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  1. Apparently the AC by Marriott developers are going before the city board of directors this week to get approval to use street right of way for a valet parking lane according to the Arkansas Times. Hopefully we’ll get an update soon on when it plans to open. Also the restaurant transitions section this past Thursday said that another restaurant was going into the former Southern Gourmansin space next door to the AC by Marriott.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. What happened to the office/retail and hotel component?
  3. I think they replaced all the trees in the area because some were dead or dying. They replaced the trees with new ones that would do better in an urban environment.
  4. The city is not going to do anything to upset Stephens.
  5. Stephens Inc. is buying a couple of buildings on Louisiana St. between 2nd and 3rd for the space for additional parking. Apparently the parking deck that serves the Stephens building is full. Don’t know if it’s going to be surface parking or another deck.
  6. Cheba Hut, a fast casual sandwich chain from Colorado with a marijuana theme will be opening its first restaurant somewhere in west Little Rock according to reports with restaurants to come in Conway and Fayetteville.
  7. Via Airline has discontinued its service between Little Rock and Austin. Apparently they are having problems retaining pilots and other money issues. I also read where they have discontinued service in Birmingham and never started service in Mobil that they said they would.
  8. I appreciate increased frequency to current cities and upgraded equipment but I also think that growth over the past year should also lead to service to other cities not currently served from LIT. Nonstops to New York and LA would be on top of the list for me.
  9. Watching the news at noon. They are confirming that Trader Joe’s is taking over the old Toys R Us location. No further details.
  10. This is why I don’t understand why LIT is not getting any expanded service. Look at XNA. In the last few months it has an announced expanded service on American to Philadelphia and Miami. Frontier also entered the market with flights to Denver. At LIT nothing. I know Walmart, Tyson, JB Hunt and the U of A drive a lot of business to that airport but it’s not like there aren’t any businesses driving passengers to LIT plus the leisure market here too. I just don’t get it.
  11. Noticed that a couple of weeks ago. I wonder what it means for the building in the background that also has the Simmons logo on it?
  12. The article said that Cajun’s is 20,000 sq ft. That’s large for most modern restaurants. Plus the article said it’s an old building that needs quite a bit of work so either the owner of the building or whoever may take over the space will have to spend a lot of money to bring it up to date.
  13. I think you have a point to a certain extent. With the U of A, Walmart and it’s vendors, Tyson, JB Hunt and a few other big drivers NWA has grown and at the expense of central Arkansas. Young people want to be in hip, progressive places and parts of NWA offers that. Even with that, Little Rock has continued to grow albeit at a slow pace. But the surrounding cities have exploded in population growth. Conway, Benton, Bryant, Sherwood, Maumelle and Cabot have all grown a lot in the past 20 years. Some of that is white flight from Little Rock but some is also people from other parts of the state moving into the metro. Even with all of the growth in NWA there are still things that are not offered there that are in central Arkansas (and there are things in NWA that aren’t in central Arkansas). I think it reflects more of the urbanization of the state. Most states have more than one big metro area and Arkansas is now joining those states. The Jonesboro area will make three (even though it’s significantly smaller than the other two). Most recent data says that Arkansas’ population is growing but it’s declining in the rural areas and growing in the metro areas.
  14. I was out there last weekend and one of the sales associates of one of the stores I was in talked about Bass and Wilson Leather closing. You hate to hear about store closings but Forever 21 is opening up there. It’s not my type of store but it will be a driver for the outlet mall like H&M.
  15. I felt the same way. Sounded like he wanted to increase market share on a wing and a prayer. I’m flying on one of their minivans next week. Lol. I’m flying out of the country and they had the cheapest price. I usually try to fly AA or Southwest. Delta and United I fly the least but price was the determining factor for this trip.
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