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  1. jbjust

    New Richmond Arena

    I hate to advocate bright-line rules, but how about this one: "If your downtown redevelopment project proudly features a skating rink and bowling alley, you might not know what you're doing."
  2. Probably should get a new thread for this (if there isn't one already).
  3. jbjust

    Richmond International Airport

    I would be more excited about the SW service to Tampa if it weren't a blatantly anticompetitive move to try to squeeze an upstart carrier out of the market. How about offering some NEW destinations from Richmond, like Las Vegas?
  4. jbjust

    Richmond Developments

    I'm not saying we ban them. I just don't think we should be incentivizing distribution centers with tax credits, etc. just as if they were a manufacturing facility or a corporate HQ as distribution centers have a huge footprint, employ relatively few people, and have significant negative externalities.
  5. jbjust

    Richmond Developments

    Not to be contrarian, but is having a huge inland port like that actually a benefit for quality of life in Richmond? Relatively speaking, the port and huge distribution warehouses employ very few people in proportion to their footprint and the ultimate result is many, many more tractor trailers on our local highways that are starting to get distressingly congested. I have the same reaction when I see the grand announcements of somebody building a new distribution center in Richmond, btw.
  6. jbjust

    BridgePark Project

    As awesome as this looks, I put the odds at Richmond doing something so forward thinking that also eliminates lanes of traffic at 0.0%
  7. jbjust

    Richmond International Airport

    I was more excited about that number until I went to wikipedia and looked to see where that would put us — still probably out of the top 50 (extrapolating a bit based on 2017 numbers). https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_busiest_airports_in_the_United_States. RDU is almost 50% busier than we are!!!
  8. jbjust

    Richmond Developments

    A thousand times no. Have you seen what hat has done to downtown detroit?
  9. jbjust

    Richmond International Airport

    Service only on Sundays... Snore.
  10. jbjust

    The Locks at 321

    I have to say, it's growing on me. Would rather get more people downtown now than a perfect project in 5-10 years.
  11. jbjust

    New Richmond Arena

    Agree, not to mention the expense of paying for all those singers!
  12. jbjust

    New Richmond Arena

    Check and mate...
  13. Wait until that parking garage is covered in trees...
  14. jbjust

    New Richmond Arena

    Yes, people don't realize that the debt obligation is finite and that if the TIF generates more than needed it goes to the city.