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  1. Richmond International Airport

    I'm amazed Southwest never tried to develop that route given their heavy presence in Nashville.
  2. The Locks at 321

    It's just dirt and a porta-potty at the moment.
  3. Richmond International Airport

    The flight to Houston on that RJ145 has to be one of the worst flights in America. I am literally numb after 3 hours on that cramped, uncushioned seat. I've given up on United because of their refusal to fly decent-sized planes out of Richmond.
  4. New Richmond Arena

    Yes, I’m sure they could have kept that a secret from the Farrells... This isn’t the NSA.
  5. Scores of New Hotels for Downtown Richmond

    I'm pretty sure the Commonwealth was back open for business weeks ago.
  6. Richmond: Economy/Business/Real Estate

    I guarantee that Dominion will centralize as many operations as possible here in RVA for cost-saving purposes, probably most back-office functions. They're only committing to no job cuts until 2020, which is how long it will take them to figure out who they want to fire anyway.
  7. Richmond: Economy/Business/Real Estate

    It's a big friggin' deal. I bet it's Dominion's biggest acquisition ever in terms of additional customers.
  8. Richmond: Economy/Business/Real Estate

    Huge expansion for Dominion Energy! http://dominionenergy.mediaroom.com/2018-01-03-Dominion-Energy-SCANA-Announce-All-Stock-Merger-With-1-000-Immediate-Cash-Payment-To-Average-South-Carolina-Electric-Gas-Residential-Electric-Customer-After-Closing
  9. Richmond Developments

    How about we actually pay for journalism that we all enjoy reading and discussing?
  10. Richmond Developments

    Is it a coincidence that this is the day after the Va Beach arena deal seems to have fallen through?
  11. Well I'm on the 17th floor and looking up at the crane, so I'm thinking your guy misspoke.
  12. Richmond International Airport

    RIC doesn't have a proper red-eye. I call that flight the "pink eye".
  13. Richmond International Airport

  14. Richmond Region Transportation

    I really love their "can't do" attitude.
  15. Richmond Breweries

    I'm almost more interested to see their landscaping plan and see how it interacts with the Cap Trail.