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  1. And it's continuing today. Wednesday is the day for a lot of the player interviews prior to the tournament starting tomorrow. Nothing but great things to say about Charlotte and the golf course from what I've been watching. Great to see and hear. I'm sure it will continue once network TV coverage kicks in Thursday too. Can't beat free press. EDIT: I did see yesterday where they are expecting 50,000 spectators per day Thursday - Sunday (vs normal 30-35k for Wells Fargo tourney). Hotel bookings up over 50%
  2. The Home2Suites building actually looks better than I thought (the bar was pretty low). It provides continuous connectivity with the Crescent Whole Foods/Apartment tower. This whole stretch of Stonewall will be way different in 2 years. I can't complain too much. Wait for a JW or W type hotel at Lincoln Harris, or maybe Tryon Place since that appears to be back on track.
  3. During fanfest today for the MLB All Star Game, Commissioner Manfred explicitly said Charlotte as one of 3 cities for expansion. They need to resolve the issues in Oakland and Tampa first, bit interesting to hear it as the only US city mentioned. If we do go after a MLB team, hopefully it's run better than the MLS bid. http://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-expansion-wont-happen-right-away-but-rob-manfred-has-three-cities-in-mind/amp/
  4. That's strange. I've recently been on a few AA Charlotte to Denver flights (either A319 or A321, don't recall). On two of those flights, we had what looked to be brand new monitors in each of the seats complete with pretty much any movie or TV show you wanted.
  5. For all the warranted criticism the exterior of the Avid Exchange HQ building gets, the interior actually looks pretty cool... Looks like your typical start up IT firm: http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2017/05/05/avidxchange-new-headquarters-hq-music-factory.html
  6. Maybe it will require a PSL
  7. Just now catching up on all this chatter. Man. A 30-ish story residential building right behind BofA stadium is going to have some priceless views on game day.
  8. Well damn. Good to see all those routes are adding frequencies. I flew out last night and the Sacramento gate was next to mine. It was full. Agree that it would be nice to see San Jose become year round. Makes too much sense. I would also like to add Colorado Springs to that list as well.
  9. Charlotte will host an NFL draft before it hosts a Super Bowl.
  10. Lets be honest, this building while not everyone's favorite, is way better now than what we first saw when renderings were released 4+ years ago. Plenty of people, myself included, grew to like it more as renderings were updated and construction progressed.
  11. Having a 3rd daily flight from Charlotte to London-Heathrow would be huge for the airport. Especially when it comes to attracting European and/or UK based companies. BA would be nice, but wouldn't bank on it.
  12. Absolutely love the McCaffery pick. He'll add so much versatility to the Panthers offense. He can run between the tackles, play the slot and return punts. Gives a guy that Cam can dump the ball out into the flat to as well.
  13. What's sad about the whole ESPN thing is that it's obvious they are focusing their cuts on the people that actually do quality reporting versus the ones that bring mindless talk show babbling. Blows my mind that they put a priority on shows like First Take versus someone like Ed Werder who does really good NFL reporting. No wonder they are hemorrhaging money. The SEC Network from what I saw will still remain based here as will (likely) the upcoming ACC Network.
  14. ^This has turned out better than I had hoped for (which wasn't much to begin with). The white definitely appears to be more more vibrant as mentioned above in a previous post from Seabrooke.
  15. My comment about the 21st century was about the look of the renovations. Not so much what enhancements were being made with respect to workspaces or high speed phone chargers. Even if they got to 2007, it's still the 21st century