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  1. Richmond Developments

    How about we actually pay for journalism that we all enjoy reading and discussing?
  2. Richmond Developments

    Is it a coincidence that this is the day after the Va Beach arena deal seems to have fallen through?
  3. Well I'm on the 17th floor and looking up at the crane, so I'm thinking your guy misspoke.
  4. Richmond International Airport

    RIC doesn't have a proper red-eye. I call that flight the "pink eye".
  5. Richmond International Airport

  6. Richmond Region Transportation

    I really love their "can't do" attitude.
  7. Richmond Breweries

    I'm almost more interested to see their landscaping plan and see how it interacts with the Cap Trail.
  8. Richmond Developments

    Not exactly priced to resolve the food desert in that section of the city.
  9. Richmond Developments

    Is this a joke?
  10. I heard they're going to use the remaining equipment as a boiler for the whole building...
  11. Richmond Developments

    That lot is so steep that it begs for some sort of underground parking solution so as to bring the grocery store right up to the sidewalk -- like the Harris Teeter in Pentagon Row.
  12. Richmond International Airport

    If I had to bet, I would say 75%+ connect on to a California destination.
  13. Richmond off-topic postings

    Honestly, I hope we never have explosive growth like that in Richmond. That's one of the things I like about our city, the fact that we continue to grow steadily while avoiding the horror that is Charlotte, D.C., or Atlanta in terms of sprawl and traffic.
  14. New Richmond Arena

    Reviving this thread with no news is just cruel.
  15. Rockett's Landing

    The last time I checked, the blue warehouse had a "For Lease" sign on it.