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  1. If you are worth billions you also have multiple homes. Great example is Panthers owner, David Tepper, who is the NFL’s richest owner with an estimated wealth of $14.5B. He has a home here on the Quail Hollow golf course. Spends plenty of time here and donates lots of his money and time to good causes. But has interests in FL, NJ, and more. Honestly, I don’t care about how many billionaires that live here. We have a hard enough time with the skyrocketing real estate as it is. Lots of money floating around here with the pro athletes, bankers, transplants, etc that all keep putting a stake in the QC.
  2. Some more details on this development... And this is BIG! 1.3M sqft of development as a part of the medical school. Including 1,000 apartments and 600 hotel rooms are what's in scope for the petition filed today.
  3. Out of all the good news that's come out today, this is what I'm most excited about
  4. Damn, missed this and posted in the other Economic thread lol
  5. Robinhood will also be filing for an IPO too: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-03-23/robinhood-is-said-to-have-filed-confidentially-for-u-s-ipo Also in more local IPO news, it looks like Charlotte's own AvidXchange will be filing for an IPO later this year valued at up to $7B: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-avidxchange-ipo-exclusive-idUSKBN2BF1YJ
  6. ^I haven't been there so can't compare. Definitely would like to check out based on your review. Several people I know also rave about Old Stone in Belmont. It's on my list as well, but haven't been there yet either. We went to Steak 48 about a month ago, which has locations in Chicago, Houston and Philadelphia. It was on point. I always rave about Capital Grille and Del Frisco's for high end steakhouses in Charlotte, but Steak 48 was fantastic. Drinks (we had martinis which I'd put there with Capital Grille), apps and Steaks were cooked to perfection. It's probably 10-15% more expensive so just know that, but it's a great option for high end steakhouses if you're into that..
  7. Got it. I looked at the far left column and just divided by 365. Need to know the airline acronyms better.
  8. ^So is San Jose slated to come back? Apologies if it's already been mentioned, but I'd assume so if it isn't already with nearly 100 people per day from here going there. Interesting stats on some of those destinations. Calgary, I'd never thought they'd be up there. Also, and just speaking from experience, but I'd bet Colorado Springs would see a much higher number if there was a non-stop from CLT. Pre-Covid, I used to go out there 5-6 times a year for work and it was always waaaay easier to fly into Denver and drive the 1 hour 15 minutes to COS than it was to get the connection in Dallas to COS. A number of people I'd travel with did the same but would jump on that non-stop in a heart beat.
  9. Great news. Not to go off on a pizza tangent, but Detroit style pizza doesn't get enough love. I'll take that every day over Chicago. Don't @ me lol
  10. Yea, that's been an ongoing problem. Sucks because it prices out a lot of buyers that actually want to live there.
  11. The availability of housing for sale (or lack there of) in Charlotte is just astounding to me. That 18 days of inventory is real. I have a few different examples of people I know but one is that I have a family member that relocated here not long ago and is temporarily living in an apartment until they are able to find a house to purchase. Been a lot harder to come by than she anticipated. And it's not just existing houses too where you have multiple bidders that are only outdone by someone that just comes in with cash -- seems to be norm from people coming from more expensive markets like northeast and California or Pacific northwest. New builds are equally as bad. There are waiting lists dozens deep for lots at new construction. Just can't build fast enough. I assume part of that is a labor availability issue. Good problem to have I suppose, just glad I'm not looking to buy a new place around here lol
  12. Surprised nobody mentioned this yet, but Resident Culture is putting a second location in the ever booming Gold District of South End next to Unknown Brewing with a taproom, coffee and restaurant component focusing on Mexican Street Tacos -- sounds awesome! Glad to see them going here because it's much easier for me to get to than the OG location. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2021/03/05/resident-culture-expanding-to-south-end.html
  13. Delta has always flown to the hub cities (Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Detroit, La Guardia) from Charlotte for as long as I can remember. What ever happens at RDU won't impact those destinations other than maybe frequency. I think they had around 25 destinations (give or take) prior to the pandemic and many of those got cut like everyone else. Nashville has a pretty big operation for Southwest so perhaps that's why too. Would rather JetBlue or Southwest open up more destinations here to drive prices down once traffic gets more normalized come 2022 and beyond. On a more related CLT topic, has the new air traffic control tower fully opened yet? I thought it was suppose to last year, but assume the pandemic pushed it back.
  14. Ahh, yes one of our favorite debates on this forum Found this rather interesting article on The Athletic (subscription required) about MLB expansion markets. Using a variety of data points, it puts Charlotte in a very favorable spotlight compared to the most commonly mentioned cities: Portland, Nashville, Vegas, Montreal, Monterrey (MEX) and Orlando. Some favorable pieces of data: 1) Charlotte has the 2nd lowest median age at 33.9 and 3rd largest population growth of those cities and 2) Annual revenue by companies based in Charlotte exceeds $355 billion which would put in the middle of the pack of existing MLB markets and above ones such Miami, Cincinnati, Denver, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Kansas City, etc. Very important for corporate sponsorships and suite purchases. The main knock on Charlotte is of course its proximity to Atlanta and it's near the "50% market share" where territorial rights become an issue. That could also be use to Charlotte's advantage of course in building a rivalry over time. That's a lot of what MLS is banking on too. Anyways, some very interesting information to read if you subscribe ($7/month). The article definitely is slanted in both Charlotte and Portland's favor and you could still easily make arguments for Nashville, Orlando and even Montreal (I still think they have a solid chance of landing a team down the road). I just don't buy in to Monterrey as a viable option at this point. Link: https://theathletic.com/2330266/2021/01/25/mlb-expansion-cities-data/
  15. Covid-19 hasn't slowed down the $600M/366,000 sqft Terminal Lobby expansion at CLT Airport. Some good photos courtesy of the airport's FB page: https://www.facebook.com/260026724048476/posts/3905210062863439/?d=n Added bonus, a previous post on their FB page has a night time view of the Charlotte skyline.
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