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  1. A lot of truth here. SO many of the jobs the banks are adding (not just BofA and Wells) go unnoticed because there are no "pat yourself on the back" press conferences to announce the jobs with city leaders or the governor. My better half works for Wells (since the First Union days) and she says the amount of hiring in Charlotte they are doing is unprecedented, especially six figure jobs. Not surprised the local number is over 27,000 now for Wells Fargo.
  2. Here we go... https://twitter.com/joebrunowsoc9/status/1202643857797767168 EDIT: For some reason the tweet wasn't showing but, MLS will announce Charlotte as the 30th team on December 17th.
  3. It's definitely north of 30. I'm sure the Wegman's brewery location sign was "by design" as well...
  4. Golden State Warriors comes to mind.
  5. There are reports this morning of downed power lines in SouthEnd near the Midnight Diner. Traffic is backed up getting into uptown. That may have something to do with it.
  6. Like most southern metros, Charlotte is a fickle sports town. When our teams are winning, people come out. Hornets have been nothing but slightly above average in competitiveness at best since they've returned. Plus the best player in Hornets history (sorry, it's not Larry Johnson or Alonzo) just left for the Celtics. We've never experienced a consistent winner in this town...
  7. At this rate, there won't be any customers left for the EpiCentre. Sad.
  8. Having stayed at the Omni for a work function recently, I can confirm. It's loud. To the point where several of my co-workers made comments about it... Including witness to some "for hire" X-rated entertainment. Pretty sure we won't be there again based on what some people witnessed.
  9. As others have mentioned, it looks like expanded international service to Europe from CLT is in the works over the next few years too. Which is great. Hopefully we also see that 3rd daily flight to London-Heathrow soon. On a side note, since they've opened the new roadways in front of the terminal, I've been through twice now (including yesterday). And it's a remarkable improvement. Seems to be so much less of a cluster f***.
  10. I've wanted them to extend the light rail up to the PNC Pavilion/Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, etc for the longest time. Driving in and out of the amphitheater for a concert is like going through the 7th circle of hell. It's gotten to the point where I only go there now for a band I really want to see.
  11. And the skyline continues to extend outside of uptown...
  12. Microsoft to invest $23M and add 430 high paying jobs in Charlotte. Average salary $98k. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/article236604708.html
  13. Underrated pic of the Uptown skyline and new CLT air traffic control tower...
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