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  1. Front Street sucks. Just tear the stupid strip mall down. We need housing.. not more nonsense.
  2. F the DOT for shoving this F'ing busway down our throats. Paving over a rail corridor, these people are total a's.
  3. Hartford needs a arena. The XL Center is fine for now, but I hear the innards of the building are starting to really show their age. There will be a point where the building will need to be replaced, and yes government should invest in it.
  4. Too bad they don't have a view of the Park River.
  5. Sad how the Evergreen Walk, built on farmland off the highway can lure retail but a brownfield redevelopment in Hartford cannot. Every time our taxdollars go to another whacked out DOT highway expansion project, we are killing our cities. This angers me to no end. America is going down the toilet because of our oil and asphalt addiction.
  6. Highway medians would be way too expensive.. we have railroad right-of-way's already, one of this region's best assets.. that is we will until this stupid busway gets paved.
  7. What Hartford didn't need is the government building highways through it, to take the wealth out of the city. There are many of us that want Hartford to be the city it once was. I don't like all that has become Adriaen's Landing, but at this point, organically, the only thing that's going to happen is more sprawl and nothing will happen downtown. What we need is mass transportation and more state aid for the cities, spent more effectively. And I for one will never park a vehicle in that hideous garage out of principle. I do however look forward to spending money at Front St. instead of spending it in the suburbs.
  8. Even business leaders want a rail. The public wants rail. The only people that want the busway are the DOT and the mayor of New Britain. Hopefully someone will take leadership and junk this terrible shortsighted proposal. Or else this will turn out to be as big as a failure as the HOV lanes.
  9. Rumor going around that federal stimulus funds for the rail have been lost because Jodi Rell's office didn't order an environmental impact in time.
  10. They've been cleaning up the site for over a decade! I think it has been decontaminated by now. I hope. If the buildings were three stories, there would be a basement. But it's one story now and doesn't need one. Somerset Square most likely doesn't have a basement either. On a positive note, it's amazing to see that big Front Street banner and see actual construction in front of it. I'm used to seeing banners and nothing happened (Renaissance Place). That's pretty bad...
  11. Doesn't look like the buildings will even have basements, sheesh.
  12. Development is a waste of time? Again I'm glad you're not a decision maker.
  13. Next time ask him when it's going to be completed. Then run.
  14. Yes it is possible, but the busway only allows for space for two rails between Newington and Hartford. So a third rail for freight or high speed rail would be impossible. Between Newington and New Britain it does not offer room for any rail so Waterbury service would be completely impossible. On the contrary, those rail trails actually do a great job preserving rail corridors from development.
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