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  1. There are Piece of Sheet owners, then there is Dan Snyder... Dude takes the cake.
  2. 100% accurate. The only thing Finebaum is interested in is social media clicks and getting whomever else talking or wound up so they have a segment on ESPN to talk about X issues. That's it. Regarding Rhule, he'll get a college job somewhere next season (early favorite is Nebraska is my guess). He's a college coach. Obviously wasn't cut out for the NFL. I'm wishing Wilks the best and hope he can find a way to restore order but don't be surprised if another NFL coordinator gets the gig for 2023 (DeMeco Ryans, Ken Dorsey, Shane Steichen, etc.). I know a lot of the talk is Sean Payton, but I find it hard to believe the Saints would part with him since he's under contract still without asking for the farm in return.
  3. Exactly... You don't get that rich by always playing by the rules.
  4. The apartment tower is supposed to be 45 stories. Office will be 42 stories (and taller height wise given that it's office obviously). I doubt the apartment tower goes much higher than 500' if it all depending on the parking... The museum tower is 43 stories and 455' (I think)
  5. Centene recently backed out of a rather large expansion in their home in St Louis. They also started to divest some of their European businesses as well. When I saw those things, I started to wonder what may happen here. Something about this company just reeks to me now.. but sucks for sure... At least there will be brand spanking new large office space for someone else to come in and grab.
  6. How about Charlotte and Raleigh boosters just learn to co-exist with one another and realize both metros offer very positive things to the NC economy and image? The narrative that one is superior to the other on this board has become so F'ing exhausting...
  7. I know several friends from NOVA/MD area that have moved down to York county for all those reasons, as opposed to Mecklenburg. Most of their jobs are in Meck County, but what York offers in terms of schools and housing are much more appealing for families. Heck, just drive across the border near 521 and 160 in York county and you'll see countless new subdivisions under construction for that very reason. Fully expect that trend to continue over the next decade given the available land. But like everywhere else, that new money from up north and out west is driving up the cost of housing.
  8. Under normal circumstances, one would think something bad off the field had to happen with a coach who is exceeding expectations for a 1st year expansion franchise that's on the fringe of the playoffs. I'd like to think that was the case here, since there should be no other reason but I'm not holding my breathe. And yet Rhule is still somehow employed.
  9. 100% agreed... They chased the money and it's hard to blame them either. I'm much more of an OG location fan of RC as well.
  10. Definitely agree on ticket counters and security for the new A expansion. Just got another reminder today with the long security lines (thank god for TSA Pre). Though, hopefully some of that is alleviated once the Terminal expansion is completed.
  11. I really loathe these lists... I just don't see how San Fran is a desirable enough place to live to make the top 10. Same with San Jose. Love to visit SF, but no way I could live there. Nor anyone I know. One of the pre-reqs is "Good value". There is no good value there lol
  12. If you look at the top 10 Healthcare systems in the US, there are some really big names (and revenue) on there... Atrium being in the top 5 here is YUGE for sure. That medical school may be one of the more impactful things in Charlotte we've seen in a long time. # Health System Name Total Net Patient Revenue 1 HCA Healthcare (FKA Hospital Corporation of America) $44,921,737,146 2 CommonSpirit Health $30,248,548,684 3 Dignity Health $25,041,738,942 4 Ascension Health $19,176,289,454 5 Northwell Health (AKA North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System) $18,641,544,520 6 Cleveland Clinic Health System $18,323,722,784 7 NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System $17,717,194,762 8 Trinity Health (FKA CHE Trinity Health) $17,699,228,464 9 Tenet Healthcare $17,699,185,110 10 Providence St Joseph Health (AKA Providence) $17,248,594,986
  13. I watched the Tepper presser. Nothing about what he said was surprising. I'd even say it was expected. He was never going to talk about the Rock Hill facility, no matter how many different ways the reporters were going to ask him. Whether he's looking at making the current location work or put it on hold until he finds another nearby location, he wasn't going to lay his cards out on the table. Quite frankly, I'm fine with Rock Hill and Tepper not having a public p1ssing match over the situation any more than what's occurred. I get what he said about the field turf and why it was put in. I'm not a fan of it either, but you certainly run the risk of deteriorating a natural surface with overuse with soccer and football plus the other events now at the stadium. Too bad they don't have a way to swap out the surface like some of the newer stadiums can do (see AZ and Las Vegas). Then again I'm also not a field maintenance professional either. Will be interesting to see what happens when that stadium feasibility study comes in... The comments about Rhule and Darnold are lip service. We all know that. He's not going to trash them in public.
  14. Looks like York County is now ready to talk about restarting the project and leaving Rock Hill out of the negotiations... At this point, it's probably a good thing: https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2022/04/19/carolina-panthers-hq-rock-hill-agreement-end-new.html?cx_testId=6&cx_testVariant=cx_1&cx_artPos=1#cxrecs_s
  15. SoLoSo... South of Lower South End? WTF are we doing??? LOL
  16. So 42 story office tower... That's what 625-650ft high? Assume the 30 and 40 story residential components are roughly 350 and 450ft-ish ? Was hoping for a tenant announcement to be included. Perhaps that's coming soon too This project looks awesome and easily the most transformational for Charlotte in a while.
  17. Yea, I'm aware he (and the city) want the NFL draft. First time I heard amphitheater mentioned though... Would be curious about the scale of it since the NC Music Factory already has a 5k capacity one right up the road. I selfishly want a 20k one down this way instead of having to go up to PNC Pavilion lol
  18. Here is some potential big time sports (and economical impact) news for the Queen City.... Charlotte is one of 5 cities vying to host the annual Army/Navy college football game (along with Orlando, Boston, Chicago and Dallas) in 2027. Outside of the national college football championship and probably the Rose Bowl, it's the biggest game on the calendar. A bit of a long shot for Charlotte, but just being on the short list is pretty awesome. Hope city and regional leaders can find a way to make it happen. https://charlotte.axios.com/290615/charlotte-is-vying-to-host-the-army-navy-game/
  19. Whoa wait a second... So this new entertainment complex has an amphitheater as a part of the plans? As in something on the scale of PNC Pavillion? I would love to never have to make the trek up to north Charlotte to see a band again. FedEx Field is far and away the absolute worst NFL (or football in general) experience imaginable. Absolutely nothing up that way, pain to get in and out of and the stadium is literally falling apart.
  20. It could have been mentioned elsewhere, but when (or is) that parking lot going to be developed? Something in the works?
  21. I don't forsee security checkpoints and entry delays being a problem. Since they installed the new security screening systems last year, it's waaaay easier to get into BofA Stadium now. I went to several Panthers games and also the Rolling Stones show last year and it was a breeze. Concessions may be a different story though depending on labor shortages and if they can get enought people to work, which isn't unique to Charlotte. The self serve beverage areas for beer/waters/etc help some with that though.
  22. As an ECU alum, I fully support this idea!
  23. Having spent many a nights at airport hotels in places like Atlanta, Boston, Chicago and Dallas these places only ever served 3 purposes: 1) team meeting space where everyone flew into that city because it was convenient and usually cheaper 2) Stuck overnight because of a flight delay/cancellation 3) have an early flight the next morning and didn't want the hassle of getting an Uber/taxi at 5am from within the city ... I think if someone is in Charlotte for business or pleasure (unless you're paying for that) you're not going to be staying at the airport. I don't think you'll see anything high end. Maybe a full service Marriott/Hilton type at best. But like others said, probably more likely a Courtyard/Garden Inn. The location of this where the old control tower is currently at is perfect though
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