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  1. And nevermind. Just more BS.
  2. Just saw on the news that a major announcement regarding HB2 is to be made momentarily.... Fingers crossed
  3. *Pulls up Google maps trying to figure out what plot of land inside 277 can be developed*
  4. This is pretty exciting news as it will give uptown Charlotte some more unique hotel experiences outside of the Ritz. You can throw the Grand Bohemian, Kimpton and the Ivey's Hotel in that category too once they are completed. Now, about that Loews and W hotel?
  5. You're going to pay a little more than Boston. However, if you are flying up that way and don't plan on staying in the city, Manchester is certainly worth looking at. Especially if you were planning to rent a car and driving somewhere anyways.
  6. American is adding another daily flight to Manchester, NH starting on June 2nd. So there will now be 3 daily between CLT and Manchester. For anyone that travels up to the Northeast and doesn't want to fly into Boston Logan, this is a great alternative. Much easier airport to get in and out of. We used it last summer on trip up that way. Highly recommend. https://www.flymanchester.com/news/2017/3/american-airlines-announces-additional-service-charlotte-north-carolina-hub
  7. In my estimation, the Hornets would need to probably win 9 of their last 12 games to make the playoffs as a 7 of 8 (no thanks) seed. And 9 of those games are against teams in the playoff mix. Very little margin for error but I really don't see them doing it. And honestly, I'd rather get a lottery pick than set themselves up for a 4 game sweep. Then again, it's not like they've ever nailed a draft pick other than Kemba. So I don't know what the hell I want.
  8. For any short comings on the creatively of the new hotel at Epicentre, one thing it does is make the area of College and Trade feel really dense. Walked around this area last night and really for the first time thought this was imposing in that section of town. All in a good way. Definitely felt very alive. When it's finished and the Omni redo is completed, it will really make a big difference.
  9. So last night was our first time dining at Stoke after only going there for drinks previously. My review: "A" on the food. I got the pork shank with brussel sprouts. Wife had the kale salad (she wasn't feeling well) We had the pretzel app with 3 different spreads. All exceptional. Then had the donut desert. Holy crap that thing was huge. Good for probably 8 people. If you like a sugar rush this is certainly for you. However, I give the service a "D". Our waitress wasn't very attentive. Took forever to get drinks... Granted the bar was packed, but still shouldn't have to wait 15 minutes. Could've been they were short staffed, but still at least offer an explanation for why you were MIA for most of the night.
  10. The one above RiRa's.
  11. I went to Whiskey Room shortly after it opened. They honestly made one of the better Old Fashioned's I've ever had. We went to Stoke for a couple drinks a few months ago. Loved the bar. Very intrigued by the dinner menu so looking forward to that.
  12. World of Beer will be a much better fit for Epicentre than it ever was in Southend. It's a chain and it's something that out of towners will be more likely to visit when they are here. Especially during the work week or some sporting event like the NCAA tourney where you can sit there for hours. The old southend location to me was bad and the execution wasn't great either especially for that spot.
  13. Heading to uptown tonight for dinner at Stoke. We are thinking of some post dinner drinks somewhere after. Been to the usual places, Ritz, Fahrenheit, Cellar, Bentley's. Was thinking about the Punch Room since we haven't been there yet. Anyone have another suggestion for a new place that has opened?
  14. I had Yard Breather last weekend for the first time. It's a pretty solid NE style IPA. I still say Heist brews the best ones around here for that style, but it's definitely worth getting a hold of. I plan to grab some of their cans.
  15. This was one of the most ridiculous things we've seen from the NCGA since HB2 itself. Yea. Let's really encourage the NCAA and ACC to come back to NC by filing a legal complaint against them because we're a bunch of bigots. Mind boggling.