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  1. How is the MCS doing now? I am just wondering since it was started on such a low budget, it really could be an inspiration to other cities. How do riders feel about the train sets? Is the service good for you? Also, how do most people get around down town when they arrive? I am very interested because Tampa is in a similar situation. Right now we do not have any rail transit except for our almost 2 mile heritage trolley line in the DT area. We have been researching commuter rail for a while, but it seems to just be a dream for the most part... Steve
  2. Floridafuture, Thats why you see me over there now...this forum has hardly any people from Tampa active on it, gotta love it over there! Steve
  3. tampasteve


    I still am pulling for the lightning. If they can win tonight we might have a chance. After them I have to go for Atlanta. Steve
  4. This is a really great project indeed. I absolutly love the design. The only thing even more interesting is the lot that it is going on (there is a Mercantile Bank building there now). If they are planning on keeping the Sheraton hotel right there then that is a interesting piece of small property to place such a large hotel. I hope that this one gets built though, we could use some development around that spot. Steve
  5. Well, since no one from the jville forum is responding I will give it a small shot! I do not live there, but I do go there for business several times a year. I have not used the bus system, so I cannot comment on that; however, I do use the skyway when I am there. The skyway, if you are not familiar, is a samll elevated monorail in Down Town. There area several park and ride lots as well as connections with the bus system. The skyway is clean and safe, as well as well patronized by both locals and tourists. The trains a frequent and fast. One can get to most anywhere in Down Town from the skyway and a short walk. Other than that though I am sorry that I cannot offer more information! Good luck though! Steve
  6. On WUSF (Tampa NPR Radio station) yesterday evening they had three people talking about the new expressway/beltway going through Hillsborough and Pasco counties. Durring the converstatoin Senator Sebesta mentioned in small detail that two private organizations are currently building proposals for the Florida HSR!!!! He said that it is probobale that if and when it is built their could very likely be a station at the apex of I-4 and I-75! I could not listen to the rest of the program though so I only caught the first 15 minutes though. Does anyone know more details about this development? Steve
  7. I recently returned from Jacksonville on business. Whoever (and it is not in this thread) says that the Skyway is not used by workers OR tourists durring the day (and especially durring prime commuting hours) is dead wrong. I rode it for business from 4:45pm to 5:15pm and the trains that I was on were almost full. Now, I know that the skyway is/was an expensive system to install and expand; however, would it cost much more than a light rail line to actually just drop the skyway to grade and expand it that way? I do not see where it would. A major cost of the expansions is the elevated guide way and stations. Well, if it is droped to grade that would eleminate that cost. Is this an option or are there reasons already that this would not take place? It really is a good system and fun to ride, not to mention very affordable. It is a system that is already in place and the JTA has experience running it already which is an advantage. Steve
  8. tampasteve


    I believe that the monorail in vegas is considered private. The evergoing debate that private entities should build mass transit has, unfortunatly, far too many holes for a private organization to build one. Some have tried, such as in a shopping center in suburban Dallas, and they ultimatly were doomed. The problem lies in the fact that even if it can be profitable the margins are so razor thin that the return on investment would be a very long time. In Vegas the monorail does have troubles, however, the intangible benefits of moving the people from one casino to another is a BIG factor in their system - and rightly so. What it generally comes down to is a massive investment by the local, state, and federal government to get the system off of the ground, and then usually (but not always) an on-going tax of some sort to help subsidize the system so that it is affordable. Private companies have to charge a fair amount to make it proffitable, usually anyway. Look again at Vegas, the monorail costs $5 for one ride or $40 for a three day pass. No transit system that is aiming at becoming a alternative could charge those prices. Hardly anyone would pay $10 just to get to and from work by rail/monorail. In comparison I can ride the Metrorail in Miami for the entire 22 mile length for $1.50 (or $3 to and from work) AND transfer to the Metromover (peoplemover system) in Down Town to ride it's 4 mile length (the same lenght as the LV monorail) for free -actually, all Metromover rides are free wheather you transfer or not. Further, a monthly pass for metrobus, metrorial, and metromover is only $76 ($36 for students). I am a HUGE advocate of rail transit in Florida, I canonly hope - and look forward to - a time when all of our metro areas have real transportation alternatives! Off of my soap box..... Steve
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