particular product or service. That's my opinion.
  19. You have a point. Most CEO's choose office locations primarily based on proximity to executive housing. Currently, downtown has a shortage of executive housing and the retail to support a 1% lifestyle. Therefore a location with better amenities, lower commuting times, and high quality housing will win almost everytime. The notable exception being companies that choose central business districts as a way to "Urbanize" their brand due to worker preference (i.e. Twitter in San Francisco). Finally, the cost of midrise suburban construction v. high rise urban construction cannot be underestimated even with tax incentives. All these factors most likely led to Darden remaining in the 'burbs. I strongly believe that if Tradition Towers had been constructed that would have had as much if not a larger impact on corporate relocation downtown than tax abatements.
  20. Now that DPAC, the Citrus Bowl, Amway Center, and the new MLS are either complete or funded when will someone stand up for the Orlando Museum of Art? Seems like it's the stepchild of Orlando's cultural facilities. This year is it's 90th Anniversary making it one of the oldest Art Museums in the Southeast yet there seems to be no acknowledgement or awareness.
  21. I'm also curious about where the entrepreneur's are? A city can only do so much to stir investment, but at a certain point you need individuals willing to take the risk to open in these locations without expecting national retailers to do all the heavy lifting. In my experience, the national firms being more risk averse are more likely to arrive after there is a demonstrated retail market nurtured by local businesses. Some of the basic things I know we've discussed prior include a hardware store, office supply store, dry cleaners, wine and liquor stores, home goods, etc... That's low hanging fruit that should easily be solved. The way that the city could help would be to guarantee leases for the businesses or find some other way to incentivize a landlord to accept a lease.
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