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  1. i love it. It takes awhile to adjust to especially if you came here and change careers like i did. Alot of things are changing like the people and service, especially with all the new development going on now. I see more and more people moving back to hawaii now, and i think the trend will continue. Especially for college kids who were able to go to school in the mainland. What city are you in now? And why do you move around so much?
  2. Well lets hope your high estimate is not too much higher then that hehe. The only downside to the article about the development is when they talked about the land being leased. Thats always rasises a red flag with me, unless i was filthy rich. But then again why would i bother living in Aloha tower when i can buy a place at the Trump Waikiki China town would definetly be excellent! Minus the Merchent Street solicitation , seems like its gotten worst. Oh and Parking would definetly be an issue. I moved back from seattle last December, and now currently reside in Manoa. I like the idea of the Safeway project, I undrestand that that in Kapahulu has its older community and the people who have been there along time hate the traffic and change, but its basically the Hub of Waikiki. Its going to be busy, always. They have great small restaurants there, like Pyramids, and India Cafe and also interesting shops that i wouldn't think would thrive anywhere else except in that area(My friends Wine the Experience store is there as well). I absolutely love that area, and would love to see some low rise lofts there as well to blend in with the area. Kind of reminds me of Broadway in seattle, with less of the weirdo's hehe.
  3. Any estimates on prices of individual units? I heard it was supposed to be affordable. But hawaii+downtown+ water = Broke I've heard some rumors about wanting to develop china town into loft condominum living. i wouldn't mind owning something there