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  1. Well, the OxBlue webcam and Snagit make it easy
  2. Looks like the top floor is getting her glass on...
  3. ^It's insane what some people are willing to pay for that game (and some select others). I'm unable to go next week so I sold my tickets. I got WELL above face value for them. Lol.
  4. From the sounds of this article, Memorial Stadium location is really the only place in discussion for the MLS stadium. Mecklenburg County commissioners have worked to reduce the city/county commitment from $100M to $87.5M (still too high in my book). The Smith family would be on the hook for roughly half the $175M construction costs now. Obviously this is still up for further discussion and vote but looks like progress is being made on a possible agreement. http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2017/01/19/proposalclt-soccer-stadium-cost-slightly-lower-for.html
  5. Architectural novice question... What is the cutoff point for when it could decided that X more floors can be added? Is it prior to breaking ground? Or can they after construction has started given the fact they already know where within the structure they would add the additional floors? If this thing is already 50-60% leased as mentioned, then I'd imagine they could decide to do it compared to constructing a completely spec tower.
  6. Jeld-Wen is readying for their IPO. Based on their net revenue of $3.6B from last year, they won't quite make the list of Fortune 500's based in Charlotte, but I think that would put them close. Somewhere in the 600's I believe. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/article127184189.html
  7. This times 100. I'm glad someone else thought the same. I had wondered if somewhere in NoDa, off one of the BLE stops, was a possibility for the MLS stadium. It should 100% not be inside the 277 loop. We already have 3 sports facilities there on a limited footprint.
  8. Something a bit under the radar. I was recently contacted by a recruiter about a position at Westinghouse in their IT department. Apparently they have an initiative this year to bring all their IT in house. This will be predominately at their LakePointe operations off Tyvola (didn't they just relocate from uptown?). I wasn't told hard numbers, but I'd guess somewhere near 100 people. Maybe more (or less). Good to see Charlotte's IT sector grow.
  9. Perhaps all that pre-leasing is from BNY Mellon since it's so similar On a serious note, the design almost certainly confirms it's a financial institution of some sort which has been talked about quite a bit already.
  10. I could see a large retail development facing Mint and Stonewall that would be a great gathering spot before (and after) Panthers games. Knights too. The number of places to tailgate in uptown, at least right by the stadium, are becoming few and far between.
  11. ^I agree with J-Rob, it would be good if that second tier is taller... should they add more floors which seems possible.
  12. What's the timeline for the additional phases with retail (and hotel perhaps)? Would it start while this is under construction? Assuming that this tower would take 2+ years to build.
  13. Well, damn. That's just misleading to us novices.
  14. If you look at the approved plans from 1/11 closely, the top of the pyramid is actually 677' feet tall, not 588'... I actually like the design. Yea, it's more classic and doesn't have a wow factor, but it's a nice break from all glass. The placement is a little weird to me as others mentioned. Will be interesting to see how the remaining parcels fill out. Kind of on an island by itself for the first phase.
  15. York County, Fort Mill and Rock Hill specifically, could benefit immensely from an expansion of the light rail from 485/Pineville. I'm not sure if it's feasible, but having a stop at the new Kingsley development off 160/I-77 would be one that I'd target.