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  1. Great location but making a left turn heading north on University would have been insane.
  2. I guess this would be a second location for ULTA. They are one of the few retailers that were expanding before the pandemic. Sephora has a store in Park Plaza. With JCPenny filing for bankruptcy and saying they are go to close stores I’m not surprised they are suing.
  3. White County doesn’t have to touch Pulaski County to be added to the MSA and you are right that there are other factors that will determine its potential inclusion like economic ties and the amount of commuters. The question is are those factors there for White Country to be included. Searcy may be 50 miles from Little Rock but Beebe is 34 miles from Little Rock, the same as Sheridan in Grant Country. I know Searcy is the larger city in White County and has good sized employers like Harding University and Mercy Health. But are there enough commuters coming in to Pulaski County for White County to be added? Also people just have to commute into the Pulaski County. That means they could be coming into Jacksonville or Sherwood to work. That’s not as far a drive as Little Rock.
  4. I don’t know if enough people travel in from Jefferson County for it to be added to the MSA if it lost it’s own MSA designation. There are many people who live in Pulaski County that drive to Jefferson Country for work. We’ll have to see if the casino stabilizes the population in the county. That won’t affect what happens with this census. If any county would be added to the MSA it would be White County. There seems to be a lot of commuting from there to Pulaski County. It will be interesting to see how the count comes out, especially with covid-19 surely affecting the count.
  5. I read that article too. It will be interesting to see if this comes to fruition since the article said the deal may be done in a couple of weeks. The article also talked occupancy rates which was 55.8% in 2019 for the LR-NLR market which seems low but revenue was up.
  6. I wonder how long it’s going to take to lease that space. Especially with that river view. I’m actually surprised that the former Underground Pub space is still empty.
  7. Damgoode Pies is closing their Rivermarket location.
  8. Why would Park Plaza raise rates when you have so many empty spaces and competition for stores in the market. That just sounds crazy to me. If that is the case they are writing their own obituary.
  9. So I assume the retail store that was there closed. I’m glad Nexus Coffee was doing enough business that I needed to expand into that space.
  10. Officially open today. Hopefully the Ernie Biggs space next door will get a new tenant soon.
  11. Even the newer, outdoor center are struggling. Take the Promenade for example. There are plenty of empty storefronts there and it has a movie theater and restaurants that draw traffic to it and it still can’t get near capacity. Some of that is it’s location too along wit online shopping taking a major toll on brick and mortar stores. It official now that Banana Republic will be closing its store at Park Plaza leaving only the store at the outlet mall in the metro.
  12. Gap announced earlier this year that it would close 230 stores by 2020. It seems that these will be focused on their mall based stores not their outlet stores. The retail landscape is changing quickly because of online shopping. Malls are going to have to adapt with more entertainment, restaurant or office tenants or die. Losing Gap, Banana Republic, Express and New York and Company is going to be a big blow to Park Plaza. I wonder if they have any potential tenants interested in any of that space?
  13. I’ve read that NWA has become something of a biking destination because of all of the trails up there but Little Rock has a large biking community as well. It does seem strange that two bike companies have closed shop and moved to NWA. Why couldn’t they keep their stores open here and have stores there? Is this another central Arkansas v. northwest Arkansas thing?
  14. According to the Marriott website the AC is supposed to open in February 2020.
  15. This is from a Rock City Eats article about Trader Joes’s from earlier this year. The building is going listed at 15,411 s.f. of total space. In that, they are planning for 10,466 s.f. of total retail area. This means that the total square footage will be on the high end for Trader Joe’s. Most sources quote the average store between 8,000-15,000 s.f. with the typical model being 10,000. Specs could have changed since then but this may be their typical size store.
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