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  1. jbjust

    Retail in Richmond

    That is an old article suggesting a December opening. Any update?
  2. Almost nobody builds their own building in downtown DC. You should literally read less than nothing into what their DC digs look like.
  3. Lounges are for layovers, Richmond has no meaningful number of layovers so we'll never have a lounge until we do.
  4. While nothing is assured in the world these days, I feel pretty confident Dominion is building that tower. I wish they would move the people from the riverfront HQ to the new building, but it isn't realistic to think that the city would buy the riverfront buildings and demolish them (except for the parking deck) to improve river access.
  5. If my time in Richmond has taught me anything, it's that the high-rise in the hand is worth two in the bush.
  6. I don't see how you think this is a curse. Sounds like they have multiple developers who saw their proposal and thought "you're wasting that lot to build that? I could put something much more valuable there and I'm willing to pay you a lot more than you paid for the land because of that."
  7. Yeah, how about he develop the slums on broad street he's been sitting on for 15 years first.
  8. Have you driven by lately? It's past the point of no return.
  9. Yeah, I don't think people are going to stop buying electricity. I'll take that 100:1 bet.
  10. Talk about a boon for Capital Ale House!
  11. Nothing says "classy" like having an Indian Casino right in the middle of your downtown.
  12. She is a nasty woman.
  13. I really don't understand the timing of this at all. So many good developments recently. Why do we vote for the least of us to lead?
  14. They have plenty of parking, a vast underground garage that extends all the way from JC3 to JC1 and then climbs several stories behind JC2. I can definitely imagine another mid-rise here, but can't imagine a huge tower going in.
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