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  1. is the sushi place on Assembly still open? I can't remember the name of it (helpful, I know!)... Also - Is Palmetto's still open?
  2. Thanks for the help! I'm considering houses around the area that may be for rent...but not ready for the whole real estate thing. My office is on Huger...I can drive there if I must, I drive in Charlotte now. (Would be too afraid to try walking on Tyvola!) I'm in my twirties...so a young professional crowd would be preferable. Vista Lofts is GREAT - but too expensive for my wallet . Vista Commons fits better, but agreed, it is very vanilla. I will definitely have to check out what Capitol has to offer at that point...or the house/condo for rent market. You guys are awesome! thank you for your help!!!! and add anymore that you can think of!
  3. Charlotte is still VERY southern. Walked into the new C&B Saturday night, and in true southern girl fashion (coming from a girl who spent her first 12 years in PA!) I held the door open for a couple coming in behind me. Not a big deal (to me!) but the lady was flabbergasted and commented "I love Charlotte - the people are so southern and nice!"
  4. Hey All! I just got word that I'll be moving BACK to Cola Town in February 2007 from Charlotte, NC! I'm considering looking at apts downtown...and have checked out all the website photos from Vista Commons to everything by Capitol... If I weren't going to be directly downtown...where would I want to be? I lived in the NE area about 6 years ago...and I'd rather not go there again. My new office will be downtown...so I'd like to be as close as possible. Plus, walking distance/short drive to nightlife is a necessity Looking forward to whatever help you can offer. THANK YOU!!!!!
  5. StevenRocks...in regards to CMill outlet vs. SouthPark store I haven't been to CMills in a LONG time...but the same thing would hold true then for Anne Taylor and Banana Republic...but it doesn't, at least I don't think it does...because (at least for BR) they sell entirely different merchandise in the outlet store than they do in the full-retail stores. I mean, I'm assuming everyone knows this...but high end retailers don't just send their "over stock" to outlet stores, most have an entire (completely different) line of clothes, etc. specifially produced for the outlet store. Or am I incredibly misled? Please straighten me out if I am. Thanks!
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