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  1. ^I read up on that yesterday too. Never say never, but I just don't see a scenario where the Orioles would leave Baltimore. Especially when you have the Rays, A's and to some degree the White Sox as more viable candidates for relocation. The city of Baltimore does catch flack, but Camden Yards stadium is a gem. Outside of a few seasons since the late 1990's , where they made the post season, they've been a losing franchise so it's hard to blame fan apathy. I think it's mostly just a bunch of speculation to generate clicks.
  2. KJHburg speading the skyline picture love across the Carolinas...
  3. Tepper without an MLS team, 50/50 he gets the public money for a new retractable roof stadium in uptown. Tepper with the Panthers plus an MLS franchise, 99.999999% chance he gets the public money. Question is how much. It would be insane to have it anywhere but uptown.
  4. To be clear, I'm a proponent of either (or both) league landing here. If we're talking about what's a more entertaining sport, it's certainly subjective. But to say the MLS product is more entertaining than MLB is debatable at best. The quality of MLS versus some of the top leagues in the world (e.g. EPL, La Liga) is apples to oranges. I watched the MLS All Star game last week where they played Athletico Madrid. We're not even in the same stratosphere as them. MLS got owned. My biggest concern with the the massive MLS expansion is 1) a league that's struggling to get the games best talents adding more teams and 2) adding more teams only because of the massive bloated expansion fees. I question if that's sustainable. With MLB, you're getting the best baseball players in the world. Does the game have issues? Could the games go faster? Sure. But the quality is top notch. You're getting the top 1% of pitching, hitting, fielding etc. October is the best month of the year. I'll be there supporting MLS and/or MLB if it comes to Charlotte, but lets not get ahead of ourselves over which would be most successful.
  5. ^Tepper is a smart guy too. He didn't amass $11B by not knowing how to play the game. Can he afford to build a new retractable roof stadium? Of course. But if he knows he can get something from the local gov't (when everyone else does), he's going to do it. Also, MLS is key to him getting financial assistance for that new building too. It's an easier sell when you can say you have two teams playing in the venue (along with concerts, college games, etc.). If we do get a new retractable roof stadium, you can guarantee that Charlotte will get a Super Bowl, Final Four (again) and CFP game.
  6. As some have alluded to, Ally looks to be the sponsor of Charlotte’s MLS bid:
  7. Darren Gannt was on WFNZ this morning and said that Tepper is meeting with MLS officials in a couple weeks to present his plan for an expansion team. Having the richest NFL owner knocking on your door with a solid plan (assuming he does), is exactly what the league wants for new teams. Though, at some point MLS needs to stop relying on massive expansion fees and start generating real $ ala TV contracts. I know Tepper really wants in on MLS first and foremost, so if for whatever reason it doesn't work out, I'd expect him to turn his attention to something else... such as bringing an MLB team here. Or maybe buy the Hornets from Jordan so we can get an owner who knows WTH he's doing...
  8. The thing that's pretty amazing to me is that even just a few years ago, Charlotte was an after thought when it came to Technology jobs compared to many other metros. I work in IT so I've certainly noticed the shift in these types of jobs coming here recently. So this is welcome news and a huge win for CLT.
  9. Lets not get carried away just yet lol
  10. While refreshing UP every 2 minutes...
  11. For those that think Charlotte misses out on so many big concert tours (which I find to be totally inaccurate), Guns N' Roses is coming to the Spectrum Center on September 25th. They've been filling up football stadiums for much of the last few years, but are doing a handful of arena shows this fall. Expect that to be a sellout and expensive ticket.
  12. I lived in Richmond for years prior to moving to Charlotte around 2006. It's such a cool city. Has so much character and history. The Fan is one of the coolest neighborhoods on the East Coast imo. Spent a lot days boozing there back in the day. haha. Also loved the James River, but thought it was under utilized. I always thought if you could combine Charlotte and Richmond, you'd have one of the great American cities.
  13. Big Panthers news today... They signed DT Gerald McCoy to bolster that defensive line. He stated one of the biggest reasons he decided to sign with the Panthers was the chemistry with the team. What was a weakness last year, has really be upgraded this off-season. If everyone stays healthy, this will be a nasty defense. #KeepPounding http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26889495/ex-bucs-dt-mccoy-chooses-play-panthers
  14. Charlotte to host the 2020 ACC Baseball tournament at BB&T Ballpark: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/article230982603.html
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