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  1. This is going to be a parking lot for the foreseeable future. Sorry.
  2. What is the advantage to Richmond becoming an air freight hub? Seems like more airplane noise and truck traffic for what? More air-traffic control headaches?
  3. I absolutely hate driving out to RIR to watch a concert. As a downtown worker, I would walk down to a concert much more readily than I would drive out to RIR. I also think COVID is depressing crowds. I went to a sold-out Avett show in the fall that had lots of empty seats because of no-shows (the concert was sold out prior to COVID and rescheduled twice).
  4. It all depends on what is landing right in front of you. I was stuck for 3 hours behind a flight from Bogota once (after that I got Global Entry). 1.5 hours seems very tight if you have any checked bag as you'll have to collect it and put it back through.
  5. That flight from IAD to RIC gets cancelled pretty frequently. Also, unless you have Global Entry, the immigration line can be 2-3 hours, so not sure how much of a layover you've left yourself. For these reasons, we almost always just drive to Dulles.
  6. I don't know if I would necessarily trust that data. I know lots of people (myself included) who regularly drive to Dulles to fly internationally to avoid the risk of a crapty United connection delay.
  7. I flew from RIC to Toronto once several years ago and it was the smallest plane I've ever flown on. I could literally lean forward and smack the pilot in the back of the head if I wanted. There are plenty of airports (e.g., Toronto, Dublin, some Carribbean islands)) where customs are cleared BEFORE you fly into the U.S., so I don't think this is what was holdings us back from having any international routes.
  8. Looked like they were putting a layer of gravel over the whole bottom of the hole, probably to eliminate the big pools of standing water when it rains. Can't imagine they'll bring in enough dirt to bring that up to street level.
  9. That is an old article suggesting a December opening. Any update?
  10. Almost nobody builds their own building in downtown DC. You should literally read less than nothing into what their DC digs look like.
  11. Lounges are for layovers, Richmond has no meaningful number of layovers so we'll never have a lounge until we do.
  12. While nothing is assured in the world these days, I feel pretty confident Dominion is building that tower. I wish they would move the people from the riverfront HQ to the new building, but it isn't realistic to think that the city would buy the riverfront buildings and demolish them (except for the parking deck) to improve river access.
  13. If my time in Richmond has taught me anything, it's that the high-rise in the hand is worth two in the bush.
  14. I don't see how you think this is a curse. Sounds like they have multiple developers who saw their proposal and thought "you're wasting that lot to build that? I could put something much more valuable there and I'm willing to pay you a lot more than you paid for the land because of that."
  15. Yeah, how about he develop the slums on broad street he's been sitting on for 15 years first.
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