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  1. According to Arkansas Money and Politics, there will be a ground breaking for a Hampton Inn by Hilton on airport property on tomorrow, November 1.
  2. Haven’t all of Allegient’s flights been seasonal except for the Orlando flight?
  3. About time. With what’s been happening in the downtown’s of Little Rock and North Little Rock I thought the site of the Greyhound station would be a good site for a hotel. Two questions. 1) will it be a full service hotel (if it’s a hotel that will be developed there) that could be used as overflow rooms for events at the convention center. 2) where is the bus station moving to? In the past that seems to have been the hold up for redeveloping the property.
  4. I wonder if there will be some kind of connection (not physical) to Riverfront and President Clinton parks since this new park will be close by. I’m sure they will want it to have its own identity.
  5. I agree. I’m sure once they get into it the cost will be more than $2 million to get it back to class A space.
  6. According to Arkansas Business the Bank of America tower has a new owner. The plan is to invest around $2 million in the building for upgrading the mechanicals and general spruce up to get it back to class A office space then rebrand and start leasing space in the building.
  7. I agree the Outlets of Little Rock/Bass Pro area is the leading candidate to get Top Golf.
  8. Great news and you’re right about Delta. Every other airline serving Little Rock has multiple routes except for Delta. They used to fly to Detroit from Little Rock but I think that ended with the pandemic.
  9. The Census Bureau released population estimates as of July 1, 2021 yesterday. Little Rock’s population shrunk from 202,514 to 201, 998. North Little Rock’s population shrunk to 64,633 to 64,162. Conway’s population rose from to 63,656 to 65,121 so it is now the second largest city in the metro by these estimates.
  10. Hopefully there will be synergy with it, the Clinton School of Public Service and UA Little Rock’s downtown space.
  11. You were right. The Arkansas Times is reporting that the parking deck will be back up for discussion with the city board.
  12. Well. According to the Arkansas Times the Little Rock Board decided not to move forward with the new parking deck.
  13. Glad you enjoyed your visit to Little Rock. Downtown has definitely changed since the last time you were here. Yes. We are undergoing a widening of the freeway through downtown. Next time you are in the area spend a little time across the river in downtown North Little Rock, or what we call Argenta. It has gone through it’s own transformation.
  14. Passed by it a few nights ago and was a little surprised when I saw it lit up. It’s been a while since I’ve driven 30.
  15. I was wondering about the 2020 count as well for Conway. As has been stated the 2019 estimate was more than the 2020 count. Was there an over estimate for 2019 or an undercount in 2020? I haven’t heard anything from any Conway officials questioning the 2020 count.
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