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  1. That location has been sold. Don’t know what’s going in there yet. I’m not surprised. Went there a couple of weeks ago for lunch and there were very few people in there.
  2. theman

    East Village

    I wonder what going to happen to Rock Dental’s current HQ on Clinton Ave.?
  3. Clinton National is getting its first hotel in 30 years. A Fairfield Inn will be built by 2019 near the Comfort Inn.
  4. theman

    Little Rock Midtown Area

    Maybe an Aloft or Hyatt Place at best with those number of rooms.
  5. theman

    The River Market

    Simmons employees are starting to move into the former Acxiom building.
  6. In their latest annual report the LRCVB says that the Statehouse Convention Center will have to be looked at in 5 or so years for expansion if the center wants to attract larger conventions or multiple meetings at the same time. Where will the expansion occur? Will another convention center hotel be needed? I would think so and how many rooms? Is an expansion even needed?
  7. AC Hotel is brand that started in Europe and Marriott brought to the US a few years ago.
  8. I know since the lifting of the Wright Amendment Little Rock is not as important to SWA hence the loss of direct flights to Chicago, Houston and Baltimore/Washington. Every time I’ve flown to Phoenix on Southwest the flight has been full so I didn’t understand why they would eliminate that flight.
  9. Southwest is still showing the direct flight to Phoenix from Little Rock.
  10. How about the Rock Capital hotel project? Will that come to fruition in 2018?
  11. A $1.5 million building permit will be used to update the Rose building in the 300 block of Main St. for Ira’s restaurant, AW Lin’s and 11 apartments.
  12. A new 35 unit apartment building has been announced for SoMa that will face the Villa Marie called Villa View.
  13. theman

    West Little Rock

    Bank of the Ozarks officially announced the construction of their new HQ on Highway 10.
  14. The hotel will be a Tru by Hilton.
  15. Frontier has a history of leaving then re-entering markets. Of the 23 cities they announced to get service yesterday 18 are cities they are re-entering including Tulsa and OKC.