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  1. i would edit that and say euro-american-trash/euro-trash.
  2. With strong sales comes greater selection! It probably won't have the widest selection as its a smaller store (similar to the size at Princeton, NJ, which recently stocks a wider range of colors and more purple/black. But if you help it get strong sales, you will most likely see some better stocked goods! And Tem, from what I have seen, all boutique Ralph Lauren stores are called Ralph Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren stores are outlet stores that exclusively sell the Polo brand.
  3. ^^Yes, for the longest time Visa and MC were not accepted at any locations and only recently American Express was (even moreso at the arrival of the AE Black Card). But Neimans is now experimenting with Visa and MC at certain locations, mainly their high profit locations in Texas, Florida and California. ^Thats interesting. Maybe its what they do when they first open? The latest Ive ever seen an NM close is 8 pm (Las Vegas location), even the BH and Dallas main flagship locations close at 6 or 7 during the week. So if its really open until 9, better take advantage of these extra hours!
  4. When I drive home from work along the 202 and see the Tempe skyline along Town Lake, I get excited. WIth all these developments (and centerpoints 2 tallest towers approved and breaking groudn soon), the area around Town Lake will be astonishing in a few years. With the nice modern, sleek buildings of Bridgepoint and Hayden Ferry, and the many 25-30 story towers norht of mill but south of US Airways HQ, itll be a nice look Is that the Ernest & Young building?
  5. ^Don't worry, thats how it is at most Neimans. Almost all of them close at 7 during the week (8 at the latest) and on Saturdays at 6 or 7. Is there any description about how the Charlotte's Neimans will be different in layout?
  6. haha. ive always just walked past it at neimans. was never really tempted by them. guess ill have to try them out next time , i mean, even wikipedia talks about the "cookie legend" must be some pretty damn good cookies
  7. Probably wont have one. neimanmarcus.com doesn't mention one and Denver has a larger store and doesn't have an NM Cafe. I mean, do you really want part of an 80k sq foot store taken up by a cafe! As nice as a cafe might be, Id rather just have that much more selection =P
  8. Theres no difference between a Polo Ralph Lauren Store and a Ralph Lauren Store, it really depends on what the mall calls it as every ralph lauren store ive been to, its just ralph lauren. THere is a different between what different stores carry however. Like what DaAchiever said, the SouthPark one probably wont be as nice/big/stocked as the one in Florida. Most Ralph Lauren stores in indoor/enclosed malls tend to be smaller and less stocked than ones in open air malls/streetscape.
  9. its currently contested because of the historic Sun Mercantile Building it wants to cantilever over.
  10. The on in Scottsdale at Scottsdale Fashion Square near Phoenix sells many higher brands. Some include: Men's Fashion: Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, 7 for all Mankind, Calvin Klein, True Religion, Giorgio Armani, Emanuel Ungaro, etc. Women's: Maxstudio, Max Mara, BCBG, Donna Karan, limited Chanel apparel, Juicy Couture, Theory, etc. Handbags: Dooney and Bourke, Juicy Couture, kate spade, Gucci, Chanel (depends on day/how much in stock), Coach, etc. Parfums: Hermes, Armani, Gucci, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, etc. Ties: Valentino, Burberry, Ermengildo Zegna, etc. But the store is also much larger than most at 350,000 square feet (largest in chain) and it sells a lot of inexpensive brands too, but stocks a good amount of high brands. I remember the Shops at WIllow Bend not as nice, but I havent been there in awhile. The store there is much smaller too
  11. Youre right. For most of those stores (Prada, Missoni, FCUK) tend to be later entries, unlike Vuitton or Tiffany that aren' scared to be the first ones to open in a new market. Since most Prada items can be found in department stores, there might not be a high demand/sales at a Prada boutique and a department store would be enough. And all three of these have very few storse across the nation. But I dont see Gucci or Hugo Boss as unlikely. Both have expanded to many markets. THey may not open immediately (Hugo Boss recently saw loss in profits so I dont think they will be opening new stores anytime soon, but they have stores in Minneapolis and Buffalo, cities that dont have Burberry/LV/things SP already has). Gucci and Hugo Boss are the most likely candidates I think, but I wouldn't dream too far with Prada, D&G, Missoni....all of which have only 6 or 7 stores in the states and will most likely open in Dallas or DC, before moving to smaller markets like Charlotte. Charlotte still has awhile before becoming a prime location for new luxury retailers (Keep in mind, Dallas once had many of these stores like Prada, Dior, etc, but closed do to poor performances. )
  12. Prada will be unlikely. They are a stickler for avoiding malls/urban centers (with Manhasset and Bal Harbour as the only exceptions.) They have said numerous times that their only interest is streetscape shopping (Rodeo, Madison, etc) and have no interest in the future to open in urban centers. FCUK and A/X will probably do the best, both targeting the younger population as most stores in SouthPark seem to be. Does anyone know what stores they are wooing? New higher-end concept b A&F. THey are undergoing huge expansion in the US and planning to open 7-8 stores by the end of the year.
  13. How much square feet is it? Barneys usually has rather small department stores (opening under 100,000). Main reason they chose not to open at the dead Robinsons-May in Scottsdale and are instead opting to open a freestanding, smaller store. No, I dont think there is anything Orlando has that Atlanta doesnt. In fact, most of the stores in Orlando dont have as wide a collection as the ones in Atlanta, but Atlanta stores arent as stocked as Miami, where most Florida retail goes. Atlanta is Georgia's hub so it would only be natural that it has more retail than Orland. Though Atlanta has many things Orlando doesn't have, Florida in general has much more than Georgia. It shouldn't affect Phipps too much. Granted, Ala Moana Center is a much bigger hub for luxury retail (every store there has the brand's entire line). But seeing Phipps already has a collection of boutiques, thats all that it really needs now.
  14. Yes that third area is Biltmore. It should be right under/hugging Camelback Mountain. THere are maybe 5 or 6 buildings that break the forested area
  15. Heh, MJLO dunno if you still need more details about what Biltmore is ccause no one really gave a great description but heres a relative synopsis. The Biltmore area is the most famous neighborhood region of Phoenix (ever since the past). It was named after the Arizona Biltmore Hotel (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright). Back in the 50s it was a celebrity hot spot (a favorite by Marilyn Monroe). Many presidents stayed there (actaully every president for the last 60 years or so). So clearly, it became a natural luxury region. Biltmore Fashion Park was the first luxury shopping destination in the Phoenix area. When Fashion Square was still a regular nothing mall, the Biltmore had I. Magnin (an luxury department store). Today it is one of the most successful malls in the nation, with some really famous brands there (Saks, Macys, Cartier, Ralph Lauren, etc.) Its also popular business area (Esplanade towers in the region are the most prized business buildings). Best Western, Petsmart and U-haul all locate here (haha thats from wikipedia). THe area has also sprouted many famed local eateries. Many celebrity chefs opened restaurants in the area back in the early 90s. There was once a Wolfgang Puck restaurant there (but the brand eventually did poorly and was abandoned). Along with the Biltmore Hotel theres also the Ritz Carlton in the area. the Phoenician isnt too far down the road. THe neighborhood is the "old money" of Phoenix. All three Arizona billionaires live here. However, recently more young people are moving in. Harry Morton (CEO of Pink Taco, President of Hard Rock) bought a house here. Amare Stoudemire recently bought a home here. Charles Barkley lives here. The band Korn once owned a winter getaway here. Brandy Norwood lived here.
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