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  1. That's disappointing. Aside from the prices being higher than a lot of the other bottle shops around town, less inventory means less reason for people like me to go there. Sucks because that used to be such a good place to go to for hard to find beers. Lots of other options now though. Unless I see something really rare on tap and I'm on the side of town, I'll be taking my business elsewhere.
  2. That would make sense. Honestly, it surprised me for how long it was around. I went there last in probably 2008? It was a decent chain to me. Though I never really sought it out.
  3. Carrabbas in Southend has closed. Didn't realize they've been there almost 17 years. They cited "business circumstances" as the reason for closing. Wonder if they'll blame parking too http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/biz-columns-blogs/whats-in-store/article133171479.html
  4. Between Lennar and Levine they will have ~2200 parking spaces available near the 9th street station. Fantastic work guys. Glad they didn't overdo it or anything.
  5. The PGA Championship is in town the week of August 7th. I'm pretty sure they are set to start service of the BLE on the Saturday before. Typically the Wells Fargo tournament runs a shuttle to Quail Hollow from one of the light rail stops... I know this because I normally take it and it's always heavily used.
  6. So stupid question... Why do they need a 929 flipping space parking deck for ~540 residential units? Is this part of the bigger picture with a hotel/office tower component in the next phase? It seems ridiculous to me that they would need almost 2 spaces for every 1 unit of residential. Are they oblivious to the fact that the BLE extension will have a station a stones throw away?
  7. The Hornets biggest problem is that they aren't physical in the paint. Last night was a prime example. They were out rebounded something like 51-32 and the Sixers held a huge advantage in points in the paint as well. Cody is the closest thing they have to being that guy but he can't stay healthy. In part because he spends more time taking punishment than dishing it out. Hornets don't have any real tradeable assets (Kemba is the centerpiece of this team and you can't trade Batum's contract). I'm with AH on Cho. We're in this predicament because of him. It's not like we can rely on a the draft because that's never worked in our favor. Problem is I'm not sure who you bring in to replace Cho..
  8. So it looks like there are more details on the site of the former Knights Stadium area land (off exit 88 in Fort Mill). The development called Southbridge will have 4.5 million sqft of office space, along with apartments, retail and at least 1 hotel. It will be spread out over 350 acres (keyword "spread"). Lincoln Harris and Cato will be partnered in this development. So this will add some a lot more traffic to an already increasingly crowded area. Hope that they really address the infrastructure and mass transit that will be needed to spread down that way. http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2017/02/09/exclusive-lincoln-harris-cato-plan-350-acre-mixed.html#i1
  9. No idea to be honest. I thought it was odd too. I'm actually unable to go because it's not the normal 7pm start. As a result missing out on the Kemba Walker starter figure night
  10. I felt so dirty cheering for the Patriots last night for fear of us becoming the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFC South (only team without a SB win in their respective division). Not to mention all the trash Falcons fans talked after losing last year. Now it's been flipped. I'm not sure how you recover from a meltdown like that last night. Their Super Bowl hangover will be worse than ours. They can say it won't impact them, but it will. Remember how we all thought the Panthers would be just fine?
  11. You never heard of the worst made up nickname for Lower Southend?
  12. ^I'm not a huge fan of the trade either. However, from everything I know/see Hibbert was borderline worthless with his bum knee and Hawes apparently has been a cancer in the locker room (perhaps that's why his minutes have completely vanished). Hornets needed to make a change, but this isn't exactly the trade most thought they'd be looking for. They are looking for someone to be like Cody Zeller of the bench... Not sure he's the guy, but we'll see. And yes, Plumlee is way over paid. But it's also the reality with this new CBA and TV deal. Some guys are going to get way beyond what they should be making. Expect Kemba to get a much bigger contract in the next few years too. He at least has earned it by comparison.
  13. I always read these articles to see how other people spend their money. Sometimes you get good tips on what to do (and not do). However, this one really irked me. How much of a douche do you have to be to make this kind of money and still skip out on paying for a light rail ticket? We know people do it, so this isn't news. But when people complain about CATS raising their prices on buses or light rail tickets, I want to beotch slap people like this... https://www.charlotteagenda.com/79307/cash-confessional-240000-salary
  14. moved to coffee house
  15. I actually kind of enjoy that lounge area to be honest. Especially when I bring my kid with me, who at times gets overwhelmed by crowds. It was a nice area to hang out at if you wanted to hear the person next to you talk. I love Wooden Robot too, but yea that space gets way too crowded. Good problem to have unless of course you start losing customers because of it. Where around there would they expand to? The convenience is great from the Bland Street station.