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  1. I always wondered how Charlotte is compared to nashville in anyway. We are the banking capital {aside from NYC but know one else is close to charlotte Wow, So wachovia is building a 40 story tower. How in the world do you compare charlotte to nashville. And ya on M's defense He is quick to state flaws in projects.
  2. USairways orders: A-320 ~5 A-321 ~28 {Similiar to the 757} A-330 ~10 A-350-800 stretch super wide body ~20 ERJ 190 {NOT regional, has first class} 57 Write Now US has 9 A-330's. US has some things up there sleeves and new destination but these orders are to come in 2009.This Puts US in a very good position to benfit majorly from another Merger. USIARWAYS HUBS: Charlotte Douglas International Airport Philadelphia International Airport Sky Harbor International Airport McCarran International Airport Focus cities / secondary hubs Pittsburgh International Airport Pittsburgh LaGuardia Airport Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Logan International Airport UNITEDS HUBS: O'Hare International Airport Denver International Airport San Francisco Int'l Airport Washington Dulles Int'l Airport Los Angeles Int'l Airport Focus cities / secondary hubs Narita International Airport There is really no Hub Overlap probs. , Excpet Ronald reagan , And Dulles. There both part of Star Alliance. A Strong East Coast Domination & A Good carribean Presence & a good european presence & Good Asian presence & Good West Coast presence. that would be a good Merger in my viewpoint. How it would benefit charlotte? Probably...nothing.
  3. Did i say something that bad?When I said i'm more of a gastonia person, that had nothing to do with gays. And 2nd, I said i have NO probelm with other people being gay, if you want to thats yo biz.And yes i do want to protect my kids form it because i have different beliefs.I have no problem with othre people being athiest, potheads, gay. It doesnt affect my life at all.
  4. First off, i said It doesnt bother me that yall are.I said I dont want my kids around it. And second~I'm Mexican.You think it bothers Me you dont like it...no. And 3rd~I dont need nobodies 0 cents.
  5. I'm very conservative. So, you all probably know my out look on it.I dont mind people doing there little thing, but I just dont want my kids near it.I love charlotte, Im just more of a Gastonia person.Yall can do your little pride thing, as long as I can do my religious thing.
  6. A little off the Epicentre topic, but 210 trade. Is it really going to have that big box plopped on top of it?
  7. http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.ph...860&st=1780 http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.ph...3509&st=280
  8. Then Wachovia will beat that Then one day BOA A person can Dream
  9. Any news on Sig. tower? Wachovia will have the Largest uptown charlotte office space{ Sq. Feet wise} SO thats positive news on our side. I hope yall get sig. tower and beat Atlantas Tower
  10. King_of_queen

    The VUE

    How many floors is the Vue Orlando?
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