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  1. The Wizards just built a new 4,000 seat arena for their women’s team and G-league team, unfortunately.
  2. They could find a developer to build the building and just charge them rent, even as the sole tenant. Could end up cash-flow positive short term.
  3. They're a multi-billion dollar company, not a young couple who just renovated their kitchen.
  4. I agree. Vaceltic should take his arena hate over to reddit.com/r/rva
  5. I’ve never seen the HOT lane at more than $20 each way, which is just over half the cost of the cheapest Amtrak ticket. Also, I drive a Tesla and can generally charge for free in DC, so I’m out about $3 in fuel cost.
  6. So now we have actual info and no discussion?!?! I'm traveling for business, what's y'alls excuse?
  7. The fact that they're still relying on diesel south of DC means that we're stuck in the 20th century for the foreseeable future. I was a dedicated once/week Amtrak rider for a year or so and the 30% late southbound arrivals and the 10% extremely late southbound arrivals have pushed me back into my car. When they finish the HOT lane project that will extend south of Fredricksburg in a couple of years and finish converting the 395 HOV lane into a proper HOT lane, I don't imagine it will ever make much sense to take Amtrak.
  8. These are all the photos I saw in the presentation back in May.
  9. Maybe a little OTB while we're at it...
  10. I totally disagree. We need to build on the downtown core and the Monroe building sits out on an island essentially.
  11. jbjust

    Centennial Tower

    Looks like it's going to be "Centennial Terrace" with 6 stories and street-level retail... https://www.richmond.com/business/local/new-york-developer-planning--story-apartment-building-in-downtown/article_ca57f196-e9b5-50c9-a52b-7b5130086f1b.html
  12. The portion that the city would be expected to pay in a development like this (e.g., the arena, etc.) will be financed by TIF. The hotel, etc. will be privately financed. My recollection iw that they have already signed up a developer and operator for the hotel.
  13. Just to be clear on the financial side of this -- the entire project is premised upon TIF financing, which is NON-RECOURSE financing from the bond-holders' perspective. If the project does not generate a sufficiently larger value in the underlying real estate to pay the bill, then the bondholders take the bath, not the city. These sorts of TIF bonds are widely syndicated, so Brent's desire to know what large single entity will fund this is searching for something that doesn't exist and has never been intended to exist.
  14. This is actually a pretty big deal for flights to Europe, opening up a number of new options for flights.
  15. I think it would be great if they moved one of the UVA/VT games to there. They used to play some fo those games at the Roanoke Coliseum.
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