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  1. A National Park designation for Colt makes no difference in terms of finding more Federal resources to bury I-91. NPS and USDOT funds are in separate silos.
  2. While I love the idea in dream world, I don't see feasibly how I-91 could be buried from the Colt Building past downtown. ConnDOT would have to sink the road beneath the Park River conduit and make significant modifications to the recently reconstructed Whitehead Highway interchange. Such a project would cost billions of dollars and I don't think anyone would be willing to pony up such a sum. With that said, I think it is very plausible to extend the convention center plaza over I-91 between the Whitehead Highway and Founders Bridge. It might also be plausible to build something on top o
  3. I believe the Science Center is a big improvement over the proposed "attraction" (Adriaen Block's ship?) in the rendering!
  4. I see your point of view. And I certainly see the benefits of a mixed-use development on that site. The fundamental problem is that nothing substantial has happened now for several years! Sure, there may be some blame placed on CCEDA, Cohen and Nikin for various actions or blunders. Despite all that, if there was adequate private interest to invest in a mixed-use development at Front Street, then the project would have been constructed already and this thread would have been put to rest a long time ago. Maybe we'd all be sharing a pint now at the Arch Street Tavern marveling at the urban
  5. Aside from the issues around CCEDA mismanaging Front Street, I think a major problem continues to be the site's location. I think I may have indicated this a long time ago. When you look at Front Street, what do you see? To the east is the convention center; to the south is the Conland Highway; to the west is Prospect Street and the Wadsworth; to the north is Travelers. The convention center has drawn many people to Hartford; that goes without argument. However, the center draws inconsistent crowds at inconsistent times. I have to say that during my numerous times to Hartford since the
  6. The fundamental problem is that if this site was still appealing to the private sector (developers and business owners), it would have already been developed by Nitkin or even Cohen. Many months ago I voiced my disgust at this project and the state money it consumed. Little has happened since to change my view. As I witness the sea of gravel and growing weeds, I still think the land should be converted into a nice park until a firm development plan is cemented and construction begins.
  7. I think Steel Point is a tremendous project for Bridgeport and Fairfield County. It is not in the city's short or long-term interests to let this project fall apart.
  8. I'm going to respond to your argument here piece by piece. Seems like you drank the kool-aid. Buses faster than trains? What? I'm drinking the kool-aid of reason, babe. Nine stations will be located along a twelve-mile route. This puts each station a little over a mile apart. Buses will be able to accelerate and decelerate more quickly than trains (with the possible exception of a heavy-rail subway like the Washington Metro) on a route like this. Furthermore, train speeds are going to be severely restricted because of all the at-grade crossings and curves (primarily in New Brit
  9. I am a big rail fan. However, I happen to believe that this corridor is best served by the proposed bus rapid transit system. First, infrastructure associated with the bus system will be less expensive to operate and maintain than a rail system. Second, the bus system will offer more route flexibility than a rail system. Built correctly, it could offer dozens of neighborhoods adjacent to or near the corridor with "no transfer" service to downtown Hartford or New Britain. And third, the bus system will provide faster service than a rail system. Let's face it. Buses would operate more qui
  10. You make a good point. I would also add that I think the airport's location between Hartford and Springfield keeps passenger volumes lower. If Connecticut's principal airport were theoretically located somewhere between Hartford and New Haven, it would be much larger than Bradley because (in addition to keeping its current passenger base) it would attract a greater number of travelers from New Haven and Fairfield Counties -- travelers who currently opt to use New York's airports.
  11. If RyanAtlantic decides to make BDL its hub for Northeast operations, I'd be very surprised but very supportive.
  12. I agree, although I fear that RyanAtlantic would prefer to set up shop at places like T.F. Green to lure Boston travelers and Islip or even Stewart to lure New York travelers.
  13. I agree. I like Hartford Bradley International Airport. I mentioned this on the Courant's website. The name puts "Hartford" on the map but keeps the old name in play (especially for the locals). This arrangement works well for airports like Boston Logan and Washington Dulles. It's also the least-expensive and least-confusing to implement.
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