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  1. HopHead

    Richmond off-topic postings

    ^^^Having lived in Richmond before and now Charlotte, I will tell you same thing. Two different places. I love them both for different reasons. Believe me, anyone here will tell you they'd swap out a Wells Fargo office tower for one of Richmond's neighborhoods like the Fan or just some of the character. With all the construction here, it's taken away what character was here. Throw me a Veil IPA too
  2. HopHead

    BB&T-SunTrust - New Charlotte Headquarters

    I don't know where the new Suntrust-BBT HQ will go, but me thinks this will be a 700-800' office tower with a high end hotel component.... Maybe this is where we finally get a W or some other luxury brand not currently in the market. I get that the current BB&T CEO isn't a flashy guy, but when you're now the 6th biggest bank, you need some of this imo...
  3. HopHead

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I really think this building will look pretty sweet when it's lit up at night. Especially when surrounded by the new Ally tower and LU2. It will eventually blend in as Stonewall gets built out.
  4. Holy sheet. This was completely out of left field. The fact that they are putting the combined HQ in Charlotte speaks volumes to the importance of our city in the banking/financial sector. That #2 ranking should be solidified for quite some time with the #6 bank to be based here. I definitely don't see them as a tenant in BofA's shadow at any of prospective LH towers. They'll want something to stand out on their own in uptown.
  5. HopHead

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    If you want the best selection, just go to Salud in NoDa or Kit's in Pineville. They beat everyone hands down.
  6. HopHead

    Carolina Panthers Facilities News

    Tepper has been clear that the stadium, where they actually play the games, is to remain uptown. Whether it's refurbished or new venue, it will be there. The practice facility, which the Panthers are in desperate need of a new one, will most likely be in SC just across the border. This is the same model that so many other teams are using. Cowboys, Vikings, Falcons, etc. I don't get the uproar at all.
  7. HopHead

    Carolina Panthers Facilities News

    Can someone map out what the pie-in-the-sky light rail extension to this facility in Ft. Mill from 485 would look like? Just trying to envision how it would have to go through Pineville. EDIT: Ok, never mind I found it in the CATS thread. Thanks Scribe!
  8. HopHead

    Carolina Panthers

    Panthers will not leave uptown for a suburban stadium in Fort Mill. Training facility, yes. But not the stadium. Bank on it.
  9. HopHead

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    The amount of positive news for new office towers uptown just in the last week has bee crazy. Deloitte as an anchor tenant is fantastic.
  10. HopHead

    Sports in Charlotte

    The thing with these conference championship games, it's all about match ups. We all know Clemson will travel well. As does VA Tech, Miami, FSU and Louisville. Pitt plays in the Steelers stadium and it's usually half to at best 3/4 full most of the time for their home games. Plus they are 7-5. So not the least big surprised about about those ticket prices. The SEC is playing for a spot in the the CFP playoff every year, and they could actually send both Georgia and Alabama there this year again. Texas and Oklahoma is a huge rivalry game too. When the ACC Title game has a big matchup like last year, it will sell out. If it doesn't like this year, then it won't. The ACC was running neck and neck with the SEC a few years ago. They've taken a step back this year though. I wish the conference title game would throw out the divisions and just put the teams with the two best records in it. Would add more compelling games every year.
  11. Renderings look great! Glad to see that Charlotte is finally getting a JW Marriott.
  12. HopHead

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    I personally don't care for Pumpkin beers very much at all. But Gordgeous is one that I will drink, on occasion, if it's on tap. They had a rum barrel aged version of it a year or two ago which was actually pretty darn good.
  13. HopHead

    Carolina Panthers

    I'm pretty excited about the Tepper area. He seems honest, genuine and not a BS-er. Tells you like it is. As others have pointed out, it's obvious that he plans to build a new practice/training facility. For the Panthers to keep up, they need to do that. I suspect it will be either on some property near Carowinds or Fort Mill if a location around uptown isn't selected. It's stupid that they have to practice in a ballroom at the Westin or convention center so it will be a nice upgrade to keep up with the rest of the league. The other great part of this is that it sounds like we will expect to see more events at BofA stadium like concerts, soccer matches, high school championships, etc. Also think this maybe as good as any of a chance for Charlotte to land an MLS team with a guy that obviously has no problem doling out cash... Especially since he has mentioned it on more than one occasion.
  14. HopHead

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    As others have mentioned, Resident Culture and Heist are your two best bets for IPAs. One place that doesn't get mentioned as much as it should though is High Branch up in Concord. They also brew some fantastic IPAs as well.
  15. HopHead

    Nashville International Airport

    Having been to Nashville numerous times over the last year, it's amazing to see how well the airport is doing. You could mistaken it for an airline hub at times with how busy it is now. These renovations look great and will do wonders for BNA.