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  1. Um... maybe because it was a 400-foot building in a public park with another 10-story parking podium? Just a guess.
  2. It's still in preliminary engineering. From what Jaybee said the FTA reviewers seemed to have a good impression on their land use review, but FTA monitors the process in all stages of project development-- and this one's not even through NEPA yet. 2009 was always a longshot; I don't see how they can possibly make it if they can't secure the federal funding this year. I highly doubt FDOT is willing to pony up 75%; the local governments, alreadly skeptical of transit, have been told that they only need to come up with a combined quarter. They don't want the project badly enough to come up wi
  3. OK, this is it, I promise. Camillo, how about this? Before (taken today at lunch): After: I discovered Shadow/Highlight in PS. Is that how you're getting your effect? Tried more with white balance, but today was just too bright. Circular polarizer is on the way!
  4. I sent you a message as not to hijack the discussion board with camera talk any longer. Check your inbox (there should be a notification somewhere, probably in the top-right of the web browser). And to the board, let the photos resume!
  5. Just don't forget the dead zone you have with the Metropolitan. Unless it's considered fashionable to peer into an underground parking level and smell oil and exhaust fumes.
  6. I suppose ideally Lymmo would be operating at more than 10 minute off-peak headways, and people wouldn't shrug their shoulders when they see the lanes sitting unused. But you have to admit it isn't really any faster to get around on Lymmo because the buses don't have signal preemption. They don't seem to have a lot of priority, either: they sit and wait through the timed signal phases, even with no cross-street traffic (Jefferson and Magnolia is routinely the worst example I see of this). Why would you need a center turn lane on Orange? With a few exceptions, there are no curb cuts b
  7. Agreed. The courthouse, as the French would say, totally sucks. What's worse is the assault on urbanism (not that there is much urbanism around there, mind you, but this isn't a promising start to rebuilding that part of town). The blast zone setback requirements place what is effectively a prison 15-20 feet from the street, adding nothing but vacuity to an already weak context. The culture of civic works in America died just after World War II, and the corpse was already starting to stink by the time of Model Cities and Boston's new government center. But this is below what I expected, e
  8. Thanks, as always, for the photoshop tips. It is more glamorous this way. But I have to say the original photo, grey and flat though it may be, is really what the scene looked like: those ominous clouds that brought in Friday's rains were rolling through. It was less of an issue to the north (see the B of A shot below), but the lower part of downtown had effectively zero highlights. This is a new camera (finally bought the DSLR a few weeks ago) and I'm still tinkering around with exposure bias-- of about 40 taken from that point of view this was the most accurate, or at least the mos
  9. OK, I'll apologize. But really, Dale, you should know better. monsoon is right; John Mica's position and influence really doesn't put us in a better place than anywhere else. A so-so rail system proposal in a city that doesn't really get what rail will do for it looks very unattractive compared to some of the all-star new transit cities that have been developing systems in the last 20 years. Unfortunately, the pot of cash for all these candidates is constantly dwindling. I'm not writing this because I'm simply Orlando-scarred and cynical, either. I work in transportation and transit pl
  10. Possibly true, but if federal money comes through Mica it will be through special congressional appropriation and not from the Federal Transit Administration. And after the wave of criticism over the thousands of special projects in SAFETEA-LU, many seen as unmitigated pork, a $250 million appropriation may be hard to pull, even with Mica
  11. Given that the typical NEPA requirements take anywhere from 12 to 24 months to complete and that the project is still in that stage (i.e. before preliminary engineering has begun), I wouldn't expect it to have moved very far in the month since the last activity on this thread. Also, remember that this project has been sold to local governments as having all-but-guaranteed 50% federal funding. That money has not yet been awarded by the FTA, so the project, if it depends on federal funding for its advancement, is a wild card at best. It's worth bearing in mind, not as a pessimistic disclaim
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