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  1. Terminal Lobby Expansion progress pics from CLT Airport Twitter
  2. Thank god. It should be a gold mine for State Troopers and CMPD. This and 77. The speeding and reckless driving has gotten completely out of control.
  3. Agreed. They hit it out the park from the outset. And do everything well. I'm not a big sour guy but they make a fantastic peach sour. York County BA Stout is great too.
  4. I'd take that poster's comment with a grain of salt. Especially if you look at his/her history. Plus, you want locals to support your team. Not dependent on an influx of out towners that only come to see their team play. Eventually, good players would never want to sign there. How many players are dying to play for the Marlins in South Beach? Not many. To the point the USA Today columnist, if you have a group with a viable plan for a stadium and team in place, then that would certainly move you to the top of the list in any expansion/relocation conversation. Last I checked, Charlotte doesn't have that yet we still get put into this MLB expansion conversation every time.
  5. Panthers and BofA Stadium weren't messing around when they said they wanted to model their Labor Day weekend CFB kickoff game after Atlanta's. They hauled in two big fish for 2021. Awesome!
  6. Rolling Stones are the latest concert announcement for Bank of America Stadium. Show is on July 1st. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article240033968.html
  7. MLS isn't going to put a team in Raleigh at this point with Charlotte coming on board.
  8. If only I could downvote this post.. (ducks)
  9. Whether it's 7.5% or 5.7%, that's not a lot of vacancy for expansion/relocations. Certainly justifies the need for some more spec office tower construction considering everything keeps filling up as it's built.
  10. ^I hope they aren't going Wicked Weed on us or merging with anyone else. Optimistic it's a new local venue or venture, though they have two with the OG. EDIT: Someone posted on the twitter that they hop NoDa is announcing an uptown location and NoDa "liked" the comment. Hmmmmm...
  11. I actually liked last year's batch quite a bit. This year seemed more of what you described from last year. I've only had it in cans so interested to see if there is any difference on tap.
  12. Has anyone had Birdsong Honey Pie this year? Do you feel it's not as good as in year's past? Trying to figure out if that's the case or just that my palate has changed over the last year. It is always my favorite seasonal from Birdsong and liked it much better than Hopslam.
  13. Yea, I've had the same experience in FL as a whole too. Maybe it's just a southeast thing. I've spent a lot of time out west and up north over the last year and it doesn't seem nearly as bad. Guess they are just more courteous speeders. Ha!
  14. This has to be some kind of joke, right? Clearly they've never driven in either Charlotte or Raleigh. Some of the worst driving habits I've ever experienced.
  15. So if it's 37 stories now, that's just a tad higher than the Avenue which is 425' tall? Assuming the normal residential floor heights.
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