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  1. So using the Deloitte office tower as a baseline, this new one would be about 40% bigger. So simple math says it will be in the 25 story range and ~400 ft tall. Not bad for that location.
  2. This may be the coolest non-development Charlotte photo ever lol
  3. UAB is about to open a brand new 45,000 seat stadium which would certainly help in moving up to AAC I would believe. Pretty cool looking digs (see link). Anyone know how much Charlotte's football stadium can expand to? https://www.bizjournals.com/birmingham/news/2021/09/15/protective-stadium-sign-lighting.html
  4. Haven't seen some of those images before.... Looks like the stadium on the other side of the practice fields could be used for concerts?
  5. So reading the tea leaves here we can expect something like a 30-40 story office tower and two 20-25ish story residential towers?!?!
  6. ^Thanks for the pics... I flew in/out of CLT last week and seeing it in person really just gives you perspective in terms of how massive that terminal expansion is... Nice to see some of the glass starting to go in too.
  7. Yea, Green's will be gone... That seems more like a negotiation thing to me. $2.5M to keep Green's? How about $3M and we knock down the building? Ok, sold! Will be interesting to see what kind of high-rise would be built in its place. I would assume residential or maybe mixed use. EDIT: Doah, I just realized it's .07 acres, not .7 acres... What would you even do with something that small? Part of a bigger plan to get the remaining block?
  8. For any of you IPA geeks like me, Resident Culture is hosting a tap takeover of Outer Range (Denver, CO) beers on Saturday. Door open at noon. They did some collabs with them as well. Definitely worth checking out. Yours truly will be there of course
  9. Texas and Oklahoma are gone from the Big 12 IMO... The cat is already out of the bag on this one. And yes, that will mean the end of the Big 12 as well. Their two flagship schools leaving meaning there is no way for it to remain. I suspect you will see the other remaining P5 conferences poach the other schools. It will become four super conferences: SEC, ACC, B10 and PAC12.
  10. ^Are all these jobs at the airport (and AA in general) really net-new? Or is it rehiring back from Covid? Feel like it's a little bit of both.
  11. As a part of this trip, I feel like the CLT Regional Business Alliance would be driving moving trucks from NY & NJ on their way back with the amount of people from those locales coming here lol
  12. I've often said that if you could combine the strengths of both Charlotte and Richmond, you'd have one of the truly great American cities.
  13. Right now, like a lot of metros around the country, the real estate market is out of whack from a pricing standpoint. Normally, given your price point I'd recommend a lot of areas to check out such as Plaza Midwood, NoDa, Cherry, Chantilly, Elizabeth and Sedgefield or South End. At some point the market will settle down and pricing will hopefully come back down to earth a bit. Inventory is really low and people are overpaying for properties left and right. A friend of mine is moving down here from Maryland next month and he lost out on several properties in south CLT where multiple parties wer
  14. Hate when you do this... Now we just hit refresh over and over on this site LOL
  15. I find it interesting that both Charlotte and Dallas are almost identical in terms of median price and median days on the market. My SIL just moved there from California and can tell you it's as hyper competitive of a real estate market as anyone else. And I wouldn't really consider them to be peers. There are a lot of different ways to interpret this data. All of which is good for a lot of the metros listed.
  16. Yea, I second this as well... Working in IT Consulting for years with a geographically dispersed team, one thing we often did was have team or sometimes organizational meetings in cities with an onsite airport hotel. It was easy to fly into a city, walk off your plane and head over to hotel that was right there. And this is a very common practice for many different companies because it was easy. Didn't have to worry about people getting rental cars or an Uber to ride into a city. Restaurants are usually pretty good at a Hyatt Regency, full service Marriott, etc. so you didn't have to go offsit
  17. I don't recall if there was a thread for this or not, but here's some info on that 24 story, 324 unit apartment tower at the Walgreen site. 15k in ground level retail. https://twitter.c om/katieperalta/status/1409880703857213448?s=20
  18. 100% ... Few people wouldn't have done the same. They tried to put up a smoke screen yesterday, but we can see through it! lol
  19. Take it for what it's worth but … Yesterday, I heard from a well connected friend in the Charlotte real estate market that the property Price's owns (not just where the restaurant sits) is being sold for a large chunk of change. Like double digit millions chunk of change. Expect something tall, shiny and significant to go in it's place.
  20. I feel like the writing was on the wall when this soil sampling news came out. Just didn't expect it to only be ~2 months later that they'd be closing! lol
  21. This will be a game changer for both the University City submarket and UNC Charlotte. Especially with the light rail and direct line to uptown. Hopefully an opportunity for the school to connect with whatever tenants may wind up there.
  22. Another under the radar HQ relocation... Even better when no incentives are included.
  23. Pretty amazing to see the number of 20+ story towers being proposed in SouthEnd, which was never looked at that way before. I used to think the handful that are being built such as Lowe's were anomalies. Not so much anymore. Now, do we start seeing something in the 30 story range soon? The skyline will REAAALY start to stretch south of uptown soon enough.
  24. One beer that I've been really digging lately is The Great Beauty from Resident Culture. It's a really good West Coast style IPA. I enjoy the Hazy IPAs, but not as much as I did even a year ago. Everyone does them and usually has 3-4 on tap any time you go to their brewery. West Coast styles seem much harder to find these days... Hop Drop n Roll is still my go to. All that being said, I need to get my hands on Double Radio Haze
  25. I too like idea of the separate MLS stadium that can turn into an outdoor concert venue as well. But like you said, not likely if they go grass which I'm sure they would. I just hate going up to PNC Music Pavillion. On top of the fact it's all the way up by the CMS race track, it's a nightmare to get in and out of. I used to go there for most any band I was half way interested in. Now, unless it's a band or festival I'm dying to see I usually take a pass. I'm also not in my 20s anymore either lol Regarding a new stadium, Tepper (and the city) is only building a new one if it has some ki
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