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  1. Front Street sucks. Just tear the stupid strip mall down. We need housing.. not more nonsense.
  2. PROPOSED: AI Tech Center

    We got fooled again, Hartford. Another empty hole downtown. We never learn.
  3. PROPOSED: AI Tech Center

    A year later. I wonder if the "voice of reason" has gotten a grip on reality by now?
  4. F the DOT for shoving this F'ing busway down our throats. Paving over a rail corridor, these people are total a's.
  5. XL Center Renovation/Replacement Plans

    Hartford needs a arena. The XL Center is fine for now, but I hear the innards of the building are starting to really show their age. There will be a point where the building will need to be replaced, and yes government should invest in it.
  6. PROPOSED: AI Tech Center

    So sad, we're screwed again. Broadcast House might not have been the most up-to-date building, but it could have been used as some sort of studio or urban warehouse, or something else. It was a solid building that could be useful. It wasn't the most beautiful building in the world, but it was decent looking from a distance and could have served a role as the anchor of Hartford's modernist entry on State Street. It complimented the Science Center in a way, and certainly complimented the Phoenix building and the rest of Constitution Plaza. Now we're left with another hole. AI could have tried to build their skyscraper in one of many empty lots, and we wouldn't have suffered the consequences. But Hartford drank the Kool-Aid and now we're stuck with the consequences. AI's lot looks like crap now.
  7. Downtown Hartford Residential Projects

    Too bad they don't have a view of the Park River.
  8. Sad how the Evergreen Walk, built on farmland off the highway can lure retail but a brownfield redevelopment in Hartford cannot. Every time our taxdollars go to another whacked out DOT highway expansion project, we are killing our cities. This angers me to no end. America is going down the toilet because of our oil and asphalt addiction.
  9. Highway medians would be way too expensive.. we have railroad right-of-way's already, one of this region's best assets.. that is we will until this stupid busway gets paved.
  10. PROPOSED: AI Tech Center

    Islam better have had the financing set before he took down Broadcast House. If a hole is left there for a significant time, and we sure have had holes downtown already, it would be so shameful. This is why I was less excited about this project and more filled with dread. Hope I'm proven wrong.
  11. COMPLETED: Public Safety Complex

    It's all going to be torn down now. What a terrible effort. http://www.courant.com/news/opinion/editorials/hc-hartford-school-demolitionapr10,0,879973.story
  12. What Hartford didn't need is the government building highways through it, to take the wealth out of the city. There are many of us that want Hartford to be the city it once was. I don't like all that has become Adriaen's Landing, but at this point, organically, the only thing that's going to happen is more sprawl and nothing will happen downtown. What we need is mass transportation and more state aid for the cities, spent more effectively. And I for one will never park a vehicle in that hideous garage out of principle. I do however look forward to spending money at Front St. instead of spending it in the suburbs.
  13. PROPOSED: AI Tech Center

    I don't dislike the building. But I'm wondering why there is an obvious desire in the design to repeat the Constitution Plaza theme. I was hoping for a facade that blows away the modernist walls and makes a big impact at that horrible intersection. It's really just another bland structure downtown in my opinion. Not the worst, but not a striking design either.
  14. PROPOSED: AI Tech Center

    Looks like the new design is fairly generic. I'm very disappointed the old design was lost. Possibly too expensive? Also, street level looks pretty terrible in that perspective. Hopefully there's still going to be some focus on the pedestrian level. To be honest, trying to match the building to the other ugly buildings in Constitution Plaza is a bad idea.
  15. PROPOSED: AI Tech Center

    A major tenant is supposed to be announced this week per the Hartford Advocate.