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  1. Renderings look great! Glad to see that Charlotte is finally getting a JW Marriott.
  2. HopHead

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    I personally don't care for Pumpkin beers very much at all. But Gordgeous is one that I will drink, on occasion, if it's on tap. They had a rum barrel aged version of it a year or two ago which was actually pretty darn good.
  3. HopHead

    Carolina Panthers

    I'm pretty excited about the Tepper area. He seems honest, genuine and not a BS-er. Tells you like it is. As others have pointed out, it's obvious that he plans to build a new practice/training facility. For the Panthers to keep up, they need to do that. I suspect it will be either on some property near Carowinds or Fort Mill if a location around uptown isn't selected. It's stupid that they have to practice in a ballroom at the Westin or convention center so it will be a nice upgrade to keep up with the rest of the league. The other great part of this is that it sounds like we will expect to see more events at BofA stadium like concerts, soccer matches, high school championships, etc. Also think this maybe as good as any of a chance for Charlotte to land an MLS team with a guy that obviously has no problem doling out cash... Especially since he has mentioned it on more than one occasion.
  4. HopHead

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    As others have mentioned, Resident Culture and Heist are your two best bets for IPAs. One place that doesn't get mentioned as much as it should though is High Branch up in Concord. They also brew some fantastic IPAs as well.
  5. HopHead

    Nashville International Airport

    Having been to Nashville numerous times over the last year, it's amazing to see how well the airport is doing. You could mistaken it for an airline hub at times with how busy it is now. These renovations look great and will do wonders for BNA.
  6. HopHead

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    I probably complained about it too. Lol. It just seems way worse now than it ever was. To the point where I'd only go there for a tap takeover. It's a shame because I really enjoyed GB for a while. It was great weeknight or Saturday during the day hangout. Same here. They used to have a solid variety. What you said about Hex makes sense though. That's around the time when I noticed it too now that I think about it more.
  7. HopHead

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Anyone know what's happened at GoodBottle? I was in there last weekend and their shelves were practically bare. I asked the guy who was working there and he said they had some problems with the guy who does the ordering the last week or so. But when I was in there a month or two ago it was the same thing. They used to be one of the better bottle shops in town (outside of Salud and Brawley's). But have gone down hill. Especially since they put all the additional seating inside.
  8. HopHead

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    I don't know if it makes them exempt or not, but in the state of South Carolina you have to use a distributor to sell your beer in restaurants and bottleshops/stores. They don't allow self distribution.
  9. HopHead

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    And more for me too! :)
  10. HopHead

    FNB Tower 401 S Graham St

    So 31 stories with a mix of residential and office. What does that equate to in height? ~500 ft?
  11. HopHead

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    I happened to be in NoDa on Saturday afternoon when Heist randomly posted on IG that they did a can release. So I stopped by and grabbed some Blurred and Citraquench'l. Having had it before, agreed it's a can't miss beer. I'd put it up there with some of the best NE style IPAs in the country. You definitely need to check out Amor Artis. Neat spot in downtown Ft Mill and their beers are pretty solid. They have a Brown ale and an IPA called Cruisin Down the Street that's excellent.
  12. HopHead

    Carolina Panthers

    Three reasons the Triangle will never have an NFL team for the same reason it won't have an NBA team: UNC, NC State and Duke. It's one of many reasons why the Panthers work so well in Charlotte. It's a pro town first. I get never say never, but I'd call this highly unlikely to happen.
  13. HopHead

    Sports in Charlotte

    ESPN's College Game Day will be in Charlotte this weekend for the ACC Championship between Miami and Clemson: https://www.stateoftheu.com/2017/11/26/16701346/college-gameday-heading-to-charlotte-for-miami-hurricanes-football-clemson-tigers-football-elite
  14. HopHead

    Amazon HQ2

    I'm probably in the minority here, but I think Amazon putting HQ2 here in Charlotte would be a bad thing. Just looking at that would do to housing prices, which have already gotten to be bad enough in neighborhoods right outside of center city. Just throw in the fact our infrastructure can't even handle how we are growing now as it is. It would just be a disaster. I'd rather see us grown more organically and with smaller but impactful job growth and relocations. I think HQ2 would be better off in a larger city that can better absorb it like Boston, NYC or Atlanta.
  15. 450' here is just fine IMO. Would be nice if it were taller? Sure, but not everything has to be 600-700'. Definitely didn't want it to overshadow the Duke Energy Center either. Bring on more density. Just hope the street level presence is good like Jayvee mentioned.